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/TLHG/ - The Loud House General
Lori Adventure 2 Edition


>Thread Archive



>Episodes and other official content

>List of All The Sisters' Unique Episodes



>TLH: A Very Loud Christmas! releasing in November 2021

>TLH Movie official teaser trailer released, delayed to summer 2021

>TLH Renewed For Season 6

>Casagrandes Renewed For Season 3

>New Listen Out Loud podcasts announced


Recent Episodes

>Silence of the Luans/Undercover Mom
https://tlhg.club/u/EqSH3L [1080p]
>School of Shock/Electshunned
https://tlhg.club/u/a5oShq [1080p]
>Zach Attack/Flying Solo
https://tlhg.club/u/Vtz1ZA [1080p]
>Hurl, Interrupted/Diamonds Are For Never
https://tlhg.club/u/2E0TOs [1080p, GB]


Upcoming Episodes

>Hurl, Interrupted (5/7/2021)
Lynn tries to stall her friends from riding the new coaster at Dairyland before they find out her big secret.
>Diamonds Are For Never (5/7/2021)
After Lola and Mr. Grouse find a precious gem, the two struggle to decide who gets to watch over it.
>Rumor Has It (5/14/2021)
Lincoln and the gang are trapped in the woods with Mr. Bolhofner, who may not be who he says he is.
>Training Day (5/14/2021)
Lana gets more than she bargained for when she takes on Stella's untrainable new bunny.
>Director's Rut (5/21/2021)
Luan turns to Mr. Coconuts for help after she struggles to direct the school's play.
>Friday Night Fights (5/21/2021)
Lisa joins Lynn's football team as the analytics coach to prove that math will always beat out heart.