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Why did this computer do so well and become the industry standard? It seems weird to me considering up until that point computers were heavily advertised for their graphics and sound only for all that to go away in favor of a text based DOS, a one voice beeper speaker, and 4 color CGA (or worse).
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ITT: Franchises that peaked on the first game
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>gets so mad at shovelware and RPGs that he dictates a console that nobody can program
>that ends up with no games so nobody buys it
>yfw he'd have been a much poorer man without all the Famicom/SFC sold to play Mahjong, Yakyuu Pro Stadium, and Dragon Quest
wait wasn't the goal of being in business to make a profit not letting Sony make all the profit instead because they didn't have a giant stick up their pooper?
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Why did they make Wario immortal in Land 2&3?

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Totally kills the risk vs. reward factor and makes the games too easy as a result.

Also, discuss your favorite Wario game ITT.
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Japanese localizations of western games

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Monty is a mole
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Who the fuck is the audience for upscalers? If you want mario 3 on your LCD flatscreen just emulate, if you have a crt why use this, it's the mot expensive option for something that is solved so much easier
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Fooled by reviews

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Were you ever tricked by retro reviews?
Back in the old days I remember a review talking about Rampage for the NES and how you got to play as monsters and destroy cities all across America.
It was written like this was the funnest game ever.
There were no pictures or anything (save the title screen), so the beautiful word picture the author painted managed to trick me into buying a terrible game.
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NES Wall Art

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Decided to take some non working accessories and a couple games I have extra and turn them into wall art for the upcoming baby room the wife and I are decorating. It's not perfect but for my first time I think they turned out well.
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how the fuck do you get good at this, its so fast paced compared to the puzzle games I play