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>tfw your body and soul degrade but the game cartridges and N64 don't age
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New Cutoff Point

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Since we changed the cutoff point about a year ago to include games made before 2008, why not just make it so that the game must be X or more years old at the date of posting about them? Let the goalpost remain relative, instead of making the mistake of arbitrarily setting a date every so often.

Just a thought.
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U wot m8? U was talkin' to an NPC in a JARPIG and ya skipped thu' the' text too fast and didn't read wot they 'ad to say? Wot Ya missed a missable treasure chest or cutscene? Wot the' boss wiped out ur underleveled party? Too bad son ya gotta restart the' whole game or load a save file from hours ago. Wots 'AT ya did remember to keep multiple save files right m8?
>jarpig trigger my ocd

video games are art

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I...I can't bros
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Dug up some of my old playstation games from my grandmas house. Are these worth anything?
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Post funky video game music

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>make a kaiju game
>but it's wrestling

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>blocks your path for 30 seconds at a time so you can experience the only good N64 emulator to this day
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