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Novint Falcon

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>Date First Available
>August 6, 2007
>still commands $500 to $1000 prices on second-hand market
Anybody remember the Novint Falcon? I've really only seen it promoted along side TF2 where it seemed like a bad match for a FPS but would be fun in other genres. It looks like it would potentially be a blast in mechwarrior or in more conventional tank/aircraft games, but it felt like it might just be a meme controller. never met anybody with one either.

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Can it do 3X on 480p games?
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Dave Mierra BMX 2
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Is the last level really that hard? I only played the PC version
It's on Gamepass if you feel like torturing yourself
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>trying to port a 90s game designed for VGA PCs with a mouse+keyboard to an 8-bit console
Even Konami couldn't make this one work. I have no idea who thought this was a good idea or why it was not ported to the Mega Drive or SNES instead.
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How much fucking onions do you have to drink in order to think filters like these look any good?
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Trying to remember a game.

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It used to have a Protagonist that kinda looked like this and played kinda the same too but it was fully voiced and the main girl was voiced by a hentai voice actress.

if you're wondering what this game is its Monster World 4.

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What's the best version?
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What was his deal
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ITT: post your favorite failed hardware and what could have been.
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