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Post retro furry kino games
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Here's your Atari paddle bro

Shit you hate in general

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>Play fighting game
>There's no command list in-game
>Play a game on the PS1
>You can't save on the memory card (but there's a password system)
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post your setups
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Do kids these days play Retro games as much as adults do?
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I've bought a Japanese PS1 memory card (a transparent one with a weird label), but while my PS2 detects it correctly (along with its type), the PS1 doesn't detect it at all, regardless of which port I use. Moreover, the DualShock works properly, so the front panel most likely isn't a problem. Wat do?
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What did Atari mean by this?

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Beat this for the second time recently and damn this game is good. The difficulty and the levels are like CV1 on crack, and fucking hell is the music great. Still can't believe I beat this both times without using the other characters or cheating, and Im considering tackling bloodlines once I get my hands on a Genesis flashcart.
So classic Castlevania thread I guess. What's your favorite so far and why?
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Is it worth it to seek one of these babies now?
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