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What was the general reaction when Sega announced they were discontinuing the Dreamcast and exiting the console market? Were people shocked, or did they already see it coming for a long time? Were people upset, did they view it as a tragedy of gaming? Were there Sega shills in tears and Nintendo/Sony shills gloating on online forums?
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It wasn't that bad
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How do you think King Hippo is as a king? It's not too uncommon for political leaders to be former athletes: Mongolia and Canada's current Prime Ministers are both former fighters (wrestler and armature boxer) but it's rare for a current world leader to be actively professionally boxing. He also has a prolific career that seems pretty top tier too.
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How does /vr/ feel about owning games with "Player's Choice/Greatest Hits/etc" labels on them? The autist in me can't help but own games with black labels only.
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Forgotten Scots

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Remember when tuxedo mask was the scot of the neogeo?
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Action Game thread

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What are some good old action games that are fun and challenging?
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Help please

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There's a certain Game Boy game's manual that I have never found on the Internet after years of searching and have been asking anons around here if they have scans of for about a year and a half now, but still haven't heard back about it yet at all. However, I just came across an auction for it that's very overpriced but still pretty reasonable considering the lack of availability, and I think I'll get it and scan it for everyone here. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to do a high quality scan for a GB manual? Thanks bros.
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>make a kaiju game
>but it's wrestling

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Thoughts on the Strike series?
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