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Do kids these days play Retro games as much as adults do?
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What did Atari mean by this?

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Beat this for the second time recently and damn this game is good. The difficulty and the levels are like CV1 on crack, and fucking hell is the music great. Still can't believe I beat this both times without using the other characters or cheating, and Im considering tackling bloodlines once I get my hands on a Genesis flashcart.
So classic Castlevania thread I guess. What's your favorite so far and why?
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Is it worth it to seek one of these babies now?
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Is it worth a try? Is it any good?

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I've never played ALttP. Is the GBA version a worthy port? Which do you think is the definitive version?
I loved Minish Cap and Four Swords Adventures, so the Four Sword dungeon they added is appealing to me. Just wondering if they made any big changes that piss on the original's legacy.
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Shiny Entertainment

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luv Earthworm Jim
luv MDK
luv Messiah
luv Sacrifice
luv Enter The Matrix
simple as
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Anyone else miss virtual pet mini games within games? I spent hours and hours testing out different stat boost items and evolution paths with little to not information from the internet. It felt like you were raising a little buddy unique to you, but it wasn't the main focus of the game. It felt even more special that the game didn't force you to do these things or guide you on how to raise them.

Far Cry

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Does it still hold up?
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