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When San Andreas came out in 2004, its soundtrack contained hip hop from the golden age of 1988-1996 (Tupac, Biggie, NWA, Ice Cube).

If they made this game today, it would contain 2008-2016 hip hop like Drake, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, and B.O.B.
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No nostalgia posts… is this game worth it?
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Tell me /vr/, how do you feel about limited continues in older titles?

Recently I've been trying to get into the Genesis library and finding that I enjoy many games but get stressed thinking about how if I fuck up too much I have to start over. I'm pretty young, 21, so I never had to deal with such a thing in anything I played growing up. I'm not inherently against it but I can't help but feel like any fuck up I make will cost me dearly down the line. I've been trying to play Shadow Dancer and Wings of Wor currently and enjoy both games but as soon as I die like three times I just can't help but feel the need to reset and start again to try to do better. How do you guys manage limited continues when you play? DO you just play and start over, do you only accept taking deaths at certain points in the game?
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Onimusha thread

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what the FUCK were they thinking?
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Mario Bros 2 Stream

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I will be starting up a Super Mario Bros 2 Stream, and will be getting high as fuck on stream, so it's going to be a blast!
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Who was in the actual wrong?

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today is the 25th anniversary of Star Ocean, and the 20th anniversary of Max Payne
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How the fuck did the first person to discover Missingno ever manage to do it? It's such an outlandish and specific series of tasks you have to do to encounter this glitch that no one could possibly discover it by accident. Is there a record somewhere of the first time the glitch was ever mentioned on the internet or in print?
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This piece of shit keeps losing all my saves. Should I just take the everdrive pill?
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