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This piece of shit keeps losing all my saves. Should I just take the everdrive pill?
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SMT If...

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Is it really that bad?
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Has anyone played DBZ Mugen? Which version is the best?
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Thoughts on this overlooked gem? Is it up there in price?

Nintendo Power #2 Storytime

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Issue #1 >>7962259
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So, I just went through this gem for the third time, really enjoy it every single time, but I wondered if there were more games like it, preferably on PS1 that I could play... Only LSD (which honestly isn't that good, despite the trippiness of it), its sequel Echo Night 2, Hellnight Dark Messiah and Jumping Flash come to mind.

Are there any more FPS horror games like this one? Obviously much better if not in moonrunes.

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Now that the dust has settled, did it deserve 100%?
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