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Anyone else miss virtual pet mini games within games? I spent hours and hours testing out different stat boost items and evolution paths with little to not information from the internet. It felt like you were raising a little buddy unique to you, but it wasn't the main focus of the game. It felt even more special that the game didn't force you to do these things or guide you on how to raise them.

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How do you find new /vr/ games to play?
Do you look at old reviews in magazines or just select a random game without knowing anything about it?
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What do you think are the best retro computer game systems?

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This level filtered me hard. I am at the brain, and I am getting smoked by the numerous enemies. Pretty sure my build is not bad. Hence, I would like to cheat. I am using the GOG version, and have tried the usual googling for info on cheats. Tried making my own user.cfg, but not able to enable god mode. I am seriously pissed off, because I want to keep playing. I love this game.

Does anybody have any insight?

>inb4 git gud

Ty in advance.
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Think of a console or two. Now, give your honest opinion about it.

>Sega Genesis
The system itself look slick and clean and the games available are alright (though I prefer some version of the games on the SNES).
The biggest turnoff I have with it is the controller. The default 3 buttons layout sucks dick and pretty much can hinder game potential. Sure there's the 6 buttons version but SNES did it better with the shoulder buttons and it was already there by default. They finally fixed it when Saturn came out.

If I'm perfectly honest, I wouldn't choose this over SNES.
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>be Konami
>can only release 5 games in North America a year (ok a few more if we cheat with our Ultra Games subsidiary)
>what do we do with those 5 slots?
>oh right, we'll release a couple of shitty NES conversions of C64 games and a game based on a short-lived TV show about roller skating that nobody remembers anymore
>forget an actually cool game like Moai-kun or Moryo-Senki Madara
>nah, the gaijin aren't worthy of those. Jack Nicklaus Golf is what they deserve instead.
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Was this game kino or soulful?
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What are you playing now?

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This is a thread to comment on what retro game you are playing, so people can find some new interesting game and so to complain that some game is not as good as you hope it to be.
I'm playing the PC-Engine port of Dead of the Brain 1. Artwise, the game is inferior, the PC-98 was worth it. But I have already finished that game and decided to give the port a try(since I'm playing a lot of PC-Engine games right now). I also want to see if there is any change, besides the art, between the port and the original.
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