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Why does this board almost never have pinball threads? Do sticker collectors not enjoy pinball?
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Sonic is for normies

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Pic related should've been the Genesis mascot given it's the best franchise on the Genesis and a superior game to Sonic in every way.

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this is amazing!
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Do you prefer playing Gameboy games on a handheld or on a TV?
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Who was your main ?
For me it's Raphael
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This is the hardest game of all time. Nothing comes close to the sheer brutality and merciless bullshit this game chucks at you. Fuck you Meijin
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This game right here was one of the bests. The music and styles are so beautifully done, it’s like a love letter to the movie. I love it so much and am so happy it exists.
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A Bug's Life: Certified Kino. Thank you.
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"Finally, 10 reasons to buy a new console"

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why are Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy the popular and well known entries when Dark Forces II is better in every way and is far and above the best game in the series?

is it console plebs?
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