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Japanese video game advertisements thread

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Gimme your best dos games right meow, I need new stuff to play anons
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Yuri Sakazaki Thread

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say something nice to my wife yuri

What if Atari 7800 was launched in 1984 and became the dominant console instead of the NES?

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>up to 100 sprites on screen
>can display sprites of any size, from 4x4 up to an impressive 16x160, the reason it's so adept at displaying pseudo 3D graphics compared to NES and SMS
>30 sprites per scanline, sprites don't flicker no matter how many there are on the screen
>DMA graphics chip, which probably means its not held back by a puny graphics memory cache like the NES' PPU and could use the 4K main RAM for everything
>almost full Atari 2600 BC
>can't draw tile backgrounds, everything has to be displayed as sprites
>no hardware scrolling (doesn't mean it's not possible through 7800's flexible software)
>2 channel sound chip from fucking 1977
>small carts with small banks, though bankswitching is still possible
>smaller screen resolution
>DMA graphics chip eats some CPU cycles

What kinda games do you think we'd get from this console bros? Would the western and eastern gaming market be fractured, with atari dominating the west and nintendo dominating the east? Would Nintendo games like Zelda and Metroid become FDS exclusive while the 7800 would popularize Gauntlet-likes, Robotron 2084-likes, arcade accurate ports, and C64/ZX Spectrum ports? Would NES' sound chip and high res graphics help it compete against the 7800 in the west?
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Handheld Emulation Thread

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Tomb Raider - Starring Lara Croft

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Exploring sunken ships and getting eaten by sharks edition

>TR1&2 Gold DLC ports for PS1

>/vr/ archive Win98 games made to run on Win10:
>If you want to try it (OpenLara), the TR1 archive from this link is using it. If you want it to look vanilla, go into the options and turn everything to low. OpenTomb used to be a very promising (decompile) project too, made by TeslaRus, but it has been abandoned. However some of the code was used in the OpenLara project. For TR2 the best way nowadays is TR2Main, don't bother messing with Peixoto's fix anymore

>OpenLara with bug fixes, all the files (tracks, videos) and new braid and torso

>anon's classic TR collection dump (pass is 1234)

>Polish anon zippyshare dump

>previous thread with anon reviewing TR2 levels

>Heather Gibson (TR1/2), Richard Morton (TR3) level design interviews
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>THIS was supposed to be Nintendo's Sonic Killer
Oh no no no...
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Final Fantasy VI

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I just beat the GBA version, Omega Weapon and all for the first time (I had given up at the entrance of Dragon's Den last time I played the GBA version) and this game is so fucking broken, especially in the late game and especially in the GBA version, it's not even funny.

For one thing, the GBA version allows you to get Quick a lot more easily (it's supposed to be hidden, and you're supposed to the choice to get rid of Odin for it); then since you get a NG+ you can steal as many Ultima Weapons and as many Ragnaroks as you want from Kefka.

Celes and/or Terra (especially the later) can become almost invicible.
>Paladin Shield + Minerva Bustier
immune/absord every elemental magic. >Lightbrigher or Save The Quuen
for some sick evasion (95% evasion, 107% magic evasion for Terra)
>back row for good measure
but that's not even needed
>ribbon+safety bit
to cover instant death and status elements

Only thing that could hit her were non-elemental magic like Ultima/Flare/Everdrive; and during the Soul Shrine Magic Master's Ultima didn't even kill her.

Meanwhile, Locke was using Ultima Weapon with Master Scroll and Quick, 8*9999 damage every turn. With his innate speed he's the best for it, add in Miracle Shoes for even more speed and some safety.
And then you have Cyan's Tempest, with Quick, also dealing 8*9999 dmg per turn; Quick giving the advantage of stopping time so you get no penalty for using it.

And if that's still not good enough for you, even before all that is possible, add in Soul of Thamasa to your other character and with Quick and Ultima you can deal 4*9999 per turn and that's viable at lvl50 with characters
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ever noticed that everyone hates turn-based rpgs, except for Pokemon? I wonder why Pokemon attract so many non jrpg fans
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Is there any villian more DOM than him?

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