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Great game but - while I understand there was some rushing/cut content - could they really not have taken the time to record one SINGLE other death scream?
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RetroTINK 5X-Pro

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is the 2x not enough?
why'd they skip 3 and 4?
does "Pro" imply the others are "noob"?


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I'm thinking about getting into the Ultima games. Which ones are actually worth playing?
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>imagine struggle at whitney
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Anyone know wtf this is?

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Ive had this disc for ages and still dont know what it is. Got it at a flea market sometime ago. I thought maybe it was just an import someone lost the case for, but i remember looking it up and the ps2 disc looked completely different. In fact, pretty sure this isnt even for ps2, no reference to it or sony anywhere, only says DVD Game on the label. Dont have a dvd player that can run jap discs though to test it. Is this a bootleg ps2 disc or dvd? The label isn't really showing me if it is based on the quality. Ive found no info online when i checked a number of years ago, but maybe one of you autistics can confirm if its a boot or some obscure ass official thing.
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Game Center CX - GCCX

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Season 25: Episode 6 (#322) Air Fortress {Famicom / NES} premiered on Thursday, July 22nd.

Season 25: Episode 7 (#323) premieres on Thursday, August 12th. A big staff announcement will be included.
It's unclear if that's intended to be a hint about the challenge in this specific episode, but it seems unlikely.
Editor's Note: If it's a personal announcement, like a marriage or the birth of a child, the game could relate to that.

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if the data on discs and cartridges eventually deteriorates (it's a matter of when, not if), doesn't that mean that emulating a verified ROM will provide a more authentic experience than playing a game on original hardware that might be missing data? do hardwarefags not see the benefits of emulation in terms of preserving actual game code and thus the "soul" of the game?
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Cozy games, rpgs are a bonus
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Peter? You didn't tell them about... the RUMBLE PAK, did you?!
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