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>sega rereleased it in lots of collections and pushed the hell out of it
>never hear anything about it
why is this? what does /vr/ think about Ecco?
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One of the best jrpgs of all time

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Is Resident Evil REMAKE proof that remakes can be better than the originals?
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What's the best PS1 emulator and why is it Mednafen?
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What does /vr/ think of the /v/orld ROMhacks?

Little Fighter 2

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who did you main?

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Anyone think it wild when really niche games or series get mainstream attention in the press? This is the freaking Associated Press, and this was published in newspapers all over USA.
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What's the most violent game around?
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What are some good compilations?
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Sega Saturn Aspect Ratio

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So I noticed that when I'm line-multiplying a Sega Saturn game, the aspect ratio is typically 356x240, which is almost 3:2. If I don't use this aspect ratio, the phase will get thrown out of wack. On my CRT, Sega Saturn games have more of a 4:3 look. Would it be more correct to edit my Sega Saturn captures to 4:3 in post?
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