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Don't mind me, I'm just the most overrated RPG of all time, with a sequel that somehow is even worse.
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Turok Franchise

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Will it ever make a comeback?
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I've bought a Japanese PS1 memory card (a transparent one with a weird label), but while my PS2 detects it correctly (along with its type), the PS1 doesn't detect it at all, regardless of which port I use. Moreover, the DualShock works properly, so the front panel most likely isn't a problem. Wat do?
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>owning retro consoles and not playing them because you dont want to wear out the hardware

my jungle green n64 and third party controllers are the backup
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The last great gaming console

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RIP arcade-oriented games and Classic Sega.
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So what now?

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New to retro games, gonna get a genesis with this setup and yeah I know this CRT prob isn’t the best but it was free and easy to move so whatever. What games should I get on my PS2? And what games to emulate or play natively on the Wii?
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One of the most shocking and unexpected moments in retro gaming was when Resident Evil was completely surpassed and outclassed by a Resident Evil knockoff called Silent Hill.

This new franchise improved upon the Resident Evil formula in almost every conceivable way. For one thing, it ditched the cumbersome and obsolete fixed camera and prerendered backgrounds for a dynamic camera and realtime environments.

It also dumped the poorly designed inventory system of Resident Evil, which forced players to constantly run back and forth to and from the item box due to the minuscule player inventory. Rather, Silent Hill allowed the player to carry as many items as they want.

Yet another way Silent Hill improved on its inspiration is by eliminating the restrictive save system, which forced the player to use an item to save. This item was only available in limited quantities, and took up a slot in the player's already tiny inventory. By contrast, Silent Hill allowed the player to save as many times as they want at each save point.

And best of all, Silent Hill was actually scary. Unlike Resident Evil's cheesy and unconvincing B movie atmosphere, Silent Hill evoked an atmospheric psychological horror.

Let's discuss this seminal moment in retro gaming history.
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Abandoned arcades and /vr/ gore thread
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Do you use emulation handhelds for your /vr/ games?
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