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I just got a japanese Mega Drive, but don't have any games to test it
Should the power light turn on while turning it on with no game?
If it should, is the power supply busted or the console busted? I don't have any equipment to test it rn
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Help please

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There's a certain Game Boy game's manual that I have never found on the Internet after years of searching and have been asking anons around here if they have scans of for about a year and a half now, but still haven't heard back about it yet at all. However, I just came across an auction for it that's very overpriced but still pretty reasonable considering the lack of availability, and I think I'll get it and scan it for everyone here. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to do a high quality scan for a GB manual? Thanks bros.
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I.M. Meen has a girlfriend and you don't. How does that make you feel?
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/hbg/ Homebrew / Romhack General

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You might not have known back in 1992, but this was Game of the Decade upon its release.
>ski free
>tri peaks
>mother fuckin fuji golf

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Is it too hard?
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when this was new i rented it and played it for a day straight without sleep. i told friends about it, how you could jack cars. they thought i was making it up. nobody believed me for a few weeks until someone else played it
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I want to play older games and i dont know if i should buy a psp and mod it or should i buy a handheld chinese device like RG350 or Retroid Pocket 2. I know neither will play N64 or Dreamcast , i just want PS1 and under.
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Abandonware no longer abandoned.

Why didn't I archived those old dos games?
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