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Why did N64 claim to be the most powerful system

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Yet had the very worst graphics every time?
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Sorry Johtoddlers, THIS was Pokémon’s actual peak.
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Never owned a N64, always wanted to play them, I'm having a blast

90'S EXTREME rules
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>The Game Boy Color had a more graphically faithful port
In all seriousness, what the fuck went wrong when porting these games to the GBA?
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ITT post more best /vr/ waifus
(Larafags still not alllowed)
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I love this soundtrack so much that I bought the vinyl when it came out.

What did you guys think of the earthworm jim soundtrack? Which version is your favorite?

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Oh shit
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Art of Fighting really was a better series than SF2. It's a shame it never really caught on and instead got merged into KoF which is not nearly as unique outside of the tag team gimmick.

System Shock

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How the fuck do I get through engineering? This shit is an actual maze for rats and I’ve only gotten to one antenna.
Post any System Shock memes you got too.

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Is it the first "remastered" game?
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