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Do you think that Sonic 3&K (and mania) doesn't encourage you enough to not get hit? the only reward for collecting rings is an extra life, which isn't all that useful considering how difficult it is to die in sonic games. And even if you'd manage to get a game over, it still isn't a big deal, 'cause you just start at the beginning of the zone (assuming you're playing with saving) which isn't all too punishing.
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Definitive Version of Final Fantasy 3 being released in 3 days

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No crappy NES graphics.
No ugly low poly 3d.
Pure beautiful 16 bit style.

I'm tempted bros. I tried the NES way back when it was localized, but NES games have aged horribly.
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What species is Bowser?

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Why is it that Bowser and the koopalings look completely different from the other koopas? And why do some koopas have different colors? Do the koopas have a caste system?
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The Touhou of arcade shmup developers.

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>THIS was supposed to be Nintendo's Sonic Killer
Oh no no no...
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>tfw your body and soul degrade but the game cartridges and N64 don't age
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best game ever made
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Post your favorite retro Spiderman games.

Picrel is probably the best Spidey game ever made.
Can't even imagine how many hours went into it
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What went wrong with the localization for FFV Advance? This is worse than a Marvel movie.
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