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why has nobody ever mentioned that the idTech 4 engine (i.e. Quake 4) looks pretty much dead-on the style of 90s pre-renders? (hard light, no bounces) you could probably remake the donkey kong promo renders in it accurately
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What did he mean by this?
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Which team would win?
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Video game gif webm thread

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Do you ever imitate game characters in real life?

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Growing up as a kid my dad always told me that I needed to get into a sport and as such tried several but was just more interested in gaming which bothered him to no end. One day I was supposed to go to a lacrosse try out and skipped it as I really had no interest but told my parents I would go. I was playing soul calibur in my room and once my dad heard what happened he ripped the controller out of my hand and beat me. Over the years this sort of thing occurred more often for reasons other than sports and I grew terrified of my dad with gaming as a getaway. Crazy as it sounds, I learned a lot about self defense from fighting titles, namely King of Fighters and Garou. I would study the animations and practice the fighting moves in person. Once high school came around I was bullied a bit and found myself in a fight using some of Rock Howard's move set which worked out well for me. My dad came home one night probably only a week after that incident and tried to hit me and again used a punch learned from Rock Howard and finally defended myself against him. I will forever love my father, but resented the way he made me feel at that age. He died from cancer only two years later and I showed up to the funeral wearing a red Philadelphia Phillies hat to mimic the fatal fury hat. Before leaving I recreated Terry Bogard's winning animation where he throws his hat over his opponent which gave me closure. I had finally defeated my father. Has anybody else imitated game characters?
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Coconut Monkey

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Coconut Monkey

I like Doki Doki Panic more than Mario 2

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No run button and being forced to use the same character throughout the game adds to the challenge
The warp in 5-3 isn't exclusive to Luigi/Mama in DDP, anyone can reach it by curving their super jump
Mama also doesn't jump as high as Luigi, her gimmick is just the slow jump
There's also a save feature and infinite continues
The best things Mario 2 added were Clawgrip and waterfalls not making your eyes bleed
Overall I just think DDP is a more challenging and unique experience
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Why did N64 claim to be the most powerful system

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Yet had the very worst graphics every time?
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Sorry Johtoddlers, THIS was Pokémon’s actual peak.
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Never owned a N64, always wanted to play them, I'm having a blast

90'S EXTREME rules
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