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Harrison Briggs / Schizo General

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>Harrisons channel
>Harrisons other channel

>I won’t give up on finding and saving my mother. Why should I? Thank you to everyone who asked someone in a uniform that question. >I won’t give up on myself.
>They deleted almost all of my videos. How long will that work for? They deleted videos from this morning.
>The whole world is on my side. They are not going to make the whole world forget me. There’s something called email. There’s an ability to copy things. Nothing gets deleted. >They’re the ones who are being forgotten. Whoever is pretending to be me has been replaced a ton of times.
>People have copies all over the world of videos that I made several years ago. My whole life is the Truman show. These people will be be forgotten. Not me. Not my mother.
>Thank you to the one percenters and the police departments that aren’t gay for all of their help.