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4chan Site Banner Memes w/ Sound

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The banner memes on the top of every page, you know the ones. Let's turn them into videos!

>Banner images only

>Any audio allowed as long as it fits the theme of the image in the post or tries to

>Bonus points for the rare ones and the GIFs

I'll start by dumping what I've made so far
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anything /tf2/
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cute Asian girls doing cute things

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cute asian girls doing cute things
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/k/ Thread

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Anything relating to weapons and their uses. Primarily guns, large and small.
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alpha king chad / beta cuck virgin

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the times in a man's life when he wins the crowd, beats the odds, dismisses enemies, or achieves contentment

or the times when he embarrasses himself
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Astrid Hofferson Thread

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Thread for best viking waifu.
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Live musical performances

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Live musical performances of any kind.
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Nostalgia Time

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It's that time again. To reminiscence on days long gone.
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