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Need this Webm with the funny dub

GIFs of Rotating Food

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chadcore thread

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Alex Jones Thread

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Time to drop the truth bombs.
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Initial D/Eurobeat Thread

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get in here
last: >>3834908
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I’m having suicidal thoughts again so post anything related to suicide
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Webm Programs:

FFmpeg Guides:
VP8 Video: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/VP8
Vorbis Audio: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/TheoraVorbisEncodingGuide

Light Editing:

Before asking for the video's source, make an effort to find it yourself by running a search on the webm's title metadata. You'd be surprised what can turn up if you simply append "kpop" to the search query.

Title metadata may be read using 4chan X (https://ccd0.github.io/4chan-x/) inline or by downloading the file and using a video player like vlc (press ctrl+i) or mpc-hc (press ctrl+3).
Conversely, for those making webms, include the video source within the title metadata to help those interested and for the information to stay with the webm if it's ever reposted.
e.g. ffmpeg -i input.webm -c copy -metadata title="Your Title" output.webm

Try to not post webms that were just in the previous thread, unless requested.

Previous thread: >>3971987
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It's Friday and I got them good feels.

Gimmie yer best YGYL/Dance or any other morale boosting shit you got.
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Distaster Thread

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My Mood Right Now

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