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/gtg/ - gondola thread general

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beginning of summer edition
previous >>3873417
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Live musical performances

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Live musical performances of any kind.
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Anyone have this in a larger size?
Thanks in advance!

melancholy thread

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Last one was slow and comfy, let's keep it going anons.

Last thread: >>3858293
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Old Anime Thread

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Previous thread: >>3868269
Post old OP/EDs or general gifs and WEBMs
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Give me your sneed posts.
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I wonder if we can get a rekt thread goin while keepin it worksafe
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Call to betterment and inspirational only
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True Nature of our World: (((They))) fear your sentience.

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Post webms which reveal the true nature of reality.

Once again in OP: No one is well served by the use of labels which generalize against racial, ethnic, or religious group. Speak of behaviors, not groups of people.

'Meme magic' is real, collective consciousness is real, geometry reveals God, God's Image is Phi, and humanity is awakening on the precipice of great change. Evil calls meme magic 'kabbalah.' Tucker Carlson wears a red bracelet on his left wrist. Matter is derivative of consciousness, not vice versa. Collective consciousness is the plane of existence through which this world is manifest. History is a lie agreed upon. This is not the first iteration of civilization.

The next decades will determine whether mankind is cultivated by his oppressors for another iteration of civilization as we enter the Age of Aquarius or whether enough people wake up, reconnect with their inner source, and live by their own resource in concert with nature.

Earth presently is governed by sects of luciferian worshippers who believe they are morally correct to secure power at the exclusion of the majority. They believe that they serve the one true god and that people are too stupid to manage themselves and so however they choose to manage us is correct. However it takes only a cursory accounting of the world to find it near completely debased of all widespread morality. Their mistake is in believing that people are theirs to manage at all. They are correct that most people would die in nature, and so most people should die in nature. They just don't want to have to build their own houses and such, basically.
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