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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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What is the acceptable age to start lewding anime girls?
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Rei is a diligent, hard-working, upstanding young man.
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I want more info on lolicon tastes
Since /l/ is kil and /b/ and /c/ are mostly dumps, and this being manga and anime related, I will ask here

>what factors visually appeals most about lolis to you
>what personality traits are most appealing
>for lewd, cute or both?
>top 3 lolis of all time, and what has been the most impactful character to the culture?

By lolis I refer to the standard definition of mostly flat chested, small young looking girls. So anything between and including Renge and Megumin.

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ITT: tropes you hate

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>elfs are either incredibly busty or flat as a board
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Loli thread

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Posting Remon because reasons
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>kills an elite monster in 1 hit despite having no dps

Are the nips retarded or do they not play MMOs?
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Breakfast with Chino
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