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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Another week and another thread goes by. SYD thread
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Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu Thighlord Molester Survival Manga

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Remember not to try to complete in speed or reach with your favorite manlet.
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Dragon Ball Super

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Will he ever win?
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I'm Not a Lolicon!

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This manga is, top comedy
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ITT: Most iconic anime soundtracks
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There's this term called "Christmas Cakes" meaning women that aren't yet married past the age of 25 in Japan. But this phenomenon is bugging me. How can they call them "Christmas Cakes" when Japanese people don't celebrate Christmas? Is this what they call "cultural appropriation"? Btw, should the consequences being that Japanese people all converted under the cross?
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Localization done right.
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>character in anime says lolicon
>subtitles read pedophile
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Yugami kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai Volume 16, The Last Volume

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Volume 1: >>204470759
Volume 2: >>204518825
Volume 3: >>204562937
Volume 4: >>204607529
Volume 5: >>204660192
Volume 6: >>204705870
Volume 7: >>204748262
Volume 8: >>204793529
Volume 9: >>204839324
Volume 10: >>204880031
Volume 11: >>204922935
Volume 12: >>204967588
Volume 13: >>205008368
Volume 14: >>205053123
Volume 15: >>205091675
The story so far: Chihiro is a transfer student who can't make any friends while Yugami is the school's ace pitcher who'd rather spend his time alone. Yugami finally stopped getting served shit from his peers after everything they've been through, but because he didn't stick around to the very end of the Culture Festival's After-Party, everyone's backstabbing him now. An enraged Chihiro is about to cause a scene.
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