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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Traveling in a fried-out combie
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Who are your top three lolis? Mine are Ilya, Rikachama, and Kouhime.
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Succession War Arc Guide & discussion

Chapter 390 onwards
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Scumbag Loser

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Do you identify with the main protagonist of the manga?
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Rei is a diligent, hard-working, upstanding young man.
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Welcome back to the best time of the month at Mogra! Thread 2!

23:00-23:40 esupa
23:40-00:20 chefoba
00:20-01:00 ギー汰
01:00-01:40 kei。
01:40-02:20 Nizikawa
>02:20-03:00 KO3 (You are here)
03:00-03:40 Hokboy
03:40-04:20 Oblongar
04:20-05:00 melo

Next Matrix August 3rd! 10th Anniversary August 23rd-25th.
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Stop inventing buzzwords

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>reverse isekai
>native isekai

Is people trying to force the isekai hate into everything, trolling or they are just really this retarded?
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/a/ how are you liking dai dark so far
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Hentai Artist Aiue Oka Asks Readers to Not Pirate, Buy Officially Licensed Manga

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>The hentai manga artist Aiue Oka made a public statement on Twitter in English on Friday to let their readers know that they are aware of illegal distribution of two of their manga. Oka asked readers to instead support their works by purchasing through the official licensor Enshudō (Link NSFW).
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