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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Machikado Mazoku

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Sure is a lack of Shamiko around here.
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So... do you like it now?
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Frog Thread

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How little is too little, /a/?
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Rei is a diligent, hard-working, upstanding young man.
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Weathering with You

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A bit late but yeah, managed to see this at animenyc. Fucking kino visuals and music, but man the themes are so fucking confused and story is not NEARLY as powerful as Your Name or Garden of Words
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Implying any idolshit is yuri

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>Gets assraped by /a/ in a yuri thread >>195712190 that he hijacks /u/'s general thread again
Sucks to be Aidor/u/fag. I feel sorry for him
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>you're waifu is waiting for you anon!
>you just have to cross the whole city
W-what do?
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Who wore it better?
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