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How did Japan respond to this episode anyway?
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Common anime/manga fetishes you hate.
I start with the shitty school swimsuit outdated version.
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Alright /a/ make me some anime tunes. This was copied from /v/ by the way.
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I will teach you to respect small girls.
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Tamaya Tuesday

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The Light of Tsukimi Manor should be required reading for anybody who likes l***s
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Rei is a diligent, hard-working, upstanding young man.
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my wife ichigo is so cute
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So how do you like the mobage? Virtual on?
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So i was reading this series called index which seems to feature a spinoff called railgun, and was wondering what you guys thinks of the RECENT addition to the (series) of Toaru VIRTUAL on.

on a side note, why dont the misaka use clones as information network? then she can monitor touma all over world. all it'd take is a connection or having a clone with/near her.
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