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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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ITT: girls who loves vagina.
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Maerchen Maedchen thread

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It's time
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Just how many hearts is this moe boy going to break?
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loli is love loli is life
one day i hope for a loli wife
as i arise in the morning
I'll gaze upon my loli wife yawning
with eyes like dazzling gems
and gams ten out of ten
I'll know that all is well in life
when I have myself a loli wife
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5toubun no Hanayome

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Our infighting is making Itsuki pout! Let's have a comfy thread for once.
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Violet Evergarden

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I really miss this show. I miss the top notch character acting, the amazing audiovisuals and the episodic format. Why do we never get more great anime like this. This season is so boring and unimpressive by comparison.
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I don't have anime friends. I used to have anime friends IRL but my alt-right beliefs wedged us apart. I now have alt-right friends IRL and they are accepting of my anime hobby, although only 1-2 also enjoy anime. Going to campuses and doing activism is really fun. A lot more fun than going to anime conventions and dressing up. But the camaraderie that comes with taking risks together(physical fight/doxxing) makes for some great bonding. Nothing I've experienced before. I do miss going to conventions and stuff, I guess I wish I could do both, but it's too late to undo the freudian slips.

Anyway, I just made this reaction image from Mirai Nikki, it would make me happy if people used it. Does anyone remember that show, I'm rewatching it for nostalgia

Pre-2000 anime

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Whatcha Watchin?
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