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What do you think of boys crossdressing as girls?
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Stop puting cute traps on my anime. I'm tired of this shit cliche.
I don't like boys and making them so femenine and sexual stupidly unecessary.
Keep traps in the anime targeted at homosexual, because traps are gay.
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Why do the lolis never win?
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Watch this /a/
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ITT: shows that should have been popular but aren't

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And discuss why they didn't catch on.
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Madoka thread

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The picture says
Huh? M-my lover!?
I don't have any one ... but ... no.
I have the one in front of me, tho ... (speaking mumblingly)
I've had enough! Zip your lips! Baaaka!
TL note: 'Baaaka' means 'Baka'!

Why is "Kyoko" so kawaii?
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Thoughts on Hestia's body of work?
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Literally the only redeeming part of this show was satania.
Prove me wrong
Protip: you cant [/spoiler}
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Sundome Milky Way Chapter 0

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Would you stick your dick in a xenomorph?

This is a new series by the author of Youkai Shoujo, and yes this is a oneshot, but it's canon in the serialization. Dumping the chapter, keep in mind it's low quality images from the free preview on their website and it hasn't been through QC yet.
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