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/mcyoag/ Multiplayer Choose Your Own Adventure General

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Archives & Other Resources:
Multiplayer Compilations:
Anxiety Edition 2.0, Atleast I got Tacobell.
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/swg/ Star Wars General

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The galactic south shall rise again! Edition

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A thread for discussing the 'Star Wars' franchise and its various gaming adaptations.

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

Old links

Latest AMG news:
>New Battle Force documents.

Latest Edge news:

TQ: What's your favorite piece of separatist tech? Droid, weapon, ship, something else?
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40k is officially for children
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what is your settings china like?

saying NOT!china is gay af)
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/hhg/ & /atg/ Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus General

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Imperial Army edition

Previous Heresy:

『Horus Heresy』
>Official Website
>New to The Horus Heresy? Here’s Everything You’ll Need to Get Started
>Official FAQ/Errata/Downloads:
>Thread FAQ (very old, remembers Age of Terra)
>HH1 Black Books
>Rules and Supplements

『Adeptus Titanicus』
>Rules and supplements
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?
>homemade missions:

What scenarios and campaigns should GW make for Heresy in the future?
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Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/

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Warhammer Edition

>Pumping Iron and Gaining Gains with the New Warhammer:

>How Army-Building working in 10th Edition:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tools to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>Tool to make unit/stratagem cards

>3rd Party Models Pastebin:

>/40kg/ Rules PDF mega:

>Got a codex? Upload it here:

Info hash: 7214f3185b4249d3C1889f696ee39218cf092375

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>Thread Question
What unit would you add to your main faction?
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/gwsg/ Games Workshop Specialist Games General

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Old GW terrain guide Edition

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Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Warcry, Epic, Warmaster, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, Titanicus, Battlefleet Gothic, Man-o-War, Warhammer Quest, GorkaMorka, and any other GW system and boardgame are welcome.

There is currently a Kill Team General >>>/tg/ktg. Discussions for the Kill Team should go there.

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:

What have you been working on lately? What's your current main project, and what's next after it?
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What's an interesting backstory for a half-orc that's not "rape baby"?
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/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General

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Archives & Other Resources:
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/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General

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Cirith Ungol Edition


>New Errata


The T̶r̶o̶v̶e̶ Vault (seed, please!):


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Was your character ever tortured? How did you roleplay it?
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