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/sgg/ - Symphogear General

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/m/ Waifu thread

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New edition.
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #3745: Best Insert Incoming Edition

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/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2522

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--------------***READ THE OP***--------------


Previous Thread:

X-Omega and DD's wikis will be taken down sometime in June
Gundam 00 Raiser - Trans-Am Raiser Sword:
Altron Gundam - Twin Beam Trident Assault:
HG Huckebein Boxer info
A Portable Plus - rebalance hack v1.1 update:
Bravern - Courage Single Blade-Style Special Attack Brave Slash

For discussion on SRC (SRW fangame program), please join the dedicated Discord

If you need help with any game try checking Akurasu for help (links for other resources also here):
(add ?action=purge to the end of the url in case of a blank page)

SRW Japanese Wiki


Game Availability in English:

Music Pastebin:

Bring Stabity's Quick Guide to Katakana:

Game Modification Pastebin:

Translated Plot Pastebin:

Art Pastebin:

SRC Pastebin V2:

Make your own SRW character Pastebin:

If you wish to help with the SRW fan game they are always in need of more musicians and artists
Please contact the following e-mail: [email protected]
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How did we get here? Did WfM REALLY save the franchise?
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What's with the Mobile Suits crotch?

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Why are they designed like this and what purpose do they serve?
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Gee Godzilla, why does Toho let you have TWO gigabash collaborations?
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Mecha Vehicles

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No walkers allowed!

Bring me your supertanks, your cyborg helicopters, your robo-trains, your flying fortresses, your gun-buggys! Super cars are fine too! It's time to celebrate and post the oft ignored/underappreciated supporting cast of mecha animes and games!
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/m78/ YouPi Edition

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Official Sites:

>YouTube OFFICIAL Channel:

>Official Ultraman Connection Discord

>Ultra Pastebin:

>Ultraman Blazar finished airing
>Ultraman Taro currently airing weekly on YouTube
>Ultraman New Generation Stars Season Two currently airing
>ULTRAMAN: FINAL available on Netflix
>ULTRAMAN manga volume 19 globally released on 1/16/2024
>Ultraman Blazar The Movie: Tokyo Kaiju Showdown to be released February 23, 2024
>>S.H.Figuarts News: Ultraman Decker Strong Type, Alien Baltan (Shoot the Invader ver.), Jugglus Juggler (Shota Hebikura Ver.), Jashinken, Ultraman Orb Spacium Zeperion (New Generation Stars Ver.), Dada (Human Specimen 5.6 Ver), ULTRAMAN SUIT ZOFFY -the Animation-, Ultraman Decker Strong Type, Glitter Tiga, GX-37B King Joe Black <Revival>, Red King, Ultraman X (New Generation Stars Ver.), Exceed X, Ultraman Gaia V2, Gaia V2 Effect Parts Set, Beta Spark Armor & Hybrid Armor Option Parts Set
>>Premium Bandai/Ultra Replica News: Mebius Brace -ULTRA BROTHERS EDITION-, Evolthruster 20th Anniversary, Ultra Dimension Card Prop Design Edition 02 Set, Geed Riser, Gun Phoenix, Blazar Strone EX Selection, Ultra Capsule & Capsule Holder Set, X Devizer Compatible Cyber Card Set 02, Die-Cast Blazar Stone PROP EDITION, Earth Garon COMPLETE EDITION
>Figure-Rise Standard Ultraman Suit Jack -ACTION- and Geed Primitive has been announced
>Ultraman Blazar Comicalize manga being serialized in Televi-Kun.
>Ultraman: Rising Netflix film to be released later this year
>Ultraman: Final Blu-Ray Box to be released March 29, 2024
>Ultraman Blazar Blu-Ray Box II to be released February 28, 2024
>FigZero Ultraman Suit Zero LM Mode revealed by threezero
>Gigabash Ultraman DLC released featuring Ultraman, Baltan, Tiga and Camilla

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