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Imagine how much more perfect the world would be with the KMT winning the civil war and Chain becoming a democratic powerhouse of Asia. Think of it in coldwar years

>No North Korea or Split up Korea, likely a democratic Korean would exist
>No communist Vietnam, likely a democratic Vietnam would exist
>No communist Vietnam means no communist Cambodia (& Laos) which means no Pol Pot
>Balkwark against communism in Asia, united with the US in the coldwar the USSR breaks much more sooner.
>At least 100 million chinese live and don't die do to CCP atrocities
>China modernizes sooner & becomes civilized Japan tier nation by the 2000's. Friendly relations with the west ensure no Russia - China axis, thus likely a democratic bloc ran world on peace and progress

If any of you have been to Taiwan today you'd know this to be true. Modern day Taiwan is a wonderfully democratic Chinese nation, it doesn't need to be a dystopian communist hellhole despite what the Tankie & Changs on this board would have you believe.

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How did WW2 veterans feel about having their sons sent to Vietnam
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Did black people hate segregation or did they hate their inferior facilities? Would they have protested Jim Crow if it was ACTUALLY “separate but equal”?
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Alright christbros I'm not gay at all but I need a good defense for people that say Christianity is anti-gay. I can't see anything inherently wrong with homosexuality most of the arguments I hear are meer correlation but I also can't find any explanations for the few verses in the bible that are supposedly about the topic. If you don't support homosexuality what are your arguments (because God said so isn't a good argument). If you don't have a problem with homosexuality than how do you explain scripture?
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ITT: top brainlet takes of all time

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How did black South Africans feel about apartheid?
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So people actually talk to themselves internally! If so why?
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Who was the biggest jannie in history?
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How has the bible managed to remain relatively popular? Is there really any other religious text that remains as popular and will there ever be?

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>hear about the sikh
>they carry a weapon at all times as part of faithful practice
any other religions/spiritual practices do this?
that kind of lowkey militia element to the faith intrigues me