Where are my images?

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Without religion, what are some legit alternative to nihilism?
Serious thread and no religious proselytism please.
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/his/ vidya

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TOAW IV got released a few days ago, anyone been playing it? Is it worth it?
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What does /his/ think of the pre ww2 Japanese Empire
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I used to make fun of the French for surrendering until I learned about WWI and how bravely they fought, now hearing people make fun of the French surrendering makes me angry because of how many millions of young French men died like cattle.
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Why is human nature a spook? For example, almost everyone likes sex. How is liking sex not evidence of human nature in a universal sense?
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/his/ meme thread

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It's that time again, post em.
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Why are Lucifer and Satan referred to as the same in the Bible?

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In the Old Testament, Lucifer is the fallen angel and lord of all demons who rallies other fallen angels into rebelling against God. Satan on the other hand, according to the Book of Job, practically works for Him, serving the role of tempting humans to sin in order to test their faith. Suddenly though, it's as if they were the same entity in the New Testament. Why is that, and are there theories on it (like Lucifer fusing with Satan or killing him and shapeshifting into him and calling himself Satan or something, I don't know)?
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What do you consider to be the turning point of the 2nd world war?
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Tell me about this man. Why is he never talked about?

>Communist most of his life
>Gets redpilled in his 60s and becomes a National Socialist
>Is arrested for “hate speech” or whatever retarded euro laws they have
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