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>greatest general
>gets carried by a cast of all star generals that hide his glaring flaws

Is he really even the greatest general in his own army?
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>Armor is 2strong, arrows cant do shit
>Invent muskets, armor cant do shit
>Start dressing like picrel, arrows are would be 100% effective
>No one tries to use arrows

It's keeping me up at night bros
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Why do modern women admire her so much?
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Those guys are literally a small rectangle. How did they enslave so many people?
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Redpill me on why God of Israel hates sorcerers and wants them killed.
Doesn't he know it's all a larp? It's not like they have actual powers..
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I have been reading some Stoic philosophy, and I have come to a remarkable conclusion - drug 'addiction' does not actually exist. Not as an independent supervening 'force.' Consider the facts:

-Epictetus teaches us that the external world and external forces do not 'act' directly upon the mind. Instead, they require mental 'interpretation' to be brought into a mental 'reality.'

-Epictetus further teaches us that this mental reality is highly malleable, and that we have tremendous control which most people simply never exercise (or even REALIZE that they can exercise.

-Something like drug 'addiction' is ultimately a mental state which is also malleable. Ie, the 'addict' can simply decide not to be addicted anyone, using mental willpower.

-The mental process by which this happens is badly misunderstood by many people. To explain: imagine someone who is 'addicted' to food. If the person exercises willpower to simply stop eating, the 'addiction' is not affected. The person merely suffers due to absence of the addiction being fulfilled. But, Epictetus teaches us that we can exercise mental control at the LEVEL of the addiction. We can decide to NOT suffer from not eating, simply by deciding 'I do not WANT to eat.' This is the control of desire itself, rather than merely action.

-The same principle applies to drug 'addiction.' The addict can simply decide 'I do not DESIRE' drugs. Few of them realize this. But the teachings of Epictetus and the Stoics can liberate them.

QED: drug addiction is fake. Am I wrong, /his/?
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Honestly, how was Goliath supposed to win here?
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Were they the most based and Chad NEET class in history? Few other nobles in history got away with openly despising the worker for centuries to such an extent, with barely even a veneer of patriotism or LARPing as a martial class the way their counterparts in Japan and the West did.

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At the start of operation barbarossa how could the red army have better resisted the invasion? More troops at the front and more readiness and not ignoring it?
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Aleksander der Große was a blonde haired German of North European descent.
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