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>start with the worst geostrategic position
>still manage to conquer all of Canaan

How did the Jews (Kingdom of Judah) do it?
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Prehistoric skulls and reconstructions thread

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Post yours
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The purest members of caucasian race, show your tribute to them
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I know a god exists, but I don’t know which is correct. How can I go about finding the true god?
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Has anything like this happened in America before? High ranking ex-officers calling the current government illegitimate? Historically, what has come from actions like this?
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Are people from this area responsible for most of the bad things in History?

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Thug Life

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Is there anything objectively wrong with starting a gang? When you think about it political parties are really just gangs everyone is cool with now

I mean shit the IRA, Nazis, KKK, Kennedys, and Soviets were all just once common gangsters bound by racial or economic ties
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Cuba sunken city thread

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Hi /his/ retards, does somebody here know what happened with this?


I heard about this when i was a kid, every once in a when i brainstorm and remember this i search for it, now im in my 20s and i have the same information as back then but also it has received almost no coverage by nobody. This is so rare, things like the baltic sea anomaly turned conpiracists and media crazy but this thing that looks so big is forgotten even by the retards that say queen elizabeth is a lizard. Am i missing something or is this really forgotten? In case it is forgotten i propose giving it some movement and see if we could give it some more attentio and see wglhat happens. This is not normal, i dont see why would anybody just move this under the carpet, from academics to conspiracionists passing by the media that loves clickebaitos. Or maybe it has been debunked i dont know, but i cant find anything online about it
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Is there any denying that the rise of America is the worst thing that has happened in human history?
I'm an American and even I can't deny this. British people are bigger cunts, most countries are less hospitable, and we've produced the best art of any modern nation besides France but we've also destroyed the world. The American people are decent folk (unlike the British) but American hegemony is a disaster.


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And intriguing