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What's the historical reason for the decline of goddess worship in the last 2000 years?
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What are the strongest arguments for atheism?

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I want too see the most reasonable arguments for atheism that have not yet been disproved. I want too see the deep end so I can strengthen my faith. I want to be prepared for the cheapest tricks and low blows.
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History of Tibet

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What was it like before being chinked?

Christian Denominations

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Hi anons, I'm looking into different traditionalist Christian denominations. I was wondering if you knew more about the following denominations and/or about denominations I haven't mentioned below. I'm looking for a church that's:

>High Church/traditional liturgy. I don't want Christian pop/rock played at my church.
>Theologically conservative. No women priests. No LGBT priests.
>Apolitical or conservative. Too many churches (Including LCMS) are putting people's donations towards importing refugees.

I've looked into the following:

>Traditionalist Catholic (Not Suitable)
No birth control or family planning allowed. Plus too focused on Mary

>Lutheran - Missouri Synod (Not Suitable)
Donation money goes to importing refugees. Being infested with social justice lately. I like everything else though.

>Lutheran - Wisconsin Synod (Maybe)
It's traditional and conservative. Only downsides is it thinks the Pope is the antichrist and it's somewhat far away.

>Baptist - Independent (Maybe)
Too many of them are Low Church. Otherwise good.

>Baptist - SBC (Not Suitable)
Too Low Church and too much social justice lately.

>Anglican - ACNA/Anglo-Catholic
I like that it's High Church, but the nearby churches accept women clergy (Though they reject LGBT clergy). Also the whole denomination seems odd since it's just a political creation of the King of England and doesn't have any solid tradition of its own (Everything is taken from Catholicism and Low Church Protestantism).

>Eastern Orthodox (Maybe)
I like its traditional orientation. But it's too focused on Mary. The congregations are interesting. More men than women and tons of families. Also more demanding and a bit foreign in terms of practice, but I could manage. There are a small number nearby.

>Methodism (Not Suitable)
Low Church and politically progressive. I've heard they were cleaning their church of social justice though. I don't have much info on it.
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Why didn't the Americans stood up for him?

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Imagine how much trouble they could have avoided
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Do Brits have Jewish blood?
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How can English people, a very homogeneous Northern European people, have such a wide range of phenotype? You don't see this level of variety in Scandinavia, North Germany, or the Netherlands. What gives?
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Jordan Peterson

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What are your thoughts on his teachings, philosophy and character?

I find his lectures to be very motivating and his simple life advice helpful for someone who has virtually nothing. It's obvious that he has specialized in this "young adulthood development" area. He seems to back his claims consistently and has a very assertive personality when he is lecturing.

I would rather avoid talking about his politics as my goal for this thread is a psychological/philosophical discussion.
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Let's Play... Time Machine Killer

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you spin the dial to a year of your choice,
you pick a place to go, anywhere, anytime,
who do you murder to change history for
the greater good, before the Time Police stop you?
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What year did the Church of England enter into apostasy?

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