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Why the fuck are the English obsessed with Scotland?
Like, before and during the Napoleonic war English command and nobility were regularly wearing Scottish clothing. They also took the English sabre (dirk) and nearly fully replaced sabres with them.
During ww1 they formed a Scottish volunteer division led by the King's brother.
And now they got the Irish battalions, they are essentially a country within a country and England pays 90% of its budget, and Malcolm is expected to get some kind of major promotion. My English friend told me that English women regularly fetishise Scottish men.
And now that they are the only ones having kids it's expected that they will get even more power within Russia.

What the fuck. Just why are English so obsessed with the Scottish?
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Italians want us to believe these were the faces of ancient italians implying the massive shift during the imperial era never occured or disappeared without leaving traces...
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Tell me some history about Australian Aboriginals. What did they do in the many thousands of years before Europeans discovered them? What was their civilisation like?
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Why did China job?

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>1450 AD: China is the best in every field, and the most powerful realm in the existence
>1750 AD: China has to buy weapons from Europeans
Did the retarded Qing policies just set them back so hard?
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The 16th Amendment - American Feds Never Changes

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When will we abolish this stupid shit? This law came into existence in a dire moment, and now there's plenty of cash for the government but the policy doesn't change. On top of that, the entire National Debt system is just a scheme to off shore money by these assholes. Jefferson was 100 percent right about centralized banks and this nonsense.
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Do you pray to God?
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>Romulus and Remus NEVER existed, we know NOTHING about early Rome, perhaps there are SOME NUGGETS of history in the traditional accounts but that's it
>the Trojan War NEVER happened, its societal and military details are rooted in the Archaic period NOT the Mycenaean era
>the Exodus is AHISTORICAL the Hebrews were NEVER enslaved en masse in Egypt and emerged in the Canaanite hill country
why do historians hate fun?
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>Lincoln elected
>Repeatedly says he has no intention to abolish slavery
>Only opposed to slavery's expansion
>South chimps out and declares independence anyway
WTF were they thinking? If they had remained part of the Union, they could have kept their slaves and avoided the destruction of the South
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How badly were the Lebanese people treated during Muslim rule when Muhammad conquered the Middle East? I assume very badly, but I'm curious. Did the muzzies mass execute the Christians?
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Memes thread

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