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Seriously , what is the purpose of those tiny countries in Europe ?

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Why San Marino , Vatican , Malta won't just be part of Italy , Monaco part of France , Andorra part of Spain , Liechtenstein part of Switzerland , Luxembourg part of Germany or France

I don't know the exact history of those countries , but why they are so important ? who control them ?
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Is England the only country in the post-Roman migratory period to become germanicised? If so, why?
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why did they use such short swords?
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what if it succeed ? what then? how would it change history ?
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Can we talk about the eastern Mediterranean from the 4th crusade to the fall of these states 250 years later. It just seems like a wild and under talked about time?
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Gender theory destroyed by these 3 simple facts

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1)Gender roles are present in our genetic cousins, the apes.
>Therefore fender role predate human society

2)Gender roles have always been restablished reinvigorated by societal* collapses.
>Therefore denial of gender roles is a societal construct

3)All** civilizations known to man have independently established similar gender roles.
>Therefore human nature is gendered

Conclusion gender isn't a social construct

among others
>French Revolution
>Fall of the Roman empire
>End of the Islamic Golden Age
>Fall of the Weimar Republic
>Hellenistic Grece
>Fatmid Egypt
>Sung China during the Neo Confucianist Rule
>Musilim Andalusia

outside 3-7 tribes in human history never accounting for more than 100 00 people for over 107billion humans that ever lived.
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Why atheists and others think that ancient religions are better than Abrahamic religions ?

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so basically i see a lot of people say :"omg , abrahamic religions removed a lot of beautiful pagan religions like Egyptian , Greek , Roman , Norse .. i wish those religions came back"

but the reality is , your view about those religions is 200 years (last 2 centuries) of propaganda in video games , movies and even paintings

and i'm not here to say that "Abrahamic religions are better than ancient paganism" , so be mature and smart in replies
i'm just here to prove that ancient religions were not like what you see in Hollywood movies and Video Games
just imagine being born in Ancient Egypt or Greece , it won't be a big deal (you are not going to see those Gods or Heros because they are only myths , only stories , only fiction)
so stop with your logic "everything ancient is great , everything modern is shit" , it's not true
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Who was right?
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>thesis: communism
>antithesis: fascism
>synthesis: nazbol
let's discuss
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>USSR inflicts 80% of losses on the Wehrmacht
>saves Europe from Nazis
>to this day the USSR isn't considered evil and children aren't taught that Soviet symbols are evil
>America was so grateful that it forgave the USSR's debt over the beans and leather that America sent them during the war

The USSR is like the tragic hero who did everything to save the world from Nazis.
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