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Why do reddit leftists hate him?

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He's using muslim eurasian mutts to shoot and bomb europeans.. on paper that sound like a leftist's wet dream but suddenly they don't support it
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Who are the 5 worst presidents?

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Why could Communists never (and still can't) accept that Communism is objectively worse than Capitalism despite it being obvious long before the USSR's collapse?
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Why don't Protestants believe in The Power of Holy Water?

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Holy water can help against demons and the forces of evil like powers and principalities. Holy water can cleanse venial sins as well. Holy water can bless your home and purify.
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Ethics of torture

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What's your opinion on torture?

Useful information/correctional tool or an example of evil behavior?
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Based Julian

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> Julian’s letter to the Community of Jews:
> “In times past, by far the most burdensome thing in the yoke of your slavery has been the fact that you were subjected to unauthorised ordinances and had to contribute an untold amount of money to the accounts of the treasury. Of this I used to see many instances with my own eyes, and I have learned of more, by finding the records which are preserved against you. Moreover, when a tax was about to be levied on you again I prevented it, and compelled the impiety of such obloquy to cease here; and I threw into the fire the records against you that were stored in my desks; so that it is no longer possible for anyone to aim at you such a reproach of impiety. My brother Constantius of honoured memory was not so much responsible for these wrongs of yours as were the men who used to frequent his table, barbarians in mind, godless in soul. These I seized with my own hands and put them to death by thrusting them into the pit, that not even any memory of their destruction might still linger amongst us. And since I wish that you should prosper yet “more, I have admonished my brother Iulus, your most venerable patriarch, that the levy which is said to exist among you should be prohibited, and that no one is any longer to have the power to oppress the masses of your people by such exactions; so that everywhere, during my reign, you may have security of mind, and in the enjoyment of peace may offer more fervid prayers for my reign to the Most High God, the Creator, who has deigned to crown me with his own immaculate right hand.”
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Was the Sino soviet split the end for any chance of communist victory in the Cold War?
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Why did Italy never have a cartoonishly evil sect of their army like the Dirlewanger Brigade or Unit 731?
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I know virtually nothing about it, so they're just basically the colder and slightly more French version of US?
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Ww2 hate

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Why is WW2 considered a pleb war to study? Is it because it's so popular? Or is it that /his/ is so contrarian and edgy?
Honestly, it's my favourite war why all the hate?
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