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I still dont get how the arab coalition got defeated against a single country
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What mental illnesses did Hitler suffer from?
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Why are they the worst posters on this board?
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>Columbus Day celebrates genocide!
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So who really was the most racist president in US history? Is that even quantifiable?

Pic related must be near the top.
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Why aren't you a monarchist, /his/?
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Are Southern French closer to Italians than northern French? Would someone from the southern French area around the Mediterranean have anything in common with a Tuscan for example genetically compared to the rest of France?
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>the government needs taxes to pay for services that you need

hmm okay but why does it need to rely solely on taxes? why doesn't the government make corporations that can compete with silicon valley and raise revenue for example?
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The process of creating a national identity

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How were nationalist sentiments and national identities created in Europe and Asia etc.? Considering that for much of history those peoples were localized in villages and tribes and had no sense of a "national" identity like French, or German, or Ukrainian or Japanese. How did leaders channel tribalism into a coherent "national" identity? It seems that it worked in places like Europe and East Asia while it has largely failed in places like Africa and the Middle East.
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Who were some people in history who defended Evropa?
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