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Is that true? Muhammad supported fags?
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Italy is a geographical expression

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What did he mean by this?
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What made the butthurt belt butthurt?

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What led them to constantly seethe about Russia and invent stories about how Russia oppressed them? Is it because the new states needed a “founding myth” to justify their new position and f subservience to the west?
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Tartaria thread / Resets

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What's your thoughts on the idea that there were highly advanced civilizations living on this planet before us but the population gets wiped every few hundreds or thousand years?
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why did white people do this?
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Does anyone still believe the official narrative about the JFK assassination?
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Veganism is the only morally correct diet.
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How do atheists make decisions about what to do in life? Do you just live by instinct like animals? Do what you "feel"? Traditionally, people are looking for a good, decent life, and morality answers the question of what kind of life is good, but if you are an atheist, then moral statements cannot be true, so morality cannot be a decision-making guideline for an atheist. But without morality, only animal impulses and desires remain in a person, such as to reproduce, expand, eat, dominate, avoid pain, and so on.

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>Non Western culture have painting traditions, and are not artistic innovators like the West so they are primitive
>Meanwhile the West over-innovated to the point of a taped banana

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How Celtic were the Gallo-Romans, culturally speaking?