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Why do Leftists have such an autistic obsession with "oppression"? They seem to only view the world as a battle between the "oppressed" and the "oppressor" not only that but they always seem to never comprehend the fact that most of the time the oppressed become the oppressors.

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Was he a tyrant?

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Why did the South have godly military officers but the North had heathen atheist officers?
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>was only powerful because they found coal in England
So what was the point of all this deadweight?

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>Introduced feudalism
>Imposed foreign rule on England for centuries
>Ruined the English language
>Got England involved in pointless continental wars for 100+ years
Did the Normans ruin England?
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What makes Zhukov the best modern general? Wasn't Soviet warfare just a meat grinder?
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The dulia and latria distinction is just Catholic pilpul.

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Why did Spain had such a major fall from grace as a european superpower? Can their problems be traced back to wasting manpower and shekels by fighting protestants during reformation?
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If a man covers his arm in bandages so that he doesn't snap it, it is seen as reasonable. Further more, if the arm grows a tumor and said tumor would threaten his life, it is a simple choice.

The arm is part of the man, it is his property, it is part of him, and he does with it as is convinient, sometimes not as much for the arm's sake, but for his own.
If the slave is truly property of the owner, then it is only natural for it to use it for it's interests. Sure, he will try not to harm him, same way he doesn't put his arm in boiling water, but the life and happiness of the slave is secundary to that of the owner. So if the slave rebels, he is whipped or killed, to safeward the owner

Now think about this for a second. If we are part of a nation, and that nation is more important than ourselves, then obviously, our well being is secundary to that of the nation as a whole. This is a fact of life; soldiers are sent in waves to die and kill for the nation, criminals who threaten the integrity of the nation are imprisoned or killed, and the individuals work their lives away for the feeding and sustaining of the nation. It is irrelevant if the leaders, the citizens, or any one of the elements that make the nation is dead or replaced, as long as there's something remaining, the nation will continue to exist
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