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According to Orthodox Christianity, alienation is the core problem that plagues us in the world, sin is only a symptom of alienation. When we became alienated from God, the author of life, we experience death; when we become alienated from one another we experience temporal divisions; when we become alienated from the self we no longer see ourselves as creatures destined for God but instead become captive to the world. Thoughts on this point of view?

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>/his/ has finally outgrown being seduced by aesthetics and taken the protestantpill
The truth wins.
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Why did Evola fail to see Stalin was a traditionalist using a communist coat?

>Literally a Blatant Fucking Appeal to Incredulity

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Why do atheists only point out formal logical fallacies when they are committed by theists?
With as much as these fuckers study logical fallacies so they scream them out to end debates whenever talking with someone they disagree with you would think they would know to call bullshit when someone says
>"uhhhhh well, inuitively that doesn't seem likely to me...."
Like a Christian can literally say the exact same fucking thing looking at a world that just so happened out of the billions upon billions of possible genetic mutations natural conditions created higher apes capable of complex language and advanced engineering while also all but universally believe fervently in the existence of dieties.
You can appeal to incredulity on ANYTHING.
That is WHY it is a fucking logical falacy, because it isn't based on anything other then your own personal bias.
We live in a universe where light acts a partical in some instances and in others like a wave.
Where the ammount of time that passes is dependent on how fast one is going.
Where the observable universe is held together by forces beyond our understanding given that 90% of the gravity in the universe is in unaccounted for by observable matter.
What you think is likely
And you shouldn't have to have that explained to by a fucking theist like me!
You should have recognized this THE MOMENT this fucking dipshit let this horse shit drip feces from his fucking mouth.
No one who has gone to college and gotten a 4 year degree has any fucking business being this fucking retarded.
And yet,
Atheists manage to be in agregate.
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Rank any five or more of them in terms of historical relevance and contribution.

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>Omri/Khomri (king of Israel) dynasty lasts until 722BC when the assyrians conquered and dispersed the people
>Assyrian documents refer to them as Khumry
>Khimmirai/Gimmirai/Cimmerians appear in Assyrian records during the reign of Sargon II (722-705BC)
>Cimmerians are known from Herodotus to be driven westward out of their lands around the Black Sea (modern Crimea takes its name from them) by the Scythians
>Cimmerians disappear from historical records around 6th century BC
>Celts spontaneously appear in historical records around 6th century BC
>Celts exit historical records (or, more accurately, are dispersed into various subgroupings) around 5th century CE
>Welsh (Cymraegs) appear in historical records around 6th century CE from Celtic origins
Are these related?
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Contradictions in Sunni Islam

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Islan says all souls are in Barzakh until judgement day (qiyamah) and that hell is currently empty.

Sunni hadith says Mugammad dreamed Abu Lahab was burning in hell and he got relief for giving a slave water.

Sunnis also say Abu Talib is in hell now and having his brains boiled out.

Sunni hadith says angel Gabriel physically rendered Pharoah incapable of vocalising the Shahada by stuffing mud in his mouth because Gabriel was afraid Allah would accept his repentance.

1. Angels don't have free will, they follow Allah's commands, so Allah was scared that Allah would accept pharaoh repenting?

2. This means mute people can't convert to Islam if Pharaoh was prevented from repenting just by mud in his mouth. If you punch someone's teeth out you can consign them to hellfire by this logic since they can't say la ilaha illa allah.
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Why did this happen?
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They were making such a nice recovery before they fumbled the ball so badly against the Turks.
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West Africa

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Thread for discussing the origin and history of West African Civilization; including its laws, languages, culture, religion, cities, politics, etc.
I'll begin by asking; how exactly did ironworking get introduced into West Africa? and how long after did the first cities appear? did they use iron plows or hoes at all?
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