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>Most common music during WW2 was modern stuff like Jazz and Swing
>Despite this, most people associate the war with epic orchestral and choir music.

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Medieval African warfare

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What was it like?
Arms, armor, cavalry, how did they muster armies? What formations did they use?

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So was communist revolution in Russia just one massive beta uprising? Explains why did they hate family values so much
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Is there any historical precedent for them to exist as a separate people and nation?
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>to redeem the sins of all mankind, he went though something unimaginable
>he had to endure... a typical execution of his time
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Marshall Plan

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>give Euros money to rebuild
>no requirements
Why did America hand out money for basically nothing?
Also why do some Euros forget that the US largely pulled Europe out of a gigantic economic catastrophe that was nearing in the first post-war years? Eastern Euros were of course fucked by Stalin, but Western Euros act as if the US did not actually save their sorry existence, exhausted either by trying to stop the Germans or by trying to destroy everyone (applies to Germany).

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are russians more dishonest about their history than other countries? this seems to be the opinion of most people if you ask them, but i've never really seen any proof that russians somehow deny their own history. i mean a lot of countries hide the bad things they've done even if they don't deny them, it's not like the english flaunt the fact that they caused millions of deaths in ireland and india
so is it just bias against russia?
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Naval warfare post-WW2

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Other than the Falklands War, has there even been any major action at sea after 1945?

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Ok ok so basically ok ok so basically did uhhhh Rome and Greece have actual police forces? One would maybe think so (assume) but idk umm idk (ha ha)

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Why is the East so much cooler than the west?
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