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Why does the Haitian Revolution upset /his/?
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>JP claims to hate postmodernism
>openly admires the founder of postmodernism

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ITT famous final words
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Why do Christians think that God cannot forgive people for their sins without transforming himself into a human and then sacrificing himself to himself in an act of blood magic?

Don't they understand that God is omnipotent?
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>mfw a romaboo complains about how snowniggers destroyed the empire

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Which independence movements are historically justified? Which are pure memes?
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What'd he get all those medals for?
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Reconstruction of a proto-indo-european elite male from the Khvalynsk culture. His elite status was inferred from his numerous grave goods. He is a possible ancestor of many European men.

Say something nice about him.
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ITT: Post your favourite military uniforms

Pic related, I really like the British WW1/WW2 kit
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It's time to end the Rome meme.

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its time to end the rome meme bros

it's time to troll the fuck out of romaboos. Just fucking drill into them that Rome did nothing special till they become the laughing stock of this board. Lets do it celtbros and nordbros. It's time to end the R*man """"""""""civilization""""""""" meme

A few facts:
>Rome did not have advanced technology, they stole most of their shit from surrounding cultures
>The average Roman did not live in some ugly ass proto-commieblock, he lived in some rural 1 room home or was a slave
>the world was more advanced during the "dark ages" than it was 200 years before then
>the world was more advanced in medieval times than any era of the Roman Empire
>The Roman Empire formed by luck
>Romans that did live in urban areas would shit into their chamberpots and then throw them out the window, so much for "muh sewers"
>most Roman aristocrats spoke greek
>got BTFO by nords who they said were inferior
>Most things we know as western civilization were invented in the middle ages, the enlightenment or in classical Greece. Rome had nothing to do with inventing western civilization.
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