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Why does everyone insist there are two sides when in reality there are three?

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Conservatives insist that liberals and leftists are the same thing.
Leftists insist that conservatives and liberals are the same thing.
Liberals insist that conservatives and communists are the same thing.

Why is everyone so dishonest for no real reason?
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why did Castro smoked such an expensive cigars while his people where suffering?
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*Destroys western civilization
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weren't they concerned Hitler would get shot in his car trips? there's so many pictures like pic related where Hitler is rolling down the street
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ITT: Obscure vikings
Turguis/Thorgest was extremely based.
>terrorised the lands of Ireland for years
>sacked most of its chapels
>conquered large portions of it
>even sacked its religious capital where Saint Patrick was buried
>put his wife on his altar and had her proclaim the word of Odin
>took the might of 3 ARMIES to capture him
>were so scared of him they tied Thorgest to a stone and tossed him into a lake so his ghost would not rise up to destroy them
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The fuck is that?
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Are White Supremacy and Odinism the same thing?
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What made you realize that G*d is NOT good?

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Historically, what has gone on in the mountainous parts of Siberia?

(Original map here [very large image]: http://www.shadedrelief.com/world/Data/map1_type.jpg
Less browser-crashy version here: https://maps-for-free.com/)

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Brother fights in history?
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