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Anyone else have trouble coming to comfort with this book?

I gave it a full and serious read recently, and honestly something about it just feels off putting. It's unlike any other book in the Bible, it's very much a philosophical one, a rotating dialogue. But.. what is the conclusion to be taken here? So, Job has these awful afflictions put on him, the people who are closest to him try to console him but only end up insulting him, only for the end to be a wrap up with God speaking from the heavens to Job about how mighty his creation is, rebuking his friends, and then restoring all that he has.

I don't get it. I went in expected some sort of answer, instead it feels largely like a very dark composition. Considering the piece deals with theodicy, it doesn't do much to explain it. In a way I almost feel it's telling me to shut up and suffer, not offering any clear way out of that suffering or an explanation for why God allows it.
It feels very nihilistic in an indirect way, and the "resolution" feels less like a response to Job's complaint and his agony but moreso powerlevelling. Perhaps I don't understand? It is indeed a very dense piece of literature
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Why didn’t any real independent African civilization arise independently?

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Was the pacific theater a close fight or did America just run through the Japanese?
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Ok /his/! Let's settle this once and for all.

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Athens or Sparta. I lean Sparta.
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/his/ meme thread

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Why is church so fucking boring and a chore? I would literally rather do anything else, even read the Bible on my own. I would get more out of that then spend 2 hours going through some dead rituals.
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No offense, but the more I study history, the more I realize Europe stunted human progress by what's probably going to be up to a decade, feel free to disagree, I'm open to discussion and good faith.
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Why was the Japan the only nonwhite country that successfully emulated western style imperialism?
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Where is the actual Refutation of his Ideology?

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>inb4 “muh Berlin 1945”
That’s like saying the defeat at napoleon at Waterloo was the refutation and end of enlightenment ideals.
Since Hitler’s loss in 45 international communism has collapsed into ethnic conflict, western liberal governments have increasingly embraced fascistic ideals of involvement in the economy, and over the last 10 years explicit ethno nationalist parties have rissen throughout the EU from Italy to Sweden, from Poland to Hungary.
Even his advocacy for direct confrontation of Europe against the mongoloid hordes of the east is now an explicit tenet of EU and NATO policy.
So I ask
Since ideals have clearly been influential in the long term and are gaining increasing popularity today.
Where the fuck was he wrong?
Is there any actual ARGUMENT against the world view of National Socialism??
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What the hell is the Holy Spirit ?

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why the hell are christians so invested on the holy trinity, and what the hell is the holy spirit?

I get the whole 1+1+1 = 1, that's not what matters to me. I want to know why early christians got so invested onto this ?

I can see the logic behind jesus = god, but why the hell come up with a third thing ? couldn't it just be a holy doublet or something ? seems way easier and by the history of it seems not even christians know excatly what the holy spirit is
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