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how did Protestant Christianity go from a bastion for the poor and starving in Christ's kingdom to becoming a bastion of capitalism later on?
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What makes Christianity so evil? The fact that it is a false hope. It robs people of their time, money and energy for promises that will never come true. Jesus will never return. You will not go to heaven when you die. Grifters get rich off of it, you get nothing in the end.

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>The Mongols never conquered Ind...
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Every generation thinks Jesus is returning in their lifetime. They always die old and disappointed. How much longer can this continue until the whole world gives up on this delusion?

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Why is the Yugoslavia arc of WW2 so unknown outside of the Balkans?
It had the most brutal genocides and ethnic cleansings, the most successful antifascist resistance army, the most clusterfuck overall narrative with so many warring groups and ethnicities, and the most kino commie (Tito).
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<div><span style="color:#ff0000;font-weight:bold;font-size:24px;">/his/ has been transported to... 1437 AD/CE</span></div>

This new event is for discussion of an unexpected year in history and the people, places, and global/regional events therein. Tired of the same topics day after day? Step outside the usual discussions and discover something new!

<span style="color:#789922;">>Why this year?</span>

A secret random number generator buried deep in the 4chan servers selected it!

<span style="color:#789922;">>What am I supposed to post?</span>

Anything, anywhere, about 1437!

<span style="color:#789922;">>What if I don’t know anything about this year?</span>

Besides Wikipedia, you can find many jumping-off points by searching the year and other keywords on sites such as,, or You can also search for artifacts and documents on the websites of major museum collections. Try finding your footing with the most significant events/people of the century first, and then the decade, and then the year!

<span style="color:#789922;">>Will there be a different random year selected for next weekend?</span>

If this goes well, yes!

Feel free to discuss events close to the year in question too. The intention is to encourage more specific, grounded discussions and for everyone to discover something new together! If a certain region interests you and there is very little recorded history this year, use speculation and perhaps some historical fiction! Make your case for whatever you think is important or interesting for this year!

OC, memes, shitposting, what-if’s, etc. are encouraged! Just try to relate them to the specified year, or make them in a style of the time.
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So does this study refute IQ hereditarians?

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Was hitler ever an actual neopagan or did he just play along for the sake of the SS?

Was benito actally ever an actual practicing catholic of did he play along for the sake of italy?
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>Napoleon I tries to set up a client state in Spain
>gets bogged down in a military quagmire
>Napoleon III tries to set up a client state in Mexico
>gets bogged down in a military quagmire

It's like pottery. It rhymes.
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Boiled Babies

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What if by the late 1980s, The Shining Path successfully rose to power and established a regime in Peru?
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