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King of Kings

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Was Basil the Bulgarslayer an incel?
>The courtier and historian Michael Psellos, who was born towards the end of Basil's reign, gives a description of Basil in his Chronographia. Psellos describes him as a stocky man of shorter-than-average stature who nevertheless was an impressive figure on horseback. He had light-blue eyes, strongly arched eyebrows, luxuriant side whiskers—which he had a habit of rolling between his fingers when deep in thought or angry—and in later life a scant beard. Psellos also states that Basil was not an articulate speaker and had a loud laugh that convulsed his whole frame.[8][9] Basil is described as having ascetic tastes and caring little for the pomp and ceremony of the Imperial court, typically wearing a sombre, dark-purple robe furnished with few of the gems that usually decorated imperial costumes. He is also described as a capable administrator who left a well-stocked treasury upon his death.[10] Basil supposedly despised literary culture and affected scorn for the learned classes of Byzantium.[11]
>According to the 19th century historian George Finlay, Basil saw himself as "prudent, just, and devout; others considered him severe, rapacious, cruel, and bigoted. For Greek learning he cared little, and he was a type of the higher Byzantine moral character, which retained far more of its Roman than its Greek origin".[12] The modern historian John Julius Norwich wrote of Basil: "No lonelier man ever occupied the Byzantine throne. And it is hardly surprising: Basil was ugly, dirty, coarse, boorish, philistine and almost pathologically mean. He was in short deeply un-Byzantine. He cared only for the greatness of his Empire. No wonder that in his hands it reached its apogee".
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Christian = R1b
Non Christian = Defective R1b
Notice how in R1b cultures non Christian’s are extremely easy for Christian’s to harass and bully this is R1b marking defective R1bs for destruction

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Why did Greeks and Romans always turn to Northern Barbarians for law enforcement and integrity? Why were wild barbarians seen as more law abiding than the "Civilised" Greco-Romans, who didn't trust their own kind to be able to uphold the Law?

Historical rivalries that would make for kino movies?

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Other than Hamilton vs Burr, and Mozart vs Salieri.

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Was achilles really a faggot?
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>Battle of Hastings, 1066
>Normans numbered between 7,000 and 12,000
>Ango-Saxons numbered between 5,000 and 13,000
>Normans win, rape England

How did the Normans do it? Why wasn't the King of all of England able to raise more forces than the Duke of Normandy?
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Since the dust has settled

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What you guys think about PIE being emerged in North Iran, which spread from there to the steppe?

Kurdish men spent the last 5,000 years travelling the Eurasia, spreading civilization and their seed. You are speaking their language.

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Were japanese people very good people?

Seeing japanese history, during times like sengoku jidai, you never hear about civilians being harmed by military forces. Everyone seems to be treated fairly, and combat was just between armies. Even when enemies got captured, they were executed humanely and there was no mistreatment. They’re only a few exceptions. While looking at mainland Asian history like china or mongols, the picture is exact opposite especially during turbulent times of civil war.
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How did people quickly went from "doing horrible things to your enemy = good" (something that is a common mindset throughout human history) to "no no no we didn't do x" (which only came to precedence post-WWII)?
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Why is atheism such a huge midwit trap?
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