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Mixed Race and the One Drop Rule

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What was the original point of the one drop rule in the US?
Why is it still forced today?
What would happen if "creole" as a racial identification was brought back again?

What the hell is "blackness" supposed to mean from a historical context? Why do west Africans try to ideologically dominate Eastern and northern Africa with kangs shit?

Pic related is considered the same race as people who look NOTHING like her, why?
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Nordic Persians

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The persians descend from the Andronovo culture which had distinctly nordic features like blonde hair and blue eyes. It's likely that ancient persian nobility was nordics
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How can anyone in their right mind defend this man? He was pure fucking evil.
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Mexico is to maize as Europe is to ____?
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/his/ humour thread
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>If Trotsky succeeded Lenin, he would have made the Soviet Union work!
>Trotsky was the good guy, Stalin ruined communism
Why do retards unironically believe this shit about Trotsky?
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Why are so many people like this?
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Why is this board pro-Stalin?
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Unknown Genocides in History

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>Around 70,000 (40%) Bambuti pygmies were massacred and cannibalized by Congolese Bantu rebels during four months between October 2002 and January 2003 in an operation known as Effacer le tableau ("erasing the board")

Any more like this out there? Some can be ancient or just hypothesis
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Why was the blueprint of this building designed by the French? Why would the French have any influence at all? When we cite ancient Egyptian or Roman Empire, these towns weren’t administrated by foreign powers, yet when we cite African architecture, it turns out to be structures that aren’t even African. Why is this? Why do historians try so hard to stretch the truth when it comes to Africa?
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