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Rin Tohsaka Thread

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"———The process.
If you walk down the path that you believe is right, you cannot be wrong.
…At a time like this, most people will realize that their path is a wrong one, but she's different.
Her path should always be one that she can be proud of."

-- Emiya Shirou, Day 12 of UBW

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Happy Birthday Yuno

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It's Yuno's Birthday in Japan!
Happy Birthday Yuno!
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Maka Albarn

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Maka thread #113

May the Maka be with us!

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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Girls' Last Tour) + Tsukumizu Thread #28

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Waifu Thread #165

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Waifu and you lost in each other's eyes.
I don't think either of you want to find a way out.
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Himouto! Umaru-chan

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This thread sponsored by your local pet stores and SPCA. There are a lot of lonely and caring animals out there looking for a home.
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Strike Witches

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Spring.. flowers and increasing sunlight..

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Umi Sonoda Thread

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Sakura Matou Thread #43

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It's spring. The cherry blossoms are blooming. And so is the most beautiful Cherry Blossom of them all.

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Miki Sayaka

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