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Waifu Thread #158

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Tifa Lockhart (ティファ・ロックハート)

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Tifa Lockhart Thread XLI

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Hidamari Sketch Thread

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Wide archive:
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Post all your cute wides here!
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Vel gin's birthday thread

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another day of her birthday has arrived, I have not been here in the last months due to personal problems but at least I want to fulfill a thread for vel
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Abyssal Girls Thread (Kantai Collection/KanColle)

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Enjoying autumn with the abyssal friends.
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NYN姐贵 thread

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best rat girl thread!
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Kanzaki Ranko #41

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Another thread for the cutest chuuni.
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Homura Akemi Thread 120

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There are moments where the world feels a little flat, and color fades from what we’re doing. Days, weeks, months, or, heaven forbid, even years where all we see are shades of grey.

And then, in a heartbeat, we see something that changes everything. A shine that catches our eyes, and reflects so brilliantly off of them, it repaints our entire world in an instant. Homura Akemi, with her fiery gaze, diamond soul, and amethyst eyes, is a force of nature that radiates so brightly she can do all that, and more.

Whenever you feel like the tone of your life is dulling, think of her violet eyes, and let there be light once again! Post Homu, appreciate Homu, and keep in mind; long as you remember her, you are not alone.

Tiny URL followed by / homurabestgirl

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Urban & Cityscapes

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There is something relaxing about these threads.
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Reisen Udongein Inaba Thread #9

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