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Con Horror Stories

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Spooky month is almost here. Post convention horror stories and horror themed cosplay.

Banned cosplay

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What cosplay are/should be banned at cons?

Nazi and such are banned but also many cons ban things such as pedobear

But why do cons allow other pedophile characters like Lucoa or Mega Milk? Is it a double standard?
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Cosplay reccomendations / suggestions

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It's been months since we really had one.

Here's a template, try to give reccomendations to at least 3 other people.
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Secondhand Sales Thread: Kira Kira Doll Edition

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prev. >>10661526
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Cosplay Help Thread

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Cosplay recommendations: >>10651561
Crossplay: >>10650530
Stupid jfashion questions: >>10666167

Previous thread: >>10656420

Ita thread

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Net-idol/Odottemita/Dance Cover Groups

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Coords we like

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Only compliments, no criticism. Post your favourite coords here
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How can I try to convince my parents or friends to not judge me for starting to crossplay?

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I’m a 19 year old guy, and I decided I wanted to start crossplaying, so I bought an Asuka (from Neon Genesis Evangelion) women's plugsuit cosplay made of spandex as well as an Asuka wig (double ponytail). However when I get them I will have to hide them somewhere in my room as my parents would be mad/disappointed at me, as I know they're both ignorant (homophobic and transphobic for example). two of my friends aren't as ignorant (and also one of them is gay, but he's still not always open minded) but I'm still certain they'd judge me and make fun of me for buying the cosplay. one of my friends has made fun of me before and asked me why I’m trans (for using girls as pfps sometimes) even though I’m not, and even told me to h**g myself a few times (he later said it’s just jokes, but still). how can I convince my parents or friends to not judge me? and when I’m going to the con I want most people at least to not be able to tell that I’m a guy, so what makeup should I use to look like a girl?

tl;dr want to start crossplaying but I have judgemental parents and friends, and want to convince them to stop being judgemental. I also want advice on what makeup to use to look like a girl
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First Cosplay Crush

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Clefchan Cosplay will always be the sexiest imo
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