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Mid-Autumn Festival/Tsukimi/Chuseok Thread

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Mid-Autumn Festival season is upon the northern hemisphere (idk if you Aussies celebrate it in your own autumn or just take the Chinese calendar date). Post lolita coords or cosplays inspired by celestial themes or the characters in the classic story, wa or qi or other lolita looks that would work for cute moon viewing meetups, or even just cute fun mooncake designs or flavors to have at a Moon Festival themed meetup.
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Gyaru General: Drag Makeup is not Gal Edition

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Old thread is autosaging >>10638688
>everyone hates sjw tik tokers, especially this koonkun chick
>well-known gaijin gyaru emi left gal for yamikawaii
>people want to bring back g_s, mainly due to zoomers and newbs being retarded with their makeup
>some kind of sexual assault drama involving chris
The tea is flowing, does this mean gyaru is officially revived in the West?
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Ita Thread: “Pink Alice” edition

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Previous thread >>10681396
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Angelic Pretty General: Back to Risa Edition

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Previous >>10676543
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Feels Thread

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old thread >>10673595
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COF Thread: Start of the Spooky Edition

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doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do this, so here goes.

If I miss any or do any repeats, I apologize. The last anon’s posting format was a bit confusing. I will be omitting captions for both my sanity and time-saving purposes.
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What are the worst things you have done at a convention?
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Royal Vegas Retreat 2021

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>Interview with WW Libre

Last thread autosaged.
>Tyler was disinvited. Organizers do not mention her by name when doing so.
>Anons worried about cigarette smoke at the MGM Grand
>Same weekend as Sin City Anime
>Code of conduct bans "a coordinate or piece from any brand or nationality that uses nazi, fascist, or alt-right aesthetics or symbols, defined broadly.".
>No-questions-asked refunds are being given
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Cosplay Help Thread

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Cosplay recommendations: >>10651561
Crossplay: >>10650530
Stupid jfashion questions: >>10666167

Previous thread: >>10656420
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Why does this board seem to hate fat cosplayers so much? Most people interested in cosplay for fun aren't going to have idol figures so why the hate?
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