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Cosplay thread

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Figured we could use a normal cosplay thread.

Post cosplays that have inspired you, your cosplays, cosplays you've seen , or even just cosplays you like.
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Angelic Pretty: Laundry Print Edition

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Last thread is auto saging >>10789402

As almost all of the summer look book releases are out, AP will start to churn out their autumn ones. Which prints are you most excited for?
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Handmade Thread

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Post cute handmade things, tips, guides, questions, whatever.
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LARP thread

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New larp thread, now with 230% more Drachenfest.

Drachenfest soon fellow larpers! Everyone can make the bet: laser sun or schlammageddon?

Previous thread >>10750186
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Brit, British, England thread. Summer season edition.

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So here we are, a new thread. We’ve had a few cons. They might have scratched the itch, but nothing is quite like it was. There are a whole host of summer cons right around the corner but no one seems to care!

Is there discord drama? Probably, you just don’t know. It’s either dead, a secret channel or a completely different server.

Here are some up and comers, literally stolen off a different website so excuse me if the dates are wrong or if it exclusively favours some no name cons you’ve never heard of.

The formatting will probably mess up, but I’m a filthy phone poster and I’ve had this written in notes ready to copy paste post as soon as the old thread dies but it keeps churning along. Let’s help it make page 10 and leave, it can take all the drama posting with it. Step into the light and be reborn for hope and joy (experience may vary) are right around the corner.
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Coord Thread

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Post your favorite threads whether it be from Instagram, Dreamwidth, Facebook ect.
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Feels thread

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Post feels here

Previous thread:
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Ita Thread: Irredeemable Edition

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Previous Thread >>10792927
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Dreamy Male Cosplay

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Looking for ideas/inspo on how to look attractive as a male cosplayer. Wanna one up the women who always get attention for being eye candy at these things. Want a female perspective here for scientific purposes; post male cosplay that got you gulls acting dumb if ya catch my drift. Thanks in advance :)
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Taobao/Chinese Lolita Lolita Finds #2

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Last thread reached image limit >>10776451

Post main pieces, accessories, shoes, and bags from Indie Chinese brands that you personally like.
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