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Feels Thread

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post anything that makes you feel
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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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Make it good. no playing around
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/co/toons thread

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Post cartoons

previous thread: >>5308969
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>Random X Random

Post whatever
>10 Points for new WEBMs

last Random X Random thread
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itt pure and innocent girls
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Historical Montage Videos

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Post your historical montage videos here!!!

Videos with BANGER music, are ESPECIALLY welcomed!

I'll start.
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How can anyone deny that Christ is God when there's so much evidence for it? Paul's conversion is huge, considering his life up to that point. It shows anyone can be saved.
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Unsauceable music

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Post music webms that cannot be sauced.
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webms with sound for other boards

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Old thread reached image limit.
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/v/ - Vidya

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Post Video game related stuff
Thankfuller edition
Old Thread
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