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Mado Dancer 3

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Catholic Thread - Brimstone Edition

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Post em' brothers in Christ
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weird unexplainable shit

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just some cruisers man
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no cringe threads? c'mon!
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Leftist/ socialism hate thread

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Leftists/ socialists saying and doing stupid things, generally making themselves look retarded and giving bad arguments for their beliefs.
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brutal mogs

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>Gondola was not a mistake
>Gondolas are relaxed, harmless creatures that observe their environment. They rarely interfere anything, but just keep observing. They rarely talk, just look around and smile. This makes them very different from other creatures such as spurdo, that feel, Pepe, Yoba, etc.
>Gondola is the silent walker. Having no hands he embodies the Taoist
principle of wu-wei (non-action) while his smiling facial expression
shows his utter and complete acceptance of the world as it is.
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Woman moment thread

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Women being women
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cute animals

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anons please help me. i am trying to find a webm of a group of people in animal masks playing medieval music. it was posted here years ago and i never found it again. i NEED to see it. also dumping my cute animals collection.
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Just sent this to my insurance agent on accident

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How fucked am I?
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