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/v/ - Vidya / Videogames

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>>>3914445 (Dead)
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Arousing stuff that can be posted on sfw boards, tiktoks welcome
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webms that give you a feeling
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/b/ is dead
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webms featuring Jewish people

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Doesn't have to be anything bad.
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YLYL - Only freshly baked Webms allowed

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Random thread of favorites

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I'm taking a year off 4chan, so I'm deleting my phone's folder of webms. Post whatever you want so long as it's work safe.
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post actually good asmr
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kpop: .gif only edition

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Veritably I say unto you anons, I have no issue with the new video file format created by the google known as webm. It is a wonder of modern computing, taking advantage of the wealth of computing power that has permeated our society.

I personally prefer the old and distinguished animated picture format created by CompuServe, the Graphics Interchange Format. In an objective sense, it lacks the visual fidelity and audio capability of the webm. However, the feels, vibes, compatibilty, and lack of resource utilization of the Graphics Interchange Format are superior for my sensibilities.

For those who prefer webm for their kpop-ness, there is already a thread for you: >>3971987

ITT: kpop, .gif only plz
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Best of Big Sleep

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New big sleep thread since im too impatient to wait for another one. Big thanks to the anon who made the last thread >>3893614 for introducing me to this. Here's the link
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