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Looking for Live Wallpapers like this. Preferably thief ingame live wallpaper like this one, just longer. If you dont know how to use live wallpaper for desktop, google wallpaper engine or free program called lively wallpaper which does the same thing.

Touhou Thread

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Post them 2hus.

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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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no random thread in the catty?
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Board title says it all. Rules:

1. Post GIFs.
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looking for this-is-the-end.webm and anything similar


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The web died after the 2004-2018 era and the tiktok boom.

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>Mainstream vidya became soulless after 2013
>Pokemon Soulsilver was the last good pokemon game.
>The web actually started going downhill in 2014.
>After 2018, the internet died.
>TikTok came and made it even worse.
>The web is now full of retards, kids and companies.
>the web is now full of long-term newfags.
>image-boards and a few discord servers are the only real good things on the internet.

Nostalgia thread desu.
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