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/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro

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Edição dos 6 meses

Estão tentando me impedir de criar esse fio. Estão fazendo algo diferente na minha cabeça.
Hoje completam 6 meses em 2021 de assédio initerrupto.
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Thomas Cromwell edition
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How old were you when you realised the English and the Danish are literally the same people?

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would you like a taco?
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cъбoтa вeчep c aзиaтки eдишън

cтapa >>155653274
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Sverigetråden - Pajupplagan

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What languages sound the worst?

What languages sound the best?
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We must protect them. I wish the entire world was English. English women are blessed and beautiful, very intelligent, creative, and innovative people. Great music. I really want an English gf - very classy and sophisticated, humble. Fun.


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Silmää iskevä painos
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