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Top 5 countries that Japanese people like
1. United States
2. France
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. Italy

Top 5 countries that Japanese people dislike
1. North Korea
2. China
3. South Korea
4. Russia
5. India

If your country is not on the list it's irrelevant
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Edycja grilla
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Кpacнoй звeзды издaниe
Пpeдыдyщий >>165005441
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Do you agree with this map? What would you change?
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/med/ + frens

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friday edition
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Eastern shitholes are conservative and anti-feminist... WHOOPS

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>The most conservative countries (such as Poland and Hungary) have more women in STEM while in more liberal countries like Spain or Italy (France is an exception) have less than a 50% of women in those fields
Curious indeed!
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Sverigetråden - Kängbenspelupplagan

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Cuban-Turkish friendship edition
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