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edycja sportowa

poprzednio: >>158321104
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fr/ - le francofil

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Léon édition.

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Does this happen in your country?
In my country if you've stayed around the child for a bit you're considered the fatherly figure and thus the father of said child even if you find out later that you've been tricked with a DNA paternity test.
If you leave you will have to pay an alimony and if you did a test which is completely illegal here (no regular lab of the country will do it), you will get prosecuted in top of that.
All this in aim to preserve "peace" within families according to the law.

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>the sun can only promote vitamin D production if it's at least at a 50° angle

how the fuck didn't all scandinavians die of vitamin d deficiency?
also why are they so swarthy if the sunlight is so weak?


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Pablo Escobar edition
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/cum/ - Canada, USA & Mexico

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I can't afford rent in the city I was born in (Pasadena, CA) anymore because of gentrification and now I have to move to the fucking Inland Empire.

Does this happen in your country?
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Wypepo are too priviledged

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The reality of white priviledge
>You are born in a first world country
>You have a good education system
>You have parents that care and love you
>You beneffit from having stable societies and economies
>You DON'T suffer at all
>You get to be a giga snobish cunt
>you get infinite praise from low class low selfsteam brownoids by virtue of your genetics (light eyes, light hair,)
>you get to do drugs, not work at all and still somehow be able to live day to day

That is what it means to be white
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This average polish man blocks your path and politely asks for your belongings.
What do?
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