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hilo /lat/ANO

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American healthcare is way too expensive.
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>he has coke
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/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico

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Intifada edition
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Welkom: Het koninkrijk der Nederlanden, Vlaanderen en overige Nederlandstaligen
Niet welkom: Krulbroodjes, Theeslurpers, Spaghettivreters en overige niet-Nederlandstaligen.

Cute French trans girl with Berber BVLL

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Do you think couples like this will be more common in the future?


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Edycja środowa - dużych kotów

Do verticalized favelas exist in your country?

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In Brazil, for a lot of factors (land price, familly, status) we have a growing "market" in verticalized favelas, buildings between 3 to even 20 floors made with no planning forming communities within communities, its either be starting as a normal favela house that growned with time to settle more people or aready build to be a tall building by a richer favela dweller, they are very cheapier to build because they need no license or anything a normal building need to be build, they just go there and do it.

Does this happens elsewhere? I have never heard of such a thing outside Br
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>This strikes fear and rage into the heart of the Anglo
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