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>Drinking shitty water
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/flag/ + /extraflags/

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Zapatista edition

Previously: >>171102389

Welcome to /flag/ + /extraflags/, a lovely general for users to discuss flags, Extra Flags, and autistic activities while funposting.

>What is Extra Flags?
Extra Flags is an open-source userscript that lets you choose regional flags, like states and provinces, to add the already existing national flags on /int/, /pol/, /sp/, and /bant/.

Instructions and video guides for installing Extra Flags can be found here:
Requests to add or change flags can be made here:

>Flag Collection Templates
World template:
Extra Flags templates:
Labelled Extra Flag templates:

>Flag Information
About 4chan flags:
Flag creation guide:

Flag Fixer:
Extra Flag Lister:
More tools:
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What's healthcare like in you're country?
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/lat/ - hilo latino

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hilo anime y conducción a altas velocidades en carreteras de uso público durante horas pico
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The Spongebob DVD boxset I ordered from Quebec came damaged because the fucking seller didn't use enough bubble wrap on it. Can you damn Canadians keep the frenchies under control? Their lack of discipline is why that Quebec seller thought it was acceptable to not properly secure my Spongebob DVD boxset.

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White Empire and it's vassals vs Brown-Black rebels
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