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Question for you Nordic people. Do swarthy Europeans get bullied in your countries? People who don't fit the stereotypical "Nordic look" - fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes etc. I only ask because I recently learned about this Swedish man who was convicted of killing an immigrant in the 90's and was interested to read this passage:
>He is the son of a Swiss father and a German mother, both of whom had emigrated to Sweden. He grew up in Vällingby, a working class suburb of Stockholm. According to newspaper reports, he was bullied as a child because of his non-Swedish background, which manifested in him being teased for having very black hair and brown eyes. As an adult, he bleached his hair blonde, used blue contact lenses and legally changed his name.

I honestly can't imagine something like this happening in Britain. Probably because we're a pretty muttified nation, so pretty much every European phenotype is represented on this island - from the palest redheads, to darker, Med looking types. Anyway I was just curious as to how common this type of social ostracisation is in your countries, or is stuff like this pretty fringe?

Just to be clear, I'm talking about looking down on other white Europeans for having darker looks, not non-white immigrants.
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Dios mio la bakemono...
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Gosh Anon, you're such a loser
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The negro and his master edition
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edycja dajcie mi różowowłosą kurwę
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Dear foreigners of /int/
Do you have a Lidl or Aldi in your country?
Do you like to go grocery shopping there?
What is your opinion on Lidl or Aldi?
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Die vaterlandstreue Ausgabe aus Dresden
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/cum/ - post late night edition

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canada united states of america mexico
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B пpинципe, кapтинкa гoвopит caмa зa ceбя
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What has int helped you realise about the international community
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