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hilo anime
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Sjel ken de kanker krijge editie

Welkom: mensen die een kankerhekel hebben aan de graaiers van shell
Niet welkom: mensen die shell een prima bedrijf vinden
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Based on experience
Ive met 5 Asian-Americans who so happened to be a mix of White-Asian
Why do all 5 had some kind of mental illness or something similar to down syndrome?

Like I cant help hating them because 3 of them had moments where I and some of my friends wouldve gone to the hospital or got into an accident because of their retardedness that we cant go against or they will go into a tantrum

Sverigetråden - Pengarupplagan

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Do you suffer in your country?


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Tassu tassussa -painos
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They literally collapsed and no one cares.
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edycja do spania ale już
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It's over 30 C for 6 days.In Siberia! When will this be over?


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