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can he pass as a local in southern Europe
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>the absolute state of Japan
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>WOAH, eh pal, come on. You aint eva tried some of Sammy Gigianasairoferrelli's manicott? Get dafuck outta here, I mean, excuse my language and all but ya gotta be fuckin kiddin me
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>start a new game
>has a character creator
>try to make the prettiest girl I can
>now I have a motivation to do the best I can in the game, I don't like seeing her take a beating
happens in your country?
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>Thank you for your service
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>Chads and Romanians swap countries for 5 years
what would happen?
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/desi/-Big Bihari Cock edition

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>In 1938 Mussolini was concerned that if Italian Fascism did not recognise Nordic heritage within Italians, that the Mediterranean inferiority complex would return to Italian society.[61] Therefore, in summer 1938, the Fascist government officially recognised Italians as having Nordic heritage and being of Nordic-Mediterranean descent and in a meeting with PNF members, and in June 1938 in a meeting with PNF members, Mussolini identified himself as Nordic and declared that previous policy of focus on Mediterraneanism was to be replaced by a focus on Aryanism.[61] Mussolini in July 1938 declared that Italians had strong Nordic heritage particularly through the heritage of the Germanic Lombards

Let speak about psychcology

what makes meds Seethe cope and dilate over Nordic Swedish people?

Is it becouse we conquered you meds?

is it becouse were more atractive intelligent and stronger?

tell me meds what is it that i am that makes you feel inferior?
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