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Why are european males like this?
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Racism and xenophobia are bad

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People are not intrinsically aligned with the idiosyncrasy of the population they constitute. Unalterable conditions such as the place of birth or the genetic load do not determine your behavior, in any case they condition it. In the same way, your belonging to a racial community does not always have definitive implications for your physical character. For example, you can be sub-Saharan and have a fair complexion due to a lack of eumelanin. It is simply a matter of proportion.

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Do you have a hairy back?
How do you deal with it?
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/ita/ - il filo

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edizione ascelle depilate
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>the absolute state of Japan
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Vatnik janny SEETHING
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Russian anti-semitism never made sense to me

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One of their biggest cities, St Petersburg, is named after a Jewish guy named Saint Peter who was a disciple of Jesus.
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Vocaroo thread - ESL editie

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I will rate your anglo speech

>The Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport is a small public use airstrip about five miles south of Green River, Wyoming on a mountain known as South Hill. It opened in 1963.
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