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Ingen fugler utgaven

I forrige episode
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How similar are the Romance languages? If you speak one of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, French, and Romanian, can you sort of understand the others?
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/ummah/ general: almost time to eat edition

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> - brief 1-page explanation of Islam and other Islam-related topics.

> - a talk show that introduces many of the basic teachings of Islam and addresses common misconceptions.

> - Yahiya Emerick, Ignore the title, it's a decent clear-English guide to explaining what Islam is about and it's practices.

> - Khalid Yasin, gives a comprehensive lecture on the fundamental question that every human being must ask: "What is the purpose of life?"

> - -Hamza Yusuf, discusses Quran compilation & preservation, articles of faith, ihsan, and the signs of the Last Day.

> - - Islamic Creed written by the popular, 10th century scholar: at-Ṭaḥāwī

> - Abdal Hakim Murad, discusses the Qur'anic view of Christianity & Jesus, historical Muslim tolerance of Jews, free will vs. determinism, the problem of evil, etc.

invited: /mena/, /tr/, /afr/ica, /asean/, /fr/, sverigeträden,
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Based patriot edition

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The reddest pill about Portuguese people

There's no point in categorizing us as ''white'' or ''shitskins''. Why? Because the ethnically Portuguese range from semi-Scandinavian to semi-Indian. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. We're a mixed country. My countrymen fail to accept this.
(BTW, whites are a majority, I'd say)

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I'm about to commit suicide by shotgun blast to the head.

What's the most common method of suicide in your cunt?
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Sami authors will visit Turku in Finland

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Sami people have made a tour named: "Saame is reachable" and they visit also city of Turku in south west Finland.

Well known Sami authors in several books written in Sami language and also translated to Finnish: Inger-Mari Aikio, Ante Aikio, and Siiri Maga-Miettunen are visting 14 schools in south Finland: in city of Turku, Tampere and of course at the capital region. They are estimated to reach 1300 children and young in an attempt to make Finns know a little about Sami language and culture.
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British boys are very cute and underrated.
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