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/brit/ - The Adele Appreciation Edition

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Novi /ex-yu/ izdanje protiv botova.
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>So, Mr. Papadapapoulos, you live in an idyllic Greek village?
>Next to a sandy beach with turquoise waters?
>And you work at a beach bar selling drinks and flirting with beautiful women?
>'correct, yes'
>You also spend your free time cruising beautiful mountain roads on your moped with a greek goddess clinging on behind you?
>'that's right'
>And then you go home and sit by the pool and smoke cheap cigarettes?
>Having considered all these things, I have come to the conclusion that you have an excellent life and do not suffer
>'NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I suffer! Fucking FIRSTIE you do NOT know what it's like! I SUFFER IN GREECE!!!!'
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Where are you from and who is your favourite Touhou girl?
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/Nachtschicht/ nachher wieder /deutsch/

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>NOOOO Hong Kong should be independent and be governed by democracy and esteem human rights!!!!

>Why should Hong Kong, which is part of glorious Chinese culture, adopt filthy Western ideology?

>Ehhh... I don’t know. Maybe Because we are obsessed with Anglo countries and English language? Look, they are cool!!! We must follow their system!!!!

Why do they do this?
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There something so special about Israelis, yummy
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Is THC canabis illegal in your countrie?

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Ok so were I live thc is illegal, but recently CBD shops are becoming popular, but still i can't get access to THC products or weed.

My question to you anons, anyone in similar situation and how you manage it without resorting to buy cannabis on the streets.

I was thinking about growing just one plant for personal use, but ive been witnessing a boom in online shops selling all sorts of THC related products, and i wish i just could buy them online like a normal person, instead of the hassle of being worried to grow a illegal plant in my house.
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