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When a German speaks, I listen.
When a German thinks, I stay quiet.
When a German gives orders, I follow them.
When a German gives punishment, I accept it.
When a German stands, I kneel.

If I had one life I would give it to Germany.
If I had two lives I would give them to Germany.
If I had ten lives I would give them to Germany.
If I had one hundred lives I would give them to Germany.
If I had one thousand lives I would give them to Germany.
If there was 1 million Germany supporters I would be one.
If there was 1 thousand Germany supporters I would be one.
If there was 1 hundred Germany supporters I would be one.
If there was ten Germany supporters I would be one.
If there was one Germany supporter then it would be me.
If there was no Germany supporters on earth then I am in outer space.
If only Poland is against Germany then I am against Poland.
If the whole world is against Germany then I am against the whole world.

My germanic blut aches for the reunification of Greater Germany, and I will pursue this to my dying breath
gott mit uns
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>100 - 200 hours
Ido, Esperanto
>400 - 600 hours
Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Welsh, Klingon
>700 - 1000 hours
German, Latin, Malay, Indonesian, Swahili, Lojban, Finnish, Hungarian, Maori, Japanese (medium-level)
>1000 - 1500 hours
Polish, Russian, Tagalog, Hindi, Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Icelandic, Latin
>1500 - 2200
Burmese, Amharic, Japanese (high-level), Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Basque, Nahuatl, Navajo, Korean
>2200 - 3000
Arabic, Mandarin + Cantonese (medium-level)
>3000 - 5000
Mandarin + Cantonese (high-level), Wu, Classical Arabic, Hmong, Berik
>5000 - 10,000 hours
Min, Taa, Tuyuca, Piraha, Wenzhounese, Classical Chinese, Yi
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Are there learner's dictionaries in your language?

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Refer to these links for information about learner's' dictionaries.

I know English and Esperanto and am studying Chinese at a university in Sydney in Australia.

There are many learner's dictionaries for English. The most popular one is the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

The dictionary is also available in translated versions in languages other than English to study the language published by publishers which publish learner's dictionaries like the Oxford University Press for the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

One of the best features of a learner's dictionary is that it indicates which words to learn first because of their importance and frequency. The dictionary reckons that one can attain the CEFR level C1 by learning all the 5,000 most important words indicated in the dictionary.

Esperanto also has a learner's dictionary.

The Illustrated Official Root Dictionary Esperanto for Learners indicates the most important 2,656 roots to learn in Esperanto. I reckon that one can attain the CEFR level C1 by learning all the roots in this dictionary.

Are there learner's dictionaries in your languages?

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Do yt peepl rlly be learning languages like 'Swahili', 'Gujarati', and 'Esperanto'? Shieeeet. Dat be sum cringe shiet mah man

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How come the west doesnt have a universal language like muslims?

Latin and esperanto both failed and died and nothing new was tried again however modern standard arabic unites the muslims under one language.
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>Be invited to do a speech in a trade expo in China
>Shit on China and say trade with them should be reduced
>Also give his opinion on a wholly irrelevant topic nobody asked for
>Be surprised your speech isn't broadcasted

European diplomacy is reaching levels of stupidity that shouldn't even be possible.
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تعيش أبو عدي
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Did craft beers ruin drinking in your country? I stopped drinking alcohol 3 years ago after beer sections went looking from pic above to pic below

I cannot even tell in the store if they are beer or some sort of lemonade drinks. I hate scene too, these hipsters with ridiculous moustache brewing shitty "epic craft beer bro!" overpriced liquid in some little cuckshed

I hate it so much it ruined alcohol me cannot enjoy beer anymore. they just ruined the aesthetic of getting drunk with working class beer, the choice after doing manual labor

now its just some side hobby of people who code for living and dont even enjoy getting drunk
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/ita/ - il filo

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edizione tutti i filini che ancora tacciono
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