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physiques of /int/
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are pets popular in your country?
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I befriended the Paraguanon and I saw on his Facebook he OD'ed. Relatives and friends posting in his profile since yesterday. Won't be sharing it in memoriam of him. Any flag from Paraguay pretending to be him will be an impersonator. Rest in Peace.
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>145 million people live in this circle
>unknown to almost the entire world
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This is mousenonce
>on benefits
>unwashed greasy hair
>teeth falling out (pic related)
>energy drink addiction
>bronze on league of legends
>steals meal deals, chocolate bars and toilet paper from shops and cafes
>obsessed with Walt Disney, Florida, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the House of Lords
>Was homeless for 18 years
>Is either 30 or 36 (conflicting information)
>lives in a council flat
>neighbours have called the police on him multiple times
>tried to strangle his neighbour in the Co-Op
>wrote a deranged letter about Bank of England policy to Baroness Blackstone
>tries to melt down free sim cards for gold
>smokes 40 cigarettes a day, mostly from tobacco off the floor
>eats dog food
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/ita/ - il filo

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edizione del demiurgo
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edycja jakiś przypraw
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Japanese girl is most desirable girl in Asia

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Other girl don't come close to beauty of Yamato Nadeshiko
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vatnik edition
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