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what will the demographics of your cunt look like in 30 years?

>60-70% natives mostly concentrated in the deserts
>30%-40% foreign extraction mostly concentrated in the deserts
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Has no nut November spread to your country? Zoomers here do it and treat it like they're fighting heroin or something. They might as well wear a chastity cage.
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Someone just ran over my fucking cat
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I cannot believe Italian boys look like this! WTF is going on, pastabros?
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yank cereal edition
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I'm an amateur gay porn actor who posts nudes on Twitter and recently many many old guys from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Pakistan) have been following me and liking my photos...

A-Are they going to end me, guys?
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/brit/ UKIP victory edition

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The other thread's dead. So, who did you vote for?
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edycja kokardek z tyłu głowy
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Damn.. Canadian girls look like this??
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Post you’re living street in you’re country.
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