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Is there anyone on this board who actually played this game during release period?
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DAYUM... PSX's library was straight fire
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MARS is now Polymega 2.0

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So remember that MARS FPGA thing that is supposed to be releasing any second now despite having already missed it's previous launch date by months?

They just announced that now it's also going to be able to play games off of cartridges (It's not clear if it will actually run the games off the cartridges like real hardware or Analogue systems do, or if it will just dump the cart and run the dumped ROM like just about anything else with a cartridge port does) and it will do this by.... having modules that include both the controller ports and a cartridge port. You know, like the Polymega... before that one dumped the FPGA aspect and just went pure software emulation.

Oh, and it's also doing to switch to using an Agelix Dual-FPGA which I am sure has nothing to do with how the Replay2 which also uses the same thing was suddenly announced and stole all of it's hype (not like they needed help losing hype with the way they were attacking everyone lately anyway).

... and they are considering adding RF out for some reason.

To quote them:
>"not just an FPGA, but a proper memory architecture with a total focus on playing retro games. It's going to be very different from anything that is available right now."

No photos of the new design however... or proof that it even exists outside of a concept yet since unlike the previous iteration that at least had working prototypes shown running at conventions all we have of this redesign so far are design drawings and concept renders... of this already late device that just announced it's completely switching the very core hardware it was built around and will completely redesign it's concept as well yet it's going to release by the end of this summer, according to them.
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You have played 100% of Yoshi's Story. And yes, I'm talking about letting go of negative thoughts and enjoying the SOUL

Need help finding an educational(?) game

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This has been plaguing me for 25 years at least. On Win95 or 98, I had a point and click "game" that featured a Boston terrier dog. He looked kind of like Iggy from JoJo.

As far as I know, it wasn't really a game. All you did was click things in the environment and the dog would react to it. You could visit different locales and click more things, but there was no goal, no score, no story, not really a game desu, as far as I know there wasn't even an ending. I'm assuming it was a western game, it didn't seem Japanese in style at all.

I've never seen this game anywhere online. I don't remember the name obviously or the publisher. Any ideas?
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/hhg/ - Handheld General

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Retro sizer
Retro handhelds spreadsheet
SoC Comparison

>Where to buy
Aliexpress, gogamegeek, litnxt, keepretro, mechdiy, Anbernic/Retroid official websites

>Best Brands
Retroid (Well built, powerful, but $100-200 range), Anbernic (Balanced price, power and build quality, avoid the RG Nano), Powkiddy (Cheap, low quality builds, interesting shapes), Miyoo (One hit wonder), TrimUI: (Good build quality, shitty software, good price).

>What do I buy
Post your preferences: Money (20$ - 300$), Shape (horizontal, vertical, clamshell, square), Pocketable or not, OS (Linux, Android, Both), Systems (Pre PSX is 8, 16, and 32-bit eras, PSX with extras, Dreamcast and N64, PSP and DS, PS2 and GC/Wii capable)

>Recommended devices
Prices depend on when and where you buy.
- Retroid Pocket 4 (200$, horizontal, 4.7" 16:9 Screen, up to PS2/GC, android)
- RG556 (180$, horizontal, 5.8" 16:9 OLED Screen, up to PS2/GC, android)
- Retroid Pocket 2S (100$, horizontal, 3.5" 4:3 Screen, can play some PS2/GC, android, pocketable)
- Powkiddy RGB30/RGB20SX (90$, horizontal, 4" 1:1 Screen, PSX with extras, linux, pocketable)
- Trimui Smart Pro (60$, horizontal, 5" 16:9 Screen, PSX with extras, linux)
- Anbernic RG 35XX Plus (60$, 3.5" 4:3 Screen, PSX with extras, linux, pocketable)
- Miyoo mini plus (60$, 3.5" 4:3 Screen, PSX with extras, linux, pocketable)
- R36S (50$, vertical, 4:3 screen, PSX with extras, linux, pocketable)

>Things I need to know
- Handhelds come with low quality SD cards. Back them up, throw them away, buy new ones.
- It takes some tinkering, specially linux devices. You better have bare basic desktop knowledge on how to unzip files and put them in folders. We are not here to teach you how.
- Overall quality of these products is very cheap.
- Reviewers get free handhelds, caveat emptor.

>Previous Thread
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Why did they stop making games like these? They were immensely popular in the 90s and some of them even sold millions of copies. Maxis used to call them "software toys" because they weren't really like normal video games where you had an objective to beat. They were just simulations that were extremely fun and addictive. They gave you more hours of replay value than probably any other kind of game. But now this whole genre has been relegated to a small niche that nobody cares about anymore. What changed to make them fall out of mainstream popularity?

Also why does nobody make beautiful hand drawn cover art like this anymore?
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Gimme your best trash-talking dialogue, /vr/
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ITT: Demakes that are better than the original game.

Yes, I'm reposting because you faggots let the thread die too soon.

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What is the best 8bit Sonic hack?
Sonic Improvement vol 2 (NES) or Sonic Genesis (SMS)