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What is the most comfy grinding spot and why is it the northern crater swamp?

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Is this the most bullshit game of all time?
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Do you ever get second thoughts about collecting retro games?

Let's be honest it's expensive, it can be a huge pain in the ass to properly set up your consoles, especially if you are looking for the best possible picture. It takes space, it's not something that you can show off or brag about in the real world and it doesn't teach you any particular skill either. Most of your systems and games are collecting dust anyway.

I feel like setting up some emulators on your PC would be so much more reasonable, the only reason I'm still at it is because I got hooked on the feeling of buying cheap video games and I somehow know that at least the money spent is not a complete waste as my collection has some value.
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Diablo 2 thread

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Diablo 2 thread.
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SaGa Help Thread

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Since the previous thread was autosaging for some reason and there's some people here playing through the games.
>Old thread:
Get in here, frens.
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Does /vr/ play PC-98 games?
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Retro Game collecting in austria / Europe

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hey /vr/
i'm a starting collector and wanted to ask if anyone knows some sites / stores in austria (prefered) or europe in general which aren't now willhaben or ebay to buy retro PAL games from.
collecting N64 and NES games for now but i wanna expand in the future.
thanks ~
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You HAVE beaten the original SMB without
>infinite lives tricking
>using save states
right, /vr/? And you also finished the second quest?
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