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I'm trying to play pic related, but goddamn... How do you get around the forced inverted aiming controls? I could get used to aiming with my left thumb, but the inverted Y axis keeps fucking with my head and I can't get used to it. Is there a hidden setting somewhere to fix this or am I just fucked and have to git gud?
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Let's talk about this gem for a minute.
Was it kino?
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>Save Scumming: The Game
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System Shock 1 Remake

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Will it be great, or will it be shit, /vr/?
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Ocarina of Time vs Tomb Raider

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Okay so who's the king of 3d Puzzle Action Adventure?

My heart wants to say Tomb Raider but I have to say that as far as variety and uniqueness Ocarina of Time comes out on top. As much as I enjoy Tomb Raider I totally get that "push the block and find the lever" every single time can get stale.

Feel free to discuss action adventure puzzles in general, what makes a good puzzle, etc.
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Both 6502 machines both very nearly contemporaries released only 11 months apart.

Which is better and why?
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>the PS1 was more powerful than the Sega Satu-
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>potentially good but in the end braindead and broken battle system and game mechanics
>halfway through the game battles become more or less running execution squads since you are absolutely overpowered, including one dragon even being flat out invincible
>writing and characters that you'd expect from a romhack
>can make your characters and dragons eat literal shit and pubes and heal them with drugs and alcohol
>main character is a cuckolded sociopathic jerk
>the love interest is so infamous that Japan still makes fun of her to this day
>fire-affinity spear called Auschwitz

How stoned was Square when they made this game?
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Contrarian Anecdote General

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My friends and I always held Mad Catz controllers with high regard and used them in place of official controllers with the PlayStation and Dreamcast. The six button Dreamcast controller in particular was much better for playing fighting games. I never knew about the whole Mad Catz = shit thing until I started coming to 4chan. To me they were the best 3rd party controllers.
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