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Can I get a quick rundown? Pros and cons compared to other emulators?

underrated controllers

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I'll start with the greatest
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Racing Lagoon

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Anyone managed to run Racing Lagoon without those missing polygons, especially on cars? If so on what emulator and settings?
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Retro Games that pushed the limits of their hardware
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Finally beat this game after 20 or so years

Has a game ever made you feel nostalgia for the environment in which you grew up in? I grew up in the Bronx in the early 2000’s and driving thru Liberty City in this invokes more memories of my childhood than GTA IV did
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Post your most HATED levels of your FAVORITE games
I'll start.
>All tails levels in SA2 were dogshit
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The absolute STATE of coomlectors. Emulate, get yourself an everdrive or just buy a chink repro cart for $2 on Ebay.
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Which systems library do you have the highest level of clearing?
During quarantine I cleared the top 100 SNES games. I went to move on to gameboy color games and realized how small the library of quality games was and how many I had already beat.

I think I'll work on N64 next seeing how that was a smaller library as well
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I want to go back bros
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Why the fuck does Mega Man 1-6 need SIX buttons?
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