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>trying to run pic related on Windows 98.
>gives me a 16 colors error
>switch to 16 colors
>Windows has a sperg out due to DirectDraw
I usually never have problems running 95 games on 98. Are Sega PC games just that fragile or am I retarded?
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Can we have one of these threads?
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PS2 DVD remote control

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Can the PS2 DVD remote control put IR supported PS2 models into standby mode? I recently bought a slim PS2 and noticed the second generation official DVD remotes have a rest button on them. I can't see anything else this would be used for, but it would be nice to know if this is possible to do.
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What’s your favorite Sierra game? Mine’s Space Quest VGA Remake.
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What are some ACTUAL problems with emulating old games?

>Hard Mode: You cannot talk about the "soul' of games running on original hardware
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CRTs will never be made aga-
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>think about replaying a game
>remember that part
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I just beat the SNES Cool World game. If you enter the inputs as depicted during the title screen then you can watch the credits screen again at your leisure. I thought that you would want to know about this right away.

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Anybody know how to fix disc drives? I bought her for $5 fixed the power supply only to find out the laser doesn’t work. Already cleaned the dd and made sure the ribbons were properly in place.

/vr games that only you have played

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What are some games that you bet nobody else on /vr has played, besides you?
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