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Am I playing this right? Am I supposed to savescum all my way in dying constantly to things outside my control due to the THAC0 rules?
Are fights supposed to play themselves?
Just reached chapter 2 and so far I feel more of an spectator clicking from point A to B.

Started a shaman character because I was told this was the closest the game had to a summoner character.
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Played about an hour of each of these Castlevania games for the first time. I don't know what it is, but Legacy of Darkness is so much better to play through despite being nearly the same gameplay, even the same levels as far as I've played. Only real difference is having a DT.

Starpath Supercharger

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Did this thing really break limits of the Atari 2600 that no cart game could do? Or was it just a stop-gap until larger carts were possible? Some of the games I have seen on this thing look like the most impressive and advanced games on the 2600, but I am not familiar with the 2600's entire library if later games made them look outdated in comparisin.

It increased the console's RAM from 128 bytes to 6KB, but it loaded games from cassette tape similar to computers at the time. So on top of initial bootup of the game going from instant to now several minutes, the game would be taking up the majority of that RAM.

Sure this surpassed the standard 4KB and even smaller 2KB carts that a lot of the 2600's earlier library was, but they eventually came out with cartridges from 6KB up to 16KB, and several sizes in between.

The part that confuses me is then you would expect the games for this thing to be around 6KB max, but looking at ROM-conversions of the games the smallest is 9KB, and some of them go up to 25KB or 32KB. How could these games be that big when they had to be loaded into the Supercharacter's RAM and said RAM was only 6KB? Did it have an additional 32KB or so of memory on top of that 6KB of RAM to load games into? Every spec I look up for this thing only mentions the 6KB of RAM. Having both 32KB of "cartridge" space and 6KB of RAM for the game's execution would explain why the bigger games looked so much more advanced than any cartridge based 2600 games I had seen.

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This game would be praised to the skies if it was made by japanese
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What an actual shit roster, what were they thinking?
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Klonoa thread

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I was thinking. Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series was a success right?
and we all want them to release more Klonoa games, right?
And we also want you to resume and finish the comic Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol, right?
So what if Namco makes a game that takes the plot of the comic and ends it?
like seriously! I really want Namco to give an official conclusion to that comic. it was going too well where it was going. I don't understand why they could never finish it.
can't we get together and collect signatures to ask namco to make a game of Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol or at least finish the comic?

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Starcraft is 25 years old today. Say something nice about it and share your memories.
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must play retro (lets say older than 2005) RTS games for a newfag

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>Read a ton of game magazines in the 90s.
>Magazines feature all the DBZ games in their import section
>The games look amazing - extremely cool character designs, gigantic energy blasts, flying.
>The envelope art section almost always features some cool Dragon Ball art. People obviously love this series.
>Find the DBZ dub airing in syndication
>Become obsessed with the show
>Family finally gets an internet capable computer in 1999
>Figure out how to download emulators and fire up all the DBZ games.
>They all suck. Hard. Particularly the fighting games that the magazines raved about.

This is possibly my biggest disappointment across decades of gaming.

Why can only Link defeat Ganon?

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