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I don't know why everyone talks about the PS2 game so much. The best Shinobi is on Saturn.
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highscore thread?
Highscore thread

post you're latest big numbers and try to beat other anons
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Do you remember this?

How the fuck do people use these?

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How do people figure out their positioning when its all a flat surface and a shit load of arrows are coming at you fast? I feel like im going to have to put some stick on velcro in positions i can feel with my foot so i know where im stepping, but im worried its gonna screw with the inputs of the pad.
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/worlds/ - General

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Do games made in the Duke Nukem 3D engine count? New retro game tomorrow, are you excited? seems like these shooter games are making a comeback

Super Mario Kart

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I feel like Special cup is a big step up more difficult than all the other cups at 150cc


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Post funny /vr/ images
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Topsters thread

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Post charts of your SOVL and rate, rec, roast other anons

I'm personally looking to play more SNES games and am considering checking out either Super Castlevania IV or Secret of Mana in my spare time, any recs would be appreciated
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