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I challenge you to explain what is actually wrong with Brutal Doom beyond
>waaaah, it's too edgy!!!

That's kind of the whole point
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Retro Waifu Thread

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ITT: retro games that younger zoomers (around 10 y/o) would enjoy playing
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Retro Handheld Thread

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Discuss your retro handhelds. Which is your favorite?
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2000s geeen-orange-grey palette appreciation thread
I'll start
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>movie video games are ba-
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Genesis Plus GX and BSNES: can they run at full speed perfect sync in a 3200G or should I buy another APU?

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Why did video game magazines back in the mid-'90s try to force a rivalry between Super Mario 64 and Nights into Dreams? Did they not realize what a horribly ill-conceived gambit that was? One features an iconic household video game character entering TRUE 3D for the first time and completely revolutionizing 3D games thereafter, and the other one is an entirely new and unproven character that kind of looks faggy and only features 3D in the form of graphics; the gameplay is still limited to a 2D plane and just has an arcade score attack mode where you fly around collecting balls. What the fuck? What was the endgame here? Was Sega/Naka paying these magazine outlets or something? Wouldn't it have made more sense to headline the Saturn with a 3D Sonic instead to combat Nintendo? It just makes very little sense in the grand scheme of things.
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oh hey neat they left in the Famicom controller bonus and didn't bother changing it to an NES controller for the North American release. But then again it's not like anyone will ever get this far in the game to see that anyway.
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UmJammer Lammy

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Bros... Why is she so perfect?
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