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whats the oldest game that you really like
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What do you think of it /vr/?

Playing this for the first time after finally beating and enjoying Fallout 1. So far it's much smoother in terms of gameplay, although it seems like you miss a lot more even with 10 Agility.
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Resident Evil 4

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Are they gonna butcher the remaster? Is there anything from RE4 that you think can be majorly improved anyways? I don’t see what else they can really do besides graphics obviously, and maybe more content involving Ava or Krauser. The PS2 and GameCube versions of RE4 still have pretty decent replay value to me. Don’t know how I feel yet about them remaking the game.

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Is it still worth buying one of these these days?
It seems like a good package, and apparently you can even add roms to it. I'm not overly concerned about authenticity, so I won't worry too much if the image quality isn't the best and it has no filters, but I do worry about things like the controller being close to the real thing.
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The P stands for patapata according to the Japanese manual.
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Got any funny co-op play stories to share?

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I'll start:

>Friend Bradley was showing me this new Tomb Raider game at his house.
>Guides me through an underground monastery level
>"Watch out, there are black people in the next room."
>There were gorillas there!

/CRT/ general

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Didn't see a crt thread so I figured I'd make one. Thank you so much to the anons who pointed me in the right direction for BNC to RCA converters. Finally got this little guy running. Is there a general guide for how you should set color, contrast , brightness and tint?
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Dragon Quest thread

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Has anyone gotten all the Gold Medals legit?

Does having one or several thieves in your party help with the drop rate? Does the luck stat matter?
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Mega Drive Mini 2

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2nd batch of games have been revealed.

>1st stream
Bonanza Bros.
Fantasy Zone [Port]
Magical Taruruto-kun
Popful Mail [CD]
Shining Force CD [CD]
Shining and the Darkness
Silpheed [CD]
Sonic the Hedgehog CD [CD]
Thunder Force IV
Virtua Racing
The Mansion of Hidden Souls [CD]
>2nd stream
After Burner 2
Columns 3
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
Night Striker [CD]
Ninja Warriors [CD]
Out Run
Puzzle & Action Ichidant-R
Splatterhouse 2
Star Mobile [Port]
StarBlade [CD]

What does /vr/ think?
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Pick Two

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The rest are erased from existence.
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