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Zoomer here. I’m about to play Goldeneye for the first time (yes, on legit hardware) and I’m also really bad at fps. Any tips/things I need to know going in?
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Handhelds thread

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If you're handheld didn't come with an animal sticker it's fucking shit.
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It's Autumn. Rainy midnights are almost upon us and that's the optimal time to play the comfiest game ever made.

Thief thread. Hit me up with some good spooky FMs for October. Fucking loved The Scarlet Cascabel and looking for more like that.
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Why did everyone in the late 2010's pretend they always loved this game when in reality everyone fucking hated this game and shat on it for decades?

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ITT: Those we couldnt save
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What are some games with bustling villages/cities and lots of NPCs to talk to? It's so relaxing.
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/vr/ drawthread

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Lets goooooooo!

>All originally made vidya art is welcome, doesn't need to be requested
>When requesting, post references and names in one post
>Keep it vidya origin, particularly retro; before 2002
>Have fun!

NSFW Deliveries: >>>/i/706274 or alternatively

Drawing Books and drawing programs:

previous: >>9252929

On OP image: I was going to deliver this in the previous thread but it died. Someone requested Jenna from Golden Sun in a Bikini. I kinda had trouble with this one... sorry it took so long. I feel like i could have chosen a sexier pose/bikini (maybe I'll attempt it again some other time), either way i hope the anon, if he's still around, enjoys it.
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What is the best retro indie game?
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The best Zelda games

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DQ5 hot take

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I know we have threads about this game / series every five minutes, but there isn't one right now and I have an opinion I'd like to put forth that I think has weight to it.

Pretty much every guide or discussion you come across, Bianca is believed to be the canon wife of the hero, the one you are "supposed" to choose. I don't think that's actually the case and the game guilt tripping the player into thinking they should choose her is a test. Sure you are childhood friends with Bianca and go on adventures, but after you're captured and she had the sense you were still alive what does she do? Farts around in hicksville for 10 years. If she were actually worthy of the hero she would have set out herself to find what happened. Nera on the other hand was raised to be a dainty stay at home princess wife but as soon as she is chosen by the hero, insists on following and helping him in any danger they face.

Another thing which is less official, but in these series of games there are loose connections many of which are aesthetic. Heroes usually have green or blue hair. Nera had blue hair, granting her children with the main character have blue hair making them true Dragon Quest heroes.

Bianca was a red herring all along.
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