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What is /vr/'s opinion on randomizers?
I like the idea of playing the same game in a different order, having a dungeon with a different boss, having to hunt for other progress items, or having to trek through another game in order to get an item to progress further into a game.
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Thoughts on these two gems?

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Hyperspin looks so damn good but is such a piece of shit to get set up. I just want to download and play.

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Daytona may have the better music and graphics, but this has the best gameplay by far

Still so addicting
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Sonic Adventure 1 & 2

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Should I play them on a Dreamcast or a Gamecube?
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I still can't understand what the fuck Sega was thinking with this thing
>let's make yet another tumor for the clearly already obsolete Genesis that costs over half of what the Saturn costs while being dramatically less powerful, which means we'll also have to divide up our resources supporting two concurrent 5th gen consoles instead of just fully backing one
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It should have been a lot better than what we got but, ultimately I still enjoy the Mega CD.
What's your favourite game on the system
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Why isn't it as beloved as WWF No Mercy?
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It has some big problems and is a 6.5 out of 10 at most, but I still think it’s worth playing.
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