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This is Half-Life 1 Definitive Edition.
It has extended maps, a new Hazard Course, even better HD models than the ones from Blue Shift, with facial expressions and new Health and HEV charge stations.
Not to mention the third expansion (yes, VALVe DOES know how to count to 3) with Decay, which extends HL's lore even further.
And you can even play with USB mouse and keyboard if you dislike playing with the controller.
Black Mesa may be a marvel, but this one is the closer you can get to perfection from a first-party game.
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Emulaiton General

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I emulate a lot, deep into emulation and shit and i have never seen such a great psx emulation as with the current dev build of duckstation!
This is on the same level as with the black magic of ppsspp!
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Retro Indie Games

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What are favorite indie games from the retro era? Weird flash games, early 00's freeware, early Touhou and other doujinsoft, etc.
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New Games For Old Consoles

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atari 7800, msx, pc engine, gba, gbc, nes, snes, virtualboy, sega game gear, master system, megadrive, and others

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Diablo Thread Part 9001

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Me: buys game I enjoy
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Which controller has the best d-pad?
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Do you have nostalgia for G4? Their brand of dudebro shit was all over the 6th generation of games especially outside of the internet and with early internet shows like ScrewAttack. I personally couldn’t stand them but maybe I’m just a bitter old fart
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Looks like it even does N64 now. Are there any 5th gen games I wouldn't be able to play with this?
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I'm a 25 year old friendless KHV working a dead end job in retail. What retro console and games are best suited for people like me?
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