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>In 2019, a new release of the game, based on the Sharp X68000 version and tentatively titled Cotton Reboot was announced by a company named "Beep". It is scheduled for release on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.[13] The game will be in 16:9 aspect ratio, and they plan on adding an extra arrange mode for new players of the series, as well as a faithful port of the X68000 version. The PS4 and Switch versions will be made available through both a physical purchase, as well as downloadable, while Steam will be only download. Additionally, they plan on re-releasing the original Sharp X68000 version on Floppy disk.[12]

>Additionally, they plan on re-releasing the original Sharp X68000 version on Floppy disk.[12]

The absolute madmen.

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So did they just not have a storyline relevent end boss prepared or what? This dude comes literally out thin air.
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Who's the best FF antagonist?

Remember only normies would choose pic related
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Was talking to people about Final Fantasy 9 a few days ago. Thought I would pop it in and play it again (haven't beaten it since it came out in 1999). I forgot how amazingly they blended the battle system with the story. Like how Dagger has all her summons but you get never use them because of low MP. If I have to say one thing I don't like while playing again is the ATB bar is SLOW (even with battle speed max) and the trance can be really annoying since one hit at the wrong time can activate it just before a boss or if you want to steal which is a waste of the ability. I'm near disk 2 and since I forgot a lot of the minor things it almost feel like I'm replaying it and loving every moment even with those problems.
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Final Fantasy

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Hello /vr/ I have question:
Wich one is better FF 7 or FF 9?
Please also write WHY it' s better in your opinion
Also general FF thread
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Which Final Fantasy title is the best? These are the ones that I already own:
>Final Fantasy (NES)
Awesome game. I'm a sucker for classic RPGs like this and Dragon Warrior.
>Final Fantasy VI (III on the SNES)
I haven't finished it, but the music and storyline are great so far. It reminds me a lot of Star Wars, which is a good thing.
>Final Fantasy VII
I'm not very far in this game either, mostly because I'm not motivated to keep playing. It's extremely overrated in my opinion. I don't see why people obsess over this one.
>Final Fantasy VIII
Haven't made it past the cave part with the fire and the demon guy. I think its the tutorial? I started it, but then I started reading online that this game sucks and that its a waste of time. Does it get better?
>Final Fantasy Tactics (GBA)
This game was pretty easy, but still a lot of fun.
>Final Fantasy Legend
I'm not sure its even possible to beat this game.

Am I missing any really good ones? Do any of the ones I already own get better? I know IX and X are supposed to be really good. I'm a huge fan of games like Zelda and I love almost every game in the series, but Final Fantasy is so hit or miss with me.
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What went wrong?
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Can we all agree she was fucking boring.
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FF9 has been out for almost 20 years now so the dust has finally settled...

Was Steiner based or cringe?
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Discerning the political ideology of every single Pokemon (Gen 1)

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Do you think these are accurate assessments of genwun pokémon?