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What’s the opinion on the sega mark iii?
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What exactly did Genesis do that Nintendidn't?
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PS2 / Mechapwn Issue

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I recently mechapwned a ps2 and am having some issues with disks. So far Spyro 1, Silent Hill 1, and Parasite Eve have all frozen at some point or another. They load up fine but then at a certain point in the game, they go to load an area or fmv and the game just stops, sounds / music continues. Reburning with a new file or disk does not help, it always freezes in the exact same spot.

I am uncertain if the issue is just with burned ps1 games because I have a physical copy of ace combat 4 that would load the first mission wrong; it would not load the intro to the first mission so I could not play past it. Other ps2 games have worked fine.

Has anyone had similar issues with mechapwn or is it likely the laser going bad?

Shmup thread

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The bullets won't stop coming edition.
What you playin?
Discuss strategies and good ol' shooters/STGs.
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City Connection versions

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Does anyone know how many versions of City Connection were released in Japan?

I got a list of several dumps and some have the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and Mt. Fuji in them, while others do not. The ones that do are mostly listed [b:lit] or [h] which from what I can tell means "bad dump" or "hack". The ones just named (J) or (Japan) like it's the official release do not have the statue, tower, or mountain. But then if you watch the Japanese TV commercial it plainly shows the Statue of Liberty in stage 1

Does anyone know what's going on here, and which versions are the official Japanese releases? Or better yet, why are there two versions to begin with? Both seem to be credited for 1985.
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i beat Metal Slug without dying but dad says it doesn't count cause I used auto-fire
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Why is so controversial to admit this game is good?

>but is easy
try to play without equipping any armor and having the weakest weapons in the game, is a totally diferent game, and quite hard.
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There is no reason this game should be good, and yet it is, somehow.
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What are you currently playing

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I've recently finished Soul Reaver on the PS1. Immediately started Shadow Man after, but didnt enjoy as much
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Why do you preferand why?
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