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New source code just dropped

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Apparently, the source code for the Atari ST conversion of Hard Drivin' and the Genesis conversion of RoadBlasters was uploaded to the Internet Archive. Can anyone confirm this is legit?
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What in the N64 library can realistically even compete with this?
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Why doesn't this sprite get any respect, every time Sega has to pander to nostalgia, its always the Sonic 2 sprite
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Hilltop Works, the translator of Boku no Natsuyasumi 2, has hinted at their next project:

“The next game is already locked in. It is the most exciting game that I’ve ever worked on. It is an RPG on the PS2. And it is extremely special, is all I can really say. We’re always looking for games that just blow people away the second that you see it, and I’m really hoping people are blown away when they see this. Because this is one of the least popular, the most secret, underground games that we’ve done. I think it’s a tragedy how unknown this game is.

A friend told me about it — this friend is one of the only people in the west who have even played it. If people just saw it and played it they’d be completely obsessed with it as well. And they can’t play it because it’s in Japanese.”

What game could this be? What would your choice be?
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I'm gonna be honest, Doom is a pretty shit game.

It's ugly as sin. The art director had no concept of color theory and the enemies look chunky and retarded (with a really weird fixation on anuses). The music is headache inducing. The weapons all sound impotent other than the shotgun and plasma. The enemies all sound like they're having a weak orgasm when you shoot them. The guns are mostly shit with the fist and pistol being outright useless and the shotguns/chaingun only being needed if you want to save ammo for a power weapon. The armor system is counterintuitive and I've never heard a good argument for why I shouldn't be able to pick up a green armor above a certain threshold. The enemies are stupid as fuck and basically identical other than damage, speed and range. The levels are heinously repetitive and boil down to hallways, courtyards or open fields with nothing in them and no reason for them to ever be so big except during boss fights. Invisibility is literally worthless if you aren't a 70 year old man playing with arrow keys. Lack of vertical aiming is objectively undesireable design and results in situations like hitting something directly beneath you that you aren't even aiming at while an enemy in your direct line of sight is unaffected.

I can understand liking Duke 3D, Marathon, Quake, even later PC shooters such as Half-Life or Halo: Combat Evolved. Doom though, nah, I'm sorry man, it's not a good game. It's ugly, sounds like ass and has thoughtless design. This is the harsh reality.
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Are they really the ultimate villain of gaming's past, present, and future?
Alleged Crimes
>outright killing Sega consoles
>forcing Nintendo into weak, gimmicky hardware
>associated with further casualizing gaming in every generation they've released (i.e. "movie-games")
>main instigator of the remaster pandemic

Jury of /v/, how do you rule?

Zelda OoT 25h anniversary sovl dump

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It's fascinating how people still discover new things to this day. Since this year marks OoT's 25h anniversary, I'm gonna dump some of the latest (no dying soldier or fisherman's hat)

You may post whatever you got too
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December Shitposting Report (this might be a monthly thing from now on)

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How is it possible to enjoy video games past the age of 35?

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What broke /vr/ moderation?