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>that guy who thinks you can't beat water temple without the bow
Yeah, I'm thinking it's time for you to explain yourself.
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Comfy Ocarina of Time thread

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Yep, it's time to talk about the best action-adventure game ever made.
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Who's it going to be? Dedede was a godsend last time.
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The biggest /vr/ cope I've seen: The 32X didn't hurt SEGA

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I remember making a suggestion here that instead of a 32x, why not just do what Virtua Racing did and make special Genesis cart games? People talked down to me and said it wouldn't work...

But trying to offload inventory at $30 or if you can't do that, turn it into scrap, makes a lot more sense, right?
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why is this game hated now?
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90s parental freakouts about video game violence

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As you get older, do you find yourself sympathizing with the moral guardians of the past?
Some time ago I was listening to an episode of Retronauts about Mortal Kombat. When they got to talking about the moral outrage over the game, the hosts, a bunch of childless 40 years mocked it just like I would have when I was 9 years old.
But on the other hand, it sort of hit me as I have kids of my own - were the parental reactions THAT unreasonable? Games were evolving incredibly quick -we went from Pac Man to MK in a decade. Shouldn't you have concerns about the media ecosystem that your kids partake in? I have kids and I feel like you really have to have an eye on the stuff your kids consume, especially nowadays. I mean I turned out fine so maybe I shouldn't be concerned with this shit.
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ITT: Games that exemplify forced soul, artificial difficulty, dishonest art styles, fake fun, and insist upon themselves.
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Post Shitty PS2 and GBA games no one knows or cares about

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Man, remember when they'd make adorably shitty games like picrel? I bet this sold like 1000 copies total, but producing for the GBA was so cheap you basically saw every type of game imaginable
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I really don’t appreciate gen 6 being allowed on /vr/.

You Didn't Beat the Game.

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You didn't beat the game.
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