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>no game is perf-
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Do you love me?

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Well? Do you?
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If only had the damn DVD player...

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Why was my Gex thread deleted yesterday?

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I tried to make a thread about my favorite 1990's retro game series besides Spyro, Gex, yesterday. But some janny banned me for a while, saying it doesn't count as "retro"! Is a game no longer retro if it's recieving modern attention?
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Everything wrong with Final Fantasy IX

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(The old thread was deleted by the jannies for some reason so I am making a new one here)

IX, an overrated and overhyped game that nostalgia shills praise the heck out of simply because it has castles and airships in it, completely ignoring the mediocre plot and writing, gaping holes and contrivances, and especially the poorly done love story of Zidane and Garnet.

The game acts like Zidane and Garnet’s love story is big deal when it really isn’t and doesn’t deliver on it. Not enough focus and then there is Garnet abandoning him first chance she gets and never gets chewed out for it.

Most of it’s issues are explained in detail here in this commentary of the game script:
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>that guy who thinks you can't beat water temple without the bow
Yeah, I'm thinking it's time for you to explain yourself.
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Comfy Ocarina of Time thread

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Yep, it's time to talk about the best action-adventure game ever made.
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Who's it going to be? Dedede was a godsend last time.
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The biggest /vr/ cope I've seen: The 32X didn't hurt SEGA

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I remember making a suggestion here that instead of a 32x, why not just do what Virtua Racing did and make special Genesis cart games? People talked down to me and said it wouldn't work...

But trying to offload inventory at $30 or if you can't do that, turn it into scrap, makes a lot more sense, right?
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why is this game hated now?
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