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Was he a Mary Sue?
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Do you go out of your way to play /vr/ vidya that you missed out on back in the day, or is it mostly going back to childhood favorites?

Any good new (to you) games that blew you away recently?
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is ff9 as good as 7? just beat 7 and i'm thinking about playing another. skipping 8 because I think it seems quite gay.
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Looking for a retro JRPG with light romance.

Nothing as heavy or plot central as the romance from pic related.

Just a classic JRPG love story where the romance is in the background. Sort of like Crono and Marle in Chrono Trigger.

Just a fun little distraction from the main plot.
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FF 1-8

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Rate’em from best to worst
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portable gambling /vr/ games

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please gambling is my favourite past time
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Why didn't Smash reference Nintendo's earlier arcade games such as Monkey Magic, Radar Scope and Space Lauhcer?
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ITT: post foxes in retro games.
Starting with a very rare CD cleaning literally no-one knows it existed:
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Should it have existed?
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Cookie's Bustle #2

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Let's keep talking about this game and finding out stuff.

Sadly I've lost the important links from the previous thread.
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