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Range banned from posting

Current length: 1 week - ongoing
Previous posting range ban: 6 months (2019 summer to Jan 2020)
Offence: documenting a janitor and/or mod protected thread. Possibly also posting lolicon. Also didn't do nuffin.

Will update status weekly or bi-weekly depending on if I remember!
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What the fuck is this
How is this even possible?

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They came here in february

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Got banned again for hurting the fee fees of /co/ pedos. My suspicions are coming true.

Place to discuss

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Is there a place where you can do actual meta discussion about 4chan nowadays? Because this board is just people venting about their bans.
I was a good boy ever since /qa/ was frozen, but the moderation on certain boards has been getting worse and worse.

We have reached a point where there's either a discussion on how to fix this or total trannitor tyranny on one of the last somewhat free forums.
But there needs to be a place for that discussion and I'm not up to speed on these things.

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>captcha is always failing to load and I keep getting the "Couldn't get the captcha. Make sure your browser doesn't block content on 4chan then click here." message across all my devices regardless if I'm using my network or my mobile data and regardless of incognito mode or regular browser

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I got permanently banned from all boards for jokingly asking where to play the guy game
I typed multiple appeals on the ban page, which were all denied, and even went on the IRC to talk to a mod directly and I was essentially told to fuck off

What in the absolute nigger fuck is wrong with 4chan moderation? I'm being punished like I actually posted something illegal when it was just a fucking text only shitpost about some shitty game that allegedly had some 17 year old slut flash her tits for the camera
This is a complete fucking joke

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why do I keep coming to this terrible website when it's moderated by the biggest fucking retards on the planet who just delete shit they don't like and ban you for no reason
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what the fuck