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What algorithm does desuarchive use when hashing files for search? i tried md2, 4, 5 and sha1-386 but failed to achieve the same hash on some files i wanted to look up

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/trash/ was made to warehouse users and content that nobody wanted in the next most applicable board. There never would have been any expectation to moderate it, impose any order, that's obvious. But it also seems obvious that even for a containment board, there are posters too disturbed, obsessed, committed to go without correction or removal.

Is there any framework for bringing those individuals to anyone's attention?

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Why haven't you taken the /qa2/pill yet anon

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Imagine a /qa/ without all the kikeshit, trannyism and spam. Where people can hold a well-civilized political discussion regarding current events and America. Where true, red-blooded American patriots get to organize to share their own debates and advocate for greatness. That's /qa2/ for you. We're proud and loud, brave, and not afraid enough to preach for freedom. Last bastion of true chan culture
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Does anyone remember when a sudden horde of Bidenbros started invading /qa/ shortly after based mods rangebanned the weeb mafia spammers in 2018? Since when did that get memoryholed?

Nigger Admin

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Why is the backend down everytime?

Might as well just disable the search if you can't keep it up!

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>The culture on 4chan's /qa2/ board is characterized by strong support for President Trump and nationalist and patriotic values rooted in exposing Jewish lies through redpilling or awakening normies into these beliefs through provocative discussion threads and Kek's wisdom. /qa2/ is also known for hosting two major exclusive games that involve shooting black and Jewish characters, which have sparked controversy and accusations of "racism" and "antisemitism" by demoncrats and Israeli puppets. In contrast, the /qa/ board has been criticized by a faction of American patriots who were residing on this board for different purposes for being overrun by spam, racebait, trannyism, Bidenbro nonsense, basedjaks, leftypol cabal, VNs no one cares about besides cuckspammers, spam until funny, leebait, and tranime, with many users accusing it of being infiltrated by tranny, Jewish, and shill elements attempting to use it as a base for their astroturfing operations and psyops against the right wing. This stark contrast in culture has led some users to believe that /qa2/ represents a more authentic and politically engaged community, while /qa/ has become a less serious and more chaotic space dominated by fringe elements and distractions from political discourse and activism on 4chan's imageboard platform overall.

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4chan just removed the IP counter so feds can feel more comfortable with samefagging and nobody could tell

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Range banned from posting

Current length: 1 week - ongoing
Previous posting range ban: 6 months (2019 summer to Jan 2020)
Offence: documenting a janitor and/or mod protected thread. Possibly also posting lolicon. Also didn't do nuffin.

Will update status weekly or bi-weekly depending on if I remember!
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