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Okay and? It's almost like you want me to find it.
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>move from desu to tokyoanus as an attempt to run away from the arab
>tells them to move too
>no one does
>chink gets mad, gathers his circlejerk and starts running away from board to board while occasionally coming back here telling us to find him
>tries to justify that by deleting his threads and pretending the mods did it
Holy shit Nagi are you okay?

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Holy fuck the stupid nigger janny on /r9k/ banned me for avatarfagging when I only attached ONE image in the whole fucking thread I'm not happy with him

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I'm banned from 4chan for 1 month for saying I will buy a fake covid passport

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>The search backend is currently unavailable.
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>go on vacation for a month
>IP range is blocked from posting at all on 4chan
>feel much better than I did when all I did was sit on 4chan all day surrounded by shitposters trying to ruin my day
Sorry for the blog post but 4chan really is a cancer, you just don't realize it until you stop using it. I'm planning on quitting it and so should you
>inb4 "You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave"