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Anybody know an archive for /i/? It's not very active and has a ton of great art like picreal I don't want to see get lost to the sands of time. If there isn't one can we maybe start one here?

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Range banned from posting

Current length: 1 week - ongoing
Previous posting range ban: 6 months (2019 summer to Jan 2020)
Offence: documenting a janitor and/or mod protected thread. Possibly also posting lolicon. Also didn't do nuffin.

Will update status weekly or bi-weekly depending on if I remember!
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Years later I still check /meta/ every few months for no apparent reason
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4chan features you miss or wish got added

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I do miss when there were no global word filters on any particular words or phrases. For example, phrases such as soyboy (gets turned into "based"boy when typed normally though this doesn't apply to video nor image filenames) cum brain being reworded as "gamer" when typed in normally, reddit with a capital R is viewed as spam by the anti-spam system, and both chan archive and 8chan (latter one now revived as 8kun), giving out error messages in return for attempts to post. Another thing I miss is when 4chan was not separated into 2 different domains officially because of Hiro's hunger for ad money.
Also I miss
>the frames, even though I barely used them, they were neat
>putting in sage in all fields
How about you?
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4chan isn't fun anymore

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Just a file transfer boys

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>The search backend is currently unavailable.
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