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Range banned from posting

Current length: 1 week - ongoing
Previous posting range ban: 6 months (2019 summer to Jan 2020)
Offence: documenting a janitor and/or mod protected thread. Possibly also posting lolicon. Also didn't do nuffin.

Will update status weekly or bi-weekly depending on if I remember!
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why do I keep coming to this terrible website when it's moderated by the biggest fucking retards on the planet who just delete shit they don't like and ban you for no reason

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4chan is kill?
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Jannies can view your post history and they do it oftenly i am one step ahead of them cuz i post images of random people that arent even me and they think they "gotcha" me

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I got permanently banned for a text only shitpost, my appeals have all been denied, and now my mobile IP range is banned so harshly I can't even make text only posts on boards I barely even visit

what the fuck do I do now? this is fucking ridiculous
I literally do not deserve this. A fucking global permaban, really?
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>/qa2/ has been sitting under my nose the entire time

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>got a 30-day sitewide for shitposting after being caught in the crossfire from a mass replying schizo
>Make a reasonable appeal stating the schizo was clearly not me and also making the concession that a 3-day would have been reasonable
What the fuck mods. Are /lit/ mods particularly asinine or something? I've gotten simple warnings for far worse on other boards.

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when you have a 4chan image open in a tab, it 404s, and autodirects to here, how do you get to the archived imaged from the remaining link?