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Have you learned any important life lessons from anime?

Jashin-chan Dropkick

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pudding thread. Glico pudding supply chain restoration waiting room. ITT discuss your love of pudding and your favorite pudding eating scene in the show while we wait for Glico to sort out their pudding logistics issue -- and what you’re going to do when you finally get your Glico puddind
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Ragna Crimson

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Translation is out. Dumping.
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Wonderful Precure

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Well, that was kinda gay
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Dragon Ball Super

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Does anyone even worship the Gods of the Dragon Ball universe?
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Daily Hyoujou ga Issai Wakaranai Shirogane-san

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Chapter 3

>Yotsuya-kun joined the Discipline Committee in order to get closer to Shirogane-san, yet he can't read her facial expressions at all. Shirogane-san is always hiding her face behind her mask, but what may be the reason? Rom-Com shenanigans ensue.

>The first-ever serialization of the popular Twitter artist, Byte-sensei.

Previous daily:

All dailies:
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One Piece

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New episode airing. After 26 years the dream team arrives
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Girls Band Cry

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They cute
They rock
They best
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>he pronounces tsundere as "soon-de-ray"
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