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5toubun no Hanayome

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Is Fuutarou the best harem MC? He's without a doubt one of the most enjoyable parts of the manga, even more so than the girls.
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ITT: Post the greasiest anime fatties, i'll start
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138 hours until final episode
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ITT: Series that started out great and went to shit

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Who's excited for the anime adaptation?
You have any hopes that it will be good?
How far will they adapt the first season?

Love Live! Sunshine!!

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Comfy 1st Years.
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>Amagami was 10 years ago

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Shingeki no Eren

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>We were all born free.
>All of us.
>Anyone who tries to take that away from us.
>It doesn't matter how strong they are.
>Flaming water, Icy land scapes, whoever gets to to see those things
>Can call themselves the most free person in the world.
What did Eren mean by this?
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