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Dragon Ball Super

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Are you ready for Gohan's great return?
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Lolicons this, lolicons that, but what are some lolis who are actually into ojisans?
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ITT: Good animation
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3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2

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It's time you admit it's good.
Also they have v-tuber channel.
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Why the fuck did the author turn Tomoko into just another generic slice of life haha funni times manga?

She went from being relatable and all to another flavor-of-the-month in so short a time.
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> cute little moe girl is stronger than 10 mil years old magic dragon
CRINGE. Stop doing this, Japan, for fucks sake! Shit writing right here.
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This feels right. SAO should have gone with this pairing.
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Zombie Land Saga

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How do you think each of them will react to getting their zombie identities exposed?
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Best Anime Ever.

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Let me get this straight, this guy...

>Is faster than Iida and kicks harder than him
>Is stronger than sato without all the shitty sugar duration and other bs
>Is in the top 3 characters in terms of ranged capability
>Is currently stronger than all the revealed villains except AFO
>Is stronger than all his peers

And they buffed him, by giving him 6 additional powers?