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Chainsaw man

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Just caught up, what do I do with my life now?
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Shingeki no kyojin

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Not gonna lie, even as someone who likes to shit on Floch and the yeagerists as much as possible I can't deny he was fucking based in this chapter
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One Piece

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last thread got deleted because spoiler pic as OP
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Kaguya 194

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Chapter out, dumping.
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>I'm your cousin
What is it with Japan and having a relationship with your cousin?
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Why is this gimmicky dogshit so popular?
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Beastars Chapter 183

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Very gay chapter
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Aipare Prichan Mewkledreamy

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How do you please this girl?
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Boku No Hero Academia

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Spoilers are out in nip
>ナンバー 277 誰だよ (19p)


Mt. Lady stops Giga
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How do we solve this problem, /a/?
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