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Dragon Ball Super

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One big happy family.
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Chako no Abyss

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Let's all love Chako!
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Blue Reflection Ray

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Dawn of the final day.
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In retrospect, were the dubs THAT bad.
They were trying to americanize it and censor it down for children in order to appease the parents, thus allowing more kids to see anime.
Is that really so bad?
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Shadows House: new episode out

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Will the anime original stuff be good?
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Slime 300

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New episode today
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Aki Izayoi is
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Snips snips into your anime
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>He can only watch lesbian anime now
Is there any way to cure this?
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Evangelion 3.0+1.0

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Should Rebuild have been a direct sequel to EoE instead? Possibly with werewolves?
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