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Do isekai MCs know that suddenly fooding the market with luxury goods will dramatically decrease their values?
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AJIN: Demi-Human Storytime

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Vol1 >>237981248
Vol2 >>238017254
Vol3 >>238052394

>Kei Nagai’s body should have died when a truck slams into his body, but instead, he finds himself resurrected with all of his wounds healed. Now revealed to be an Ajin, one of a mysterious new breed of immortal demi-human, he’s been marked with an international bounty, and in the eyes of the world, Kei is a specimen to be taken by any means possible. Now he’s on the run, and his only hope is to discover the terrifying secrets behind his new abilities before he’s forced to use them in battle!
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Yuru Yuri

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>check the catalog
>no birthday thread
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Dragon Ball Super

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I bet $20 that the jobber bug is not coming back for the movie. He's forever dead and buried. Stop getting hyped over rehashes.
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Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

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Chapter 97 is up
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What's next for Type Moon anime? FSN adaptation is done. FGO adaptations were trash. Are we finally going to see more non Fate anime?
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Can /a/ handle a non-bait Steins;Gate thread?
Are you looking forward to the next sequel and its inevitable anime adaptation?
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A Couple of Cuckoos

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>they censored Erika's pantyshot from the manga
>but they kept the scene showing Erika and Hiro's bras
What do they have against pantyshots? Why are bras okay but not panties?
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One Piece

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Wano with Zoro - 9/10
Wano without Zoro - 3/10
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This is what Japanese teenage boys are reading in their shonen magazine
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