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Talk about Lain.
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Shonen Jump Editor-In-Chief Says They're "Desperate For The Next Hit"

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>This year, Nakano says that Jump still doesn’t have enough hits. Although he highlights Chainsaw Man and act-age as titles that he has high expectations for, he describes Jump’s editorial department as “desperate to create the next hit.” He than finished by saying that the magazine launched three new titles in January, but “it wouldn’t be Jump if none of them became a huge hit.”

so who's getting axed?

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Magia Record

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Words to live by.
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One Piece

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What are Sanji and Nami talking about? And why are they laughing?
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TL is shit but it's what we have
Reminder to report blatant toubun posts as off topic
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We /threadless/? I can never recall if an episode is in a few hours or in 24+those few hours. Therefore...
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Toaru Railgun

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Boku no Hero Academia

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Samurai Flamenco

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Is it good?
What is /a/ opinion on it?
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New chapter in about 30 minutes.

Will Loid kill the dog or will we get cucked by a extra chapter?
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