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OPM S3 Leak

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One Punch Man leaked to have a season 3. JC staff will not be working on it. New studio have not yet been revealed.

What scenes are you most excited for to be adapted?
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Is there any way to improve this classic yuri pairing?
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One Punch Man

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OPM 170 is out
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One Piece

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Mieruko-chan chapter 45

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The translation dropped over 20 hours ago, surprised there hasn't been a dump yet.
Let me fix that.
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[email protected]

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Someone in a previous thread claimed that Miria and Nina were the only characters from U149 cast to appear in the Cinderella Girls 2015 anime, but this is simply not true. I'm rewatching Cinderella Girls and Chie has a cameo in the very first episode. All the U149 girls have multiple cameos by the end of the show. By 2022 standards, Cinderella Girls is a very good show.

Also, I've begun cleaning and typesetting Kusaka Shi U149 fan art into English. I hope you like it.
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Boku no hero academia

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Oh no he's hot
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Dragon Ball Super

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ANYONE has to give me ONE reason as to why Slurpza didn't kill the Saiyans right then and there.
NONE. Imagine this fanfic artist idiot trying to make Slurpza a good guy. The clueless motherfucker might even try.
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You're Under Arrest

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Japanese cops are so hot.
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Japan will fund Grand blue season 2.
Trust the plan!
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