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Dragon Maid is actually anti-yuri and anti-gay in it's messaging. Kyoani is proven to be anti-gay.
The moral of story with them, as usual, is that lesbianism is not real and girls cannot truly feel genuine attraction to each other.
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Point of no Return

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Best characters who go past a point of no return
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Unfortunately dropped plots, characters or ideas

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For example:
>Launch from Dragon Ball
>Bounty hunters in One Piece
Got any of these you really wish had stuck around?

For me I think the most disapointing abandoned introductions was in New Grappler Baki where its implied by Yujiro that he has many many more kids than just Baki and Jack. Its been like 20 years since it was mentioned and it has never ever been touched on again. I think this is disapointing because A) it would have been a good way to examen what effects it really has to be a Hanma if we had more examples of them, instead in the actual series we get a lot of comments from Yujiro (and the trustworhyness of his word is up for debate), but we don't actually see much of anyone except Baki having a life in any way that is impacted by it, B) it would have been a decent reflecton of Yujiro if we got to see what kind of women he tended to pick, and how much of his personality that gets passed on on average (Jack and Baki aren't a super lot like him and look more like their moms overall), C) a Hanma tournament would have been a fun idea before Baki became too strong, now realistically it wouldn't make a lot of sense since he is pretty much already number 2 in power, D) it kinda makes Yujiro seem stupid/inefective if only ever 2 kids exists despite him supposedly fucking so much or only 2 kids ever got anywhere in fighting.
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Digimon Ghost Game

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Episode 31, "Killer Blade", airs in 30 minutes. Is this the week this mild-mannered rabbit turns into a FUCKING MANIAC?

Episode 31 preview:

Episode 31 synopsis: A Digimon appears with an eerie sword in its hand, attacking humans and Digimon one after another. On the night Angoramon learns of the rumors, he happens to run into the killer blade Digimon!

This week's episode also takes place on a very special date...
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One punch man

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>Start reading
>Get bored
>Get bored

I hate this shitty manga for keeping me hostage
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Dragon Ball Super

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Why didn't Toriyama let Cell live?
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why the fuck does emiya shirou have a gun?
fatefags defend this
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Overlord Vol 15 - 1 week to go

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Soon my friends, soon.

And remember Vol 15 was so big, it was split so Vol 16 is coming out only 3 months after.

And we get S4. And more Isekai Quartet...

Keikaku doori. Sasuga Ainz-sama.
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Hunter x Hunter

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are these supposed to be nemu/storyboards he is making? or inking/drawing the final pages based on storyboards he made already?
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