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Gotoubun no Hanayome

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So, who is the girl from the photo? We can probably rule out Ichika. How many Lolikanos did he meet? Did young Fuutarou not meet any of the quints back then?
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Two new characters coming soon. Will they be villains or allies? No VRAINS Manga confirmed but something completely different. Last opening soon.
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Why cant japs do drama or romance?

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>MC is a soulless husk with 0 empathy, dont know anything about feelings of people surrounding him
>main romance with a shit character that spews bullshit and has only looks
How am i supposed to care about those two? The only interesting character is the childhood friend that fell in love with MC but their relationship didnt get resolved.
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Bokuben possible ending

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How much longer until we enter the phase of isekai anime where the cute girls doing stuff isekai finally get adaptions like Killing Slimes for 300 years and Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear?

I'd rather we just skip over the otome isekai anime age.
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Kono Oto Tomare

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I know I missed the first thread but I just wanted to share the sheer catharsis I got from this moment, this was amazing.
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D-Frag Chapters 112+113

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Now we're caught up.
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Manga Artists and Their Stylistic Progression

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Post artists who have significantly changed their art style over time
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This is gonna be legendary!
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Hajime Isayama

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>Gets rejected by Jump
>Makes his very first work a worldwide phenomenon
>Makes the manga more interesting with every new arc
>Creates one of the best MC in Japanese fiction
>Successfully flips the story over its head at chapter 100 with a marvelous 99 chapters buildup
>Reveals the last panel of the manga 1+year before the ending
>About to reveal audio recording of final chapter soon
>Doesn't care about the anime studio or fujos
>Has his named carved with golden letters in the history book of all times great in the manga industry
>Achieves all of this despite being an average at best artist.
Is he, dare I say it the biggest CHAD in the industry?
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