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>Maids bullying and physically hurting a literal noblewoman in a feudal society where nobles can outright execute commoners on mere whims
Why are isekai authors so obsessed with putting unrealistic scenes like this into their works?
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All-Rounder Meguru #22 #23

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> Chapter 22 -

>>230772448 #001 ~ 008
>>230950109 #009 ~ 011
>>230986722 #012 ~ 013
>>231023641 #014 ~ 018

Other dumps:
Full: >>230707738

As explained in the last 5 threads and in >>230724791 in the last 6 days I dumped 5 titles to finally pick a title and continue with the storytime. Even though I was divided between Batuque >>230741232 and Shamo >>230838814 I ultimately decided to continue Meguru as it was the most "consistent" answer as well as the most similar to Teppu. Of course, when I finish Meguru, I might pick one of these other titles, specially Batuque and Shamo.

BUT, if anyone is willing to pick one of these other 4 titles, feel free to do it. Here is everything I have:
Vol 1: >>230741232
Source: 1305063 and 1454333 (
Status: Ongoing
Vol 1: >>230838814
Source: 1355001 (
Status: Finished
Vol 1: >>230874722
Source: 1220922 (
Status: Finished
Vol 1: >>230916731
Source: (Haven't tested this one, but it's the only full translated dump I could find, be careful)
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Boku no Hero Academia

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>I have many friends

Hagakure is not the only traitor in UA. At this point besides Aoyama even Vlad King, Nezu, Monoma, Shinso and Pony can be traitors too.
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Hibike! Euphonium

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Rewatched S1 and S2. Still a great anime. Saw some characters differently this time around, Kaori my new favorite girl. S3 when?!
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>food has taste in NWO
Does this mean you could taste Maple's pits? I wonder what they taste like.
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Muteking the Dancing Hero

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Would you trust this girl?
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Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

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Meth just contacted me and said that he won't be doing fat content ever again, Elf-san will be a GAINS manga from now on.
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Why aren't there more papacon girls in anime and manga? Why only brocons most of the time?

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cool satania fact #1: her womb is only capable of spawning demons
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