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Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch from Mercury

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Tanuki's confidence is growing STRONGER
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Chainsaw Man Part 2

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Yoru is going on a date with her little sister!
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Bocchi the Rock!

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Hiroi's concert next episode?
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Did he do anything wrong?
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Chainsaw Man anime

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Where the fuck is the soul? Why is the anime so low energy? Is the director trying to bore us to sleep? You people aren't eating this shit up right
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Hunter x Hunter

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kenneth is such a sweet young man, i sure hope he doesn't die an agonising death so togashi can easily advance the plot
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Dragon Ball Super

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Why is Krillin like this?
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Otherside Picnic

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>> Otherside Picnic
>> Great show, some inconsistencies in writing, but meh
>> stalker meets japan but with less human suffering
>> hint of yuri as well
>> Canadian girl uses gun better than most Americans and supposedly her mom was like that too due to "Canadian" military
>> Huh?????
>> unwatchable 5/10, who the fuck believes in Canada
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo! New PV in 15 minutes
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One Piece

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Post moments that made you have a emotional reaction (only post-timeskip)
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