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Kotori is the best love live character and I'll debate anyone.

1. She is the cutest. This is evident
2. She is the most talented. Can sing the best with her voice and expert at making clothes and a fashion genius
3. She is adorable. Her pillow and her green bow are adorable.
4. Her eyes are the most pretty and she has the prettiest hair
5. She has a burd and is a meme

If you think anyone is better, than youre truly a faggot and I'm sorry
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Little Witch Academia

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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Old one 404'd for some reason.

What's been your favorite thing from C91 so far?
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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Let the ball drop on the weekend waifu drawthread.
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Free! Ryuugazaki Rei

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It's Rei's birthday in Japan.
Let's give him an utsukushii birthday thread.
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Post films or series that people pretend to like.

I'll start
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Sad Panda

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Why there isn't more threads? Even in the archives there's nothing.
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Keion waifus

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