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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Rei is a diligent, hard-working, upstanding young man.
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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Penguindrum Livestream thread.

Before you ask, there IS NO STREAM. You have to watch it on Keyhole. http://www.v2p.jp/video/english/
The channel looks like this: >>58767000 If you're seeing Persona 4, you're on the right channel. Good job.
2chan thread: http://dec.2chan.net/18/res/15148255.htm
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It's trueh?
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Why are lgs so cute?
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By the will of /a/llah the merciful, this is now a Muslim board Inshallah
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The bellybuttons in this show were magnificent, I couldn't hide my boner.

AOTS 10/10
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Does someone want to explain to me what the hell happened here?
What did anyone's Geass in this even do? Why didn't it work on Akito? Why do brainwaves mean people can teleport now? Why were Suzaku and Lelouch even in this when neither of them even did anything? Why were all the new characters such preachy, touchy feely pansies?

Code Geass was always pure nonsense, but this shit takes it to a whole other level.

Can someone explain this to me?

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>that guy who doesn't know japanese but still thinks his opinion is worth anything
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