Things seem to be stable now.... Have any BTC? 152LGvWZpkzieXDwNDnMSaodkBnE1KrYyQ

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Would you watch a 12-ep SOL short series about Mami-san and her early meguca days?
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Now we'll never know if A Channel was good or not.
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Season 2 fucking when, Diomedea?
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Why did everything have to end like this? Im sad for the girls, specially for Homura, she is going to be ruling the universe and controlling madoka forever. Fuck kyubey.
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Berserk 350

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New chapter spoiler are out!! 9 Pages are out already!!
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The Anime Boy George Chabo

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Anyone heard of the Anime Boy George Chabo in otaku?
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Stop puting cute traps on my anime. I'm tired of this shit cliche.
I don't like boys and making them so femenine and sexual stupidly unecessary.
Keep traps in the anime targeted at homosexual, because traps are gay.
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Saw this at the McDonald's drive-thru. That takes some serious dedication, in my book.
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Sorry to ask you guys, but does anyone know the artist/author who drew this? Just ignore the delicious tea.

Tokyo ghoul :re 125

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Pic related, why did she took a lot of time to undress ? Stress or it was about was Kaneki said?
And someone said Kaneki was lying at last page, what do you think guys
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