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Have the mods just given up? It feels like the culture of /a/ has taken a huge decline over the last year.

>Twitter threads
>Translator drama
>4-5 threads for every cancerous shonen
>Literal thinly veiled /r9k/ threads some ban evading autist keeps posting to talk about 3dpd women on /a/ that go undeleted when the entire body of the thread is off topic

Christ we need to make an anime generals board or something
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Hope You're Happy Lemon Chapter 21

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Raika apologizes to Sunao for her terrible behavior and wants to explain everything to Lemon.
Meanwhile, Lemon goes to Suzuka and vents to him!
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Would he still post this everyday until we liked it if email verification was required?


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Nipchan is flooded with threads about the drama with Chino's VA. Is it safe to assume that they'll hire a different seiyu for season 4?
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can a saiyan have sex if he is in the super saiyan state?

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overrated shilled fotm native isekai goyslop

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Madoka Magica

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news of the new movie when?
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White people shouldn't watch anime

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Here's why:
-Promotes pedophilia
-Promotes homosexuality
-Promotes cross-dressing and transgenderism
-Promotes lust/coomerism
-It is emasculating; It markets girly/cutesy shit to men, degrading their masculinity in the process. If you are a grown man listening to an underage girl with a high-pitched voice singing about cutesy shit, you need to re-evaluate your life.
-Gets men attracted to cartoon women, diverting their focus from attaining relationships with real women in the process. If we want to rebuild the white family and raise white birthrates, banning anime will help.
-Non-Western; Whites should stick to Western media media as much as possible in order to preserve their culture.

Now what about the common counter-arguments?
>But Hollywood is bad!
First of all, Thing A being bad doesn't automatically make Thing B good. Secondly, you can find non-degenerate Western media if you're willing to look for it.
>But this is an anime site!
It may have been when it was first founded, but the scope of this site has long since expanded beyond it. Most boards, including this one, are not focused on anime.
>But anime promotes muh based redpilled trad values!
Maybe a handful, but most don't. Even if an anime series shows traditional gender roles, the quality of the series is usually offset by pedophilia, emasculation, and/or coomer shit.
>But no black people!
Not many white people either. Most anime characters are Asian.
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A love story depicting the cross-racial exchange between a white girl who has become a naturalized Japanese citizen and a Japanese girl.
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>censorship is....le good
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