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Honestly, /mu/ is a better place when there are AnCo threads in the catalog
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Spicing Up a Late Wednesday Night With Cool Songs Yet Again Edition

Post whatever the hell you want, but please keep things ideally at the ten minute mark or shorter in terms of length.

I'll let the first non-OP fellow post the first track.

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>beatles sucks
>bob dylan sucks
>post “Filth” Swans sucks
>frank zappa sucks
>morrissey sucks
>bach, mozart and beethoven suck

What is wrong with this contrarian bitch?
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OK /mu/ my mother's birthday is a month away and I want to give her something related to disco. She's born in the 60s so you can imagine how much she was exposed to the genre.

I thought of a birthday playlist of 20-25 records and a collection of fun facts. Stuff like "Police reported in 1970 that 80% of Montreal’s missing young people could be found in discothèques."

What do you know or like about disco?

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Here Comes the Sun is the best pop song ever.

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When and why did black people stop listening to blues music? The film Blues Brothers (filmed mostly in 1979) shows John Lee Hooker performing one of his songs on the streets of Chicago:

But that was already out-of-date - by 1979, black people weren't very interested in blues music, and had moved on to R&B, soul, disco, and proto-rap.

When did the shift take place? When did blues fall out of fashion among blacks? And why? 'Blues festivals' today are mostly full of fat white Boomers, so, there was a pretty big shift in popular tastes among black people.
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This album was ranked 4th in 2014. now its ranked 2nd.

It has a real chance to topple Ok Computer in a few years and become the new 1st rated album on RYM after Ok Computer dominated it for decades

Here is the question tho:
Is it better than Ok Computer?
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/prod/ - music production general

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Martin Gore's Mom Buys All His Gear Edition

Post what you're looking for in feedback.
GIVE feedback to GET feedback.

Upload WIPs to Vocaroo (or any other anon site). You may NOT link to Soundclouds, Bandcamp - anything resembling self-promotion will be ignored.

The state of discussion about all music making and audio topics is terrible here on /mu/, and we definitely need a dedicated board.
Here's the full argument for it:
If you like the idea, let 4chan know @ (under Board Suggestion)


>Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles, tutorials

>/prod/ wiki

>Mixing Secrets and misc. resources
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