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having fun edition

OLD >>121529026
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Post awkward concerts

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Mindless Self Indulgence opening for fucking Rammstein
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This has to be without a doubt the single worst year for recorded music in history
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>Every lyric is basically a suicide note or a cry for help
>Band members are genuinely surprised when Ian commits sudoku
you expect me to believe this?
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So right now the disses in order are
>Future, Metro Boomin', Kendrick Lamar- like that
>Future , Metro Boomin, The Weekend - all to myself
>Future, Metro Boomin, A$ap Rocky - Show of Hands
>Big Sean- Whole Time (freestyle)
J Cole- 7 Minute Drill
>Drake- Drop and give me 50
>Rick Ross - Champaign Dreams
>Drake - Taylor Made (freestyle)
>Kanye West- Luke That (remix)
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Why do gay bars always play better music than regular bars
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I like HipHop music and I don't care what you autist think about it.
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Thoughts on Joji?
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