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Di'Anno's work is superior than Dickinson maiden, it just feels like its lacking something
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Come listen to music together if you've got nothing better to do
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Remember when post-punk was supposed to be deep dark existential music for jaded outsiders like us and not jam bands for rich art students?
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“Bro I love Tyler the creator!”

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It's Saturday I Guess Eh Whatever Edition

Let's try to keep these at the ten minute mark or shorter, but otherwise post whatever the hell you want.

I'll let the first non-OP lad link the first track.
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what a piece of garbage
just retire already, old man. stop destroying your lagacy
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Bdm gf edition
Old >>112163452
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What drove Jutta Hipp to insanity?

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>classically trained pianist in Germany
>discovers jazz despite its censorship by the third reich
>moves to New York
>becomes respected jazz pianist, plays with Zoot Sims and Art Blakey
>goes mad and totally withdraws from society, is suicidally deranged
>has no relationships and can only find subsistence work as a seamstress
>dies alone

Is this what jazz does to a mf?
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