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>I don’t know what scales are.

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I only listen to top 40 music, now tell me why I should ever listen to anything else? When people talk about rock or jazz or blues or what the heckin ever I don't get it, why would you listen to something that isn't topping the charts as we speak?

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Hey guys, can I get your opinion on this 9 second song I wrote?

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ITT: The perfect album for the weekend.

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>jazz is dead
>rock is dead
>hiphop is almost completely juiced
what comes next
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new tessa edition

ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, alcoholism, drug use, buttchugging, legwear, waifuism, avatarf*gging, armpit & foot worship, hairbrush anal play, meat beating, piss drinking, and the finer details of cum consumption

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-the stalker chud is a cancerous piece of shit
-anon is a madonnaposter simp
-I'm using various stylistic methods to get my point across.
-anon doesn't shave his ass crack because it's a way one street for him, and he washes his ass daily, so it's all good to him, it would be more of a hassle to shave that tropical forest
-"Goodbye Horses" is a great song.
->the DP chud is a cancerous piece of shit
-anon thinks all these recent events are terrible
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What music

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does she listen to?
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Claim your Neil Young song

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>On The Beach
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