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>dubs are song titles
>trips is album name
>69 is artist name
>most replied image is cover

6 tracks total!!!!
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this is who ruined /mu/
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They hated him because he told them the truth

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There was a reason she was on a leash for a decade.
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Metal is for everyone edition
old >>113795547
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Arian Edition

ITT: Discussion of western pop music, alcoholism, drug use, MEAT, Danziebabbie memes, buttchugging, legwear, armpit & foot worship, hairbrush anal play, meat beating, piss drinking, and the finer details of cum consumption.

Previous thread: >>113736043

Theme song:

New Taytay:
New Tove Lo:
New Poppy:
New Danz:

Fuck off, AP.

1) Don't worry, it's just fiction.
2) We just talk about pop music and flirt with each other.
3) We don't hate pop stars. We just hate the posters.
4) All Swifties are Tayzos, and Tayzos are Tayzos.
5) I love her!
6) We engage in a moderate amount of tomfoolery.
7) Everyone is gay on /wpop/, even the straights.
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ITT: post your favorite album from the year you were born

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Was a pretty fun thread the other day, so why not today?
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>saves punk in your path
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post the best midwest emo track ever
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