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This would be the perfect album without Trapped Under Ice & Escape. We were so close.


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Thoughts on this?

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What does he listen to?
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genuinely good anime openings

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Techno suggestions?

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Gimme da beats
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The classiest nightclub jams. Excited for this anniversary release.

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Holy shit Geezer Butler is such a good fucking bassist
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Hip-hop is the absolute worst thing to happen to music. It's the worst thing that's happened to culture in general in the last 50 years. It's worse than 9/11. Its effectiveness in dumbing down society is only matched by the invention of social media and television. The difference is that people are willing to admit and know in their hearts that TV is bad, but this shitty fucking genre of music still eludes criticism from the collective consciousness. Hip-hop makes the Teen and Bubblegum Pop of the 50s and 60s seem like it has as much soul as fucking Mozart. It is absolutely unbearable to listen to and will literally lower your IQ if you listen for prolonged periods of time. Even guys like Divine Styler and Dalek, the boundary pushers, are still so fucking bad because their music, no matter how experimental it is, is still operating within the realm of hip-hop and any artistic statement that's attempted to be made is sullied by all the cancerous baggage that comes along with that.
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