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What did I think of Olivia Rodrigo's first live show?
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Weekly 3x3s

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Post em if you got em

This was an unusually pleb week for me. I miss 2015 /mu/
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/prod/ music production general

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Post what you're looking for in feedback. Be specific if possible.
GIVE feedback to GET feedback.
PLEASE ignore tripfags and attention seekers

Post WIP's on Vocaroo. You may NOT link to Soundclouds, Bandcamp - there are dedicated threads for posting them and anything resembling self-promotion will result in zero feedback.

>Mixing and Mastering:

>Theory and Composition:

>Synthesizers and synthesis:

Free VSTs:
Other VSTs:

Previous thread: uhhh
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leftists ruined /mu/
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There is people who is really making fun of this guy because he got shot 5 times...

If you have some mental illness you need to face it or go to psychiatrist
Making fun of people who is in critical condition is not funny...
And you will see it in your relatives.
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They kill Guru, Big L, Big Pun, 2Pac, Easy-E, Sean Price, Biggie, ODB, J Dilla, Nate Dogg, DMX, but lil nas is alive......

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draw your favorite artist and others guess who it is and rate
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Any 4chins fuck with my boy Dion?

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Also general thread for music from 1950-1962
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What do we think of Billie Eilish?
Does she have a long career ahead of her or is she just the flavor of the month pop star like a Zoomer Katy Perry?