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Attention Earthlings

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Everyone is your country will be killed if you don't post the best Celine Dion song in this thread.

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The Researcher
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Groomcore edition
old >>107275487
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/metal/ edition

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>New Music in the last 30 days:
- Taylor Swift: [Open] [Open] [Open]
- Avril Lavigne: [Open] [Open] [Open]
- Florrie: [Open] [Open] [Open]
- Lorde: [Open] [Open] [Open]
- ABBA: [Open] [Open] [Open]
- Charli XCX: [Open] [Open] [Open]
- Silk Sonic : [Open] [Open] [Open]
-Dorian Electra: [Open] [Open] [Open]
-MARINA: [Open] [Open] [Open]
- Beach Bunny: [Open] [Open] [Open]

-i fell in love with san pedro
-Hay pocas cosas que sean realmente rudas. Estoy yo, The Undertaker, el American Badass. Están los Hells Angels. MMMMMMMMMM ¡No quieres meterte con ellos! Están las Fuerzas Especiales, los Seals, los Rangers. . . y hay quien juega al fútbol en la XFL. Para el hombre, son malos hasta los huesos.
-i want to suck on soft cat piss smelling titties, bros
>*toilet heard exploding in the distance*
-Olivia Rodrigo raped Taylor Swift in the bathroom of an Applebees™
-scat sex with popstars

1) Don't worry, it's just fiction.
2) We just talk about pop music and flirt with each other.
3) We don't hate pop stars. We just hate the posters.
4) Swifties are Tayzos, and Tayzos are Tayzos.
5) I love her!
6) We engage in a moderate amount of tomfoolery.
7) Everyone is gay on /wpop/, even the straights
8) /wpop/ has found no link between itself and making shit threads.
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Talking Heads is music for "woke" beltway liberals. David Burne will not be spared in the revolution
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Now that the dust has settled, what do we think?

Did it finally click for you?
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