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is there a board to discuss coin collections
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4chan contrarianism

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Anything you say, will be contradicted
>"water is wet"
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Why do most users post anonymously on this site?

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Hello 4chan, just curious about why most users perfer to not post under a username, could you explain this to me? Thanks.
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When you say "nihilistic", do you pronounce it as "nigh-el-is-tic" or "knee-hill-list-ic"?
When you say "qa", do you pronounce it as "qwa" or do you pronounce it as "cue ay"?

Thinly veiled /pol/ threads

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Dear /pol/hacks,
Just a friendly reminder that you already have threads on your own board to discuss "political" happenings of any kind. No need to flood /tg/ with hundreds of threads each time that something triggers your personal sensibilities. Thanks in advance.

>mods : please pin this
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/a/ meta thread

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This a tread to address the obvious problems of the /a/ board.
1)The moderation team is bullshit and biased
Mods made unnecessary retarded rules against "generals", yet the catalog is plagued with shonenshit generals.
Basically mods enforce this fake MADE UP rule to close threads they don't like.
2)Cock cage mentality
Images that are suggestive but are not sexually explicit in OP get deleted right away, as if the boards target audience were pre-prepubescent 8 year olds
3)No fun OPs anymore
Now you can't start the usual fun threads like Sakura fish fate threads anymore or threads with a funny joke or an inside the show anymore, which ironically makes threads cookie-cut like generals.
4)Abuse of deletion so they can skip justification
There are tons of deletions and yet nobody ever gets banned, mods delete threads they don't like but avoid handing bans because they know the deleted threads don't break the rules
5)Bias towards loli
Mods are assblasted to lolis to the point of making threads about legit anime like Gochiusa and Kodomo no Jikan get deleted right away.
6)Mods have a group of lifeless minions monitoring board for them
Mods not only happy with shitting up the board with their unofficial made up rules... they somehow they managed to get a pathetic group of lifeless queers with similar mentality constantly monitoring the board and shitting specific threads.
4chan being an anonymous site makes it hard to recognize posters, but lurking enough one begins to recognize patterns. These group of minions are dedicated to derail threads until deletion, these topics being: loli, ecchi, suggestive, yuri, ranking sales, Kemono Friends, Kyoto animation and Trigger.
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Is there anyone you aspire to be like?