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What upset them this time? Why are they raiding /qa/ again?

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*beats cancel culture*

How did he do it?

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This you?
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Rule against Disrespctful or Hateful Comments on the LGBT board

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Why is that only a rule there?

Is it to avoid legal problems like hate speech laws?

Why not make that a rule on some other boards as a trial jsut to see if the boards' quality increase?
Say, over a month.

Let's try out giving out temporary IDs in every thread across 4chan like on: pol, int, biz, etc to prevent same fagging, people pretending to be OP, etc?

Does anyone want to send in some feedback to 4chan to request this?

I think it would make 4chan a lot better.

https://www.4channel.org/feedback *Select "Feature Suggestion" under category.

- Trial run against hateful and disrespectful comments (like on LGBT
- Individual single-thread IDs (to prevent same posting and pretending to be OP) = more coherent threads.

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explain to me why tattoos trigger people so much
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Can someone fact check this for me?
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I will be posting riddles today. If the answer is guessed, I will confirm and post the next riddle. If not, I will post the answer and next riddle after an hour.

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Is this true?

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Do tk47, filthy franc, ausfreak, justpassingthrough, and cc actually exist, or is it all in Lee's schizophrenic mind?
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