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cant wait until polchuds to all die out because they refuse vaccine

>/6mt/ - 6 month challenge

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>We start August 1st.
>No Porn.
>Cold Showers.
>Wake up before 8 A.M.
>No unhealthy drinks.*
>Train 5-6 days a week.
>No cheat days.
>Take risks.
>Eat only healthy food.
>Achieve a Personal goal.
>Try a new hobby.

>*Avoid drinks with an excess of sugar. Drink or drop coffee at your own discretion. Aim for simple and healthy drinks like milk, water, tea, etc..

>>Why don't we start now?
>You can start now if you want, but the official day is August first because we are building hype so we have a shit ton of people from the start without Anon's missing out because they didn't happen to be on 4chan to see the thread.

>>What do you mean take risks?
>If you have an opportunity to better yourself, don't sit on it, try it out. Got an offer for something better? Try it out, don't wonder what could have been. Use your discretion, don't be an idiot.

>>But I already do all the things on this list
>Good for you so do I, this is for others who don't.

>>Achieve a personal goal
>Quit drinking, smoking, cooming, any other crutch. Pick something and stick with it.

>6 days left until challenge officially starts. >Prepare and start thinking about the personal goal(s) you will want to accomplish.

>The political problems we face in America all come down to dependency on the massive centralized system of power and infrastructure we have. This thread discusses the unraveling of that system and how we can prepare, starting with your actions every day Anon. Not only is this thread political, it's possibly the only forum for like minded individuals to discuss things that aren't complete distractions.Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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What will happen when /qa/'s seven day autosage is removed?

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what anime is this girl from?
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>I sure I'm glad that I wasted my time in /qa/

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come 'ere sweety
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