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4chan Happenings Thread

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Post 4chan happenings here. News big or small is encouraged!

Previous thread:
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Does /qa/ play console games too or only weeb PC games?
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Please do one of the following
>Split /ck/ into euro or american
Range ban either from the other
>Add flags to /ck/
Americans are ruining /ck/ we're a slow board that is being ruined my Americans. I beg based mods. Save /ck/ Please let us either autofilter american flags (add flags to /ck/) or give us a cooking board where americans are range banned.

Thank you very much based mods

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me IRL
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flan boobie
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Is /pol/ satirical?

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Newfig here, i know that alot of 4chan revolves around counter-culture, shitposting, trolling and contrarianism; but is this the case for /pol/
It looks to me like genuine stormfront-tier radicalism, but i wonder if it is mostly just satirical.
Can someone genuinely explain whether they are actually serious or not?
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dame tu cosita T
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2nd attempt at keep thread alive 4eva

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/qa/ managed to successfully MURDER my last thread. this is my new thread and i will keep it up for a month
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