Where are my images?


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Why did I got banned 1Yeahr on my pc for being underage? How do I get Un banned? (I'm 18 by the way)
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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is moving to end Net Neutrality -- which could mean giving big cable companies room to charge extra fees, block and censor users -- by removing ISPs from Title II of the Communications Act, a rule that means ISPs are subjected to tougher regulations that prevent them blocking sites, creating paid “fast” lanes, and throttling internet speeds. This decision could have global implications for the way the world shares and receives information from journalists, newsrooms, and NGO’s.


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Faces of /qa/

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This is me.
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Why are mods being faggots and moving Net Neutrality topics to /pol/? They were always fine on /v/
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>"Do you pee in bottles?"

>"Porn lol."
I'd like to know why the janitor is only deleting the literal shitposting in this one instead of deleting the thread dedicated to shitposting different series with porn discussion.

Great board, guys.

Hey anon!

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I'm going to draw a manga. And no I'm not talking about some small doujin project, I'm drawing the biggest and best manga ever done and it will be published in a big monthly manga magazine in Japan. It will have an anime adaptation, all the best character merch and its popularity and legendariness will be comparable to Haruhi.

When that day comes just remember that you heard it here first anon.

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Why is /g/ suddenly filled with this shit?
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