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I believe I am singlehandedly responsible for many Verizonposters' rangebanning. Ask me anything

DEMANDS against the 4chan staff

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Mods like to pretend they don’t read this board so...
>ITT: We plan a revolution against the 4chan staff.
Before doing so however, we need to create a list of demands that the staff can choose to accept or deny to potentially prevent the revolution. Add your demand in numerical order ITT.
(Best Practices:
A) Ignore bootlickers, trolls, jannies, and mods who say horse shit like IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, LEAVE because the reality is if these folks in power don’t like it, we will fuck their shit up. Those are the only two options.
B) Copy this thread and paste it in your notes or a .txt file in the event that mods get immature nuke this thread. Repost once it dies.)

I’ll start:

1) Use a different platform for the captcha system.
We no longer wish to train Google’s worrisome A.I. just for some more revenue in Hiro’s pockets. Additionally, we notice that you have selected the strictest setting for this recaptcha, allowing for some anons to have to solve over 15 captchas before posting and raking in additional revenue for Hiroyuki.
Here are some other captcha services that you can use in place of reCAPTCHA:
Deathbycaptcha - http://www.deathbycaptcha.com/
2captcha - https://2captcha.com/
Anticaptcha - https://anti-captcha.com/
decaptcher - http://de-captcher.com/
Expertdecoders - http://expertdecoders.com/
Captchatronix - http://www.captchatronix.com/
Image Typerz - http://www.imagetyperz.com/
9kw.eu - https://www.9kw.eu/
Cheap Captcha - http://cheapcaptcha.com/
Bypass Captcha - http://bypasscaptcha.com/
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carry on my wayward blog
there'll be peace when you are done
lay your weary head to rest
don't you cry no more
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The state of /vg/

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/vg/ is overcrowded. This means that the time it takes for a thread to reach page 10 is way too low, maybe under half an hour. The consequences of that for slower generals are lots of spam bumping or discussion/shitposting about completely unrelated things, which leads to a general, very noticable decrease in quality, which then also leads to more people leaving, intensifying the problem in a vicious cycle.
Many generals of more niche games have already died or been merged with other generals, where they live on only in spirit. Others consider moving to other boards or chans.
Most people blame the fault of this problem on the anime waifu phone gambling gacha games that are ludicrously popular for some reason.

Something has to be done. Either:
>increase the amount of pages on /vg/
>create a separate board for phone or anime game generals

Post suggestions for how to improve /vg/ or how to reach someone who has the say on 4chan because jesus christ this is fucking unbearable.
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What boards do you think should be created? This is in general, in response to whatever problems you think need to be solved.
>/cel/ - Celebrities
Gets rid of shitposting on several boards, especially /mu/ and /tv/.
>/fur/ - Furfaggotry
Bring /trash/ back as the dumping ground for shitty threads.
>/fap/ - Misc. Porn
Push all the porn off /b/, /soc/ and /trash/.

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the time of year has come ta pass.............................

where creeps an' critters come out ta clash................................

will YOU survive the utter TERROR of the passin' through halloween hooplah?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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Lurker to active poster ratio

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Is there any idea about the general lurker to active poster ratio? Do you think it would be different from board to board? Which board do you think has the highest lurker to active poster ratio?
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Images no one posts anymore.
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What can we do about the anti-anime spammer that has been plaguing /news/? Take a look at his latest work.

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4chan confessions

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I used to think the promotions meme was that your boss walked in, saw the porn, and then promoted you.
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