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What happened to Tali, Siztra and Kronie?
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Remila looked at /qa/ and saw only nerds. She is disappointed!
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Are ''two single quotes'' and "one double quote" visually different for you?
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If it's safe enough for facebook is it safe enough for 4chan?
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Some image MD5 filters for 4chan-X (guro, frogs, goldface and other garbage): https://ghostbin.com/paste/kwmgn

http://reg-exp.com/ Not everything is supported, but it's a good tool.
http://www.regular-expressions.info/ This one has pretty in depth explanations.

You can apparently filter image hashes via 4chan-X. You can't filter your own posts if your browser has cookies enabled. Use forward slashes to start using regular expression, and put an 'i' at the end to ignore capitalization. '\b' is a word anchor, so you can do something like /\bhi\b/ to only filter the word hi but not high.

Post screenshots of your user style and or show us some neat tricks.


Style tools:
Color Pallet:

Gradient Editor:

Border Editors: (works great for reply windows)

Text Shadow Generator:

Add custom mouse cursors with CSS:
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What features from 4chan X do you wish were available on other sites you use?
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Sometimes you should go quietly into that good night.
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2D/Random board inshallah

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As-salam Alykom, infidels. You did not make and praise its greatness, /2dr/. Therefore this moe blob will be executed in its name.
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Serves me right for joining in on the fun!
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Really epic guys
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