Planned outage this weekend.

Interesting Fact of the day #27

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/qa/ turned 1000 days old today! that's 2 years, 8 months, 26 days!
The first post, by moot, was made on Friday the 23rd of January at 4:50:51 UTC, signifying the start of his final Q/A
With just over 1600 posts made daily, /qa/ has gotten progressively faster throughout it's lifespan; with 418,179 posts in in it's first year, 543,771 in 2016 and 663,565 posts this year already. If posting continues at the same rate we'll end up with around 800,000 posts this year!
5.5% of all posts are OPs, with a total of 89733 threads made. /qa/ averages 1.13 posts a minute and one new thread every 17 minutes. There are a total of 377,163 image posts on /qa/, with 23.79% of them being opening posts, meaning there are 287,430 replies with images.
All of this is correct as of >>1630547. Thank you once again for taking interest in my threads, I had great fun making them!
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I hope you are OK Akari!
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Post proof that the moderation team abuses their power and needs a purge and replace.
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What's your favorite food /qa/?
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pettan pettan tsurupettan
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Some image MD5 filters for 4chan-X (guro, frogs, goldface and other garbage):

Resources Not everything is supported, but it's a good tool. This one has pretty in depth explanations.

You can apparently filter image hashes via 4chan-X. You can't filter your own posts if your browser has cookies enabled. Use forward slashes to start using regular expression, and put an 'i' at the end to ignore capitalization. '\b' is a word anchor, so you can do something like /\bhi\b/ to only filter the word hi but not high.

Post screenshots of your user style and or show us some neat tricks.


Style tools:
Color Pallet:

Gradient Editor:

Border Editors: (works great for reply windows)

Text Shadow Generator:

Add custom mouse cursors with CSS:
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test thread

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Use this thread for testing various things.
Pay no attention to the content of the posts.
Previous thread: >>1538548
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test thread

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Use this thread for testing various things.
Pay no attention to the content of the posts.
Previous thread: >>1619006
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Discussion Thread

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use this thread to talk about anything you want
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Which board is least infected by /pol/ rubbish?

The site is fucking drowning in stupid nazis bringing their dumb repetitive arguments everywhere. Wildly diagnosing postmodernism in /lit/, analysing every /tv/ show for essjaydubyas, moronic testosteroneposting on /fit/ and arguing who's white on /his/... it's just fucking boring on top of it being wrong. I can't be fucked to see every good discussion devolving into shouting about degenerates.

It seems to encroach further, and regress deeper, every year. Is 4chan now just the 2016 election, but forever? Should I finally fuck off?

Or is there a board that manages to still have good content?
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