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Delete /pol/.
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Are we dying or have we just gone into hiding since the mods have been rangebanning us left and right? I wasn’t able to post soijaks for the past week because I was banned for soiposting on /o/. Are you ok fellow soi-chads?
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yejibros where is our thread brothers
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>This is your final warning.

>Please refrain from posting commentaries in the comments. Especially refrain from posting dialog from a commentary one line per comment. This is considered spam and is a bannable offense.

>If you do it again, you will be banned.

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i apologize if i take too long to post these threads occasionally. sometimes i just like to wait a bit to see if /qa/ is already gone by the time i post it.

4chan Happenings Thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Non-happenings, small GETs, complaints about shit boards being shit, known spergs sperging out, personal report buttons and blogposting belong on >>>/qa/nah.

Previous thread: >>5347685
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Mares With Flares #27 - Sassy Glimmer Edition

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Previous Thread: >>>/mlp/37698887
This is a thread about mutual sexy times involving herm pones, that means the full horse lover's combo platter.
Please try to at least tolerate others' differences in taste, and don't go overboard with discussions of extreme fetishes.

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Someone on the party just uncovered a massive datamining operation

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People are saying its the biggest discovery since operation clean stable, soot is silent, kuz is silent, we dont know how deep the rabbithole goes.



The russian government is trying to take over all imageboards through "Project 19" and "Operation Lukhanofka", secret, detailed plans started in 2011 to datamine the entire anonymous world through advanced algorithms which detect posting patterns and can identify you through captcha solves, posting style, and leaked user agents.

Its all connected.

Stay safe.
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