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>so so tiresome with you people
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homu eating corndog general

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previous thread: >>2009277
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Know Your Meme Wojak Spam Thread

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soijak kym based basedboy
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Captcha thread

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Why are mods so useless at dealing with shitposters and spams?
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The year is 2020. Thread creation has been removed. After being subjected to years of bot bumping, premeditated derailment and spam wars, /qa/ spirals into an irreparable state of degradation that drives out the content creators and the overall original community. By this point, the user ordained culture of 2015 is completely lost and forgotten. All that remains is the group responsible for driving /qa/ into its static state - the spinoffers who spend an inordinate amount of time discussing banal hikki/neet topics. Days after the unexpected policy change, an argument breaks out in their IRC channel over what caused /qa/ to become a ghost town, and ultimately, a board controlled exclusively by the staff. Fingers are pointed, but no consensus is reached on who's to blame. Frogs and posters with meta questions are invariably lumped into the discussion and implicated as root causes. In the weeks preceding the lockdown, the board was unusable. The only way to save it was to strip all creative control from the user. The alternatives were deleting the board or freezing it indefinitely. Neither option appealed to the moderators who wanted the meta threads anywhere but on their respective boards. This decision results in a lighter work load for the staff and the elimination of all the headaches that came with letting chronic spammers and pedophiles fester in one place. With the removal of its biggest problem group, /qa/ is able to turn the page on its darkest chapter and breathe freely again, albeit in a full body cast. What will its future hold?
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/qa/ is getting
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>cucked away from your own website

Couldn't resist posting those gemmies

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/oscg/ - Operation Clean Stable General

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you bakas couldn't contain yourself! prepare for the imminent catalog wipe
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