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well we're off to a good start
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Received unknown DVD from deep web, how to open securely?

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How can i securely open a DVD without compromising my computer. Open it on an old computer off the grid I don't mind trashing? It does say "mp3" and some other indistinguishable letters . Advice to securely open?
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What is the point of [s4s]?
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76/sp/ GET

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How does independent /sp/ keep being so based?

And why are there still people using 4chan well after it's expiration date?
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le thread removal animu
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why is [s4s] the best board on this entire website?
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>/qa/ is now several times faster than usual, because everyone wants to get one of the epic GETs
Will it be worth it?
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ITT We wait for the 1 million GET

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Touhou games

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Do people here play them?
What's your favourite?
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