Donations to the archive would be appreciated to help fund our server hardware & storage drives. We are looking for developers to help build new software and archives, discuss here.

New Archive Software Stack

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The Bibliotheca Anonoma has built two drop in replacements in Python to replace the aging FoolFuuka/Asagi archival stack.
Our goal is to increase scraper efficiency, increase performance of the search engine, and significantly reduce the training time and setup necessary to operate a 4chan archive.
This new server setup allows us to generate backups without affecting scraping, public backups will be uploaded over the coming months.
If you'd like to help develop or plan to make a 4chan archive of your own, it is a tough road but we have the expertise to help you set things up. Post below or contact us at: #bibanon

* is in use at Desuarchive as part of this server migration. See the improved features over Asagi scraper in the repository.
* is a drop in replacement for the FoolFuuka frontend, check it out at our demonstration site: It is sufficient for non-ghostposting use, but we are still working on search and moderation tools and development help is appreciated.

Lastly, We hope to learn Rust to totally redesign the Asagi SQL schema. (currently dependent on Percona MariaDB TokuDB and has numerous conversion issues) Two efforts are underway:
* is a drop in replacement for the Asagi scraper. It is in testing at .
* is a full stack archive stack replacement and PostgreSQL schema redesign, most likely the best path forward past the aging Asagi schema.
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Welcome to /desu/. Use this board to report issues, request features, and for other discussions regarding Other posts will be removed.

When reporting a technical issue, be sure to include the full URL of the page/image.

Do not use this board for removal requests, which must be emailed to [email protected] Other rule violations can be reported by clicking the "Report" button on the post.

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what happened to fireden?
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How come I'm not able to load any webm files? Whereas image files are always fine, videos never show. This is a very obvious omission by desuarchive and I don't exactly see the purpose of such omission.

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do archives log and keep ips? mainly talking about the foolfuuka and fetcher software that fill the archives

Enable Datamining

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Hey Admin/Whom it concerns, I'm trying to use mining and see how it goes, however, it's stuck at "Loading... Disable your AdBlocker!" despite being in vanilla Edge/Chrome. Any tips to troubleshoot?

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GhostPosting Rules

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I've started ghostposting a lot more ever since I wrote the userscript above. While ghostposting, I've noticed that desuarchive doesn't like some URLs. Is there documentation on what is and isn't allowed here? My guess is that you're trying to prevent spammy content and that's totally understandable, but a little clarification would help.

I want to be a good citizen here, because I'm very thankful for the service that you provide.

Case Sensitive Search

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How do I make search terms case-sensitive? For example I want to search for "IT" as in information technology but this brings in "it" as in referring to a subject as well. Quotation marks narrow it down to only include whole words but still ignores case.