Where are my images?

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net neutrality is gone

there's nothing we can do

it's over

they're gonna get rid of it
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Honest thoughts on Islam?
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Fembots, how old are you and how many guys have you fucked?
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Posts You'll Always Remember

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Okay mine is kinda lame but there was some thread about, like, "what would you say to another robot if you were a cashier" or some fucking shit like that...fuck, I can't even remember. And some guy said what he would say and then added "followed by some gibberish so I wouldn't trigger the robot" but he said it SUPER FUNNILY and perfectly and I wish I could find that post again.
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>tfw honorary white irl


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There were 69 unique posters in the last thread
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Be honest. What's the perfect male and female height?
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give me 1 good reason against "hard" drugs like heroin, crack, and methamphetamine are "bad"

>you'll get addicted and it'll ruin your life

sure, if you've never been able to show self control and discipline this could potentially happen, but it's pretty manageable as long as you aren't retarded

>it's bad for your body/brain

heroin isn't bad for your body or brain. withdrawals are pretty awful but you aren't irreversibly damaging your brain or body.

methamphetamine is slightly neurotoxic to dopaminergic neurons when taken in high doses, but can be limited greatly by the use of anti-oxidants. methamphetamine in itself isn't bad for your body.

any form of cocaine is bad for your heart, but when taken in moderation you'll be fine. cocaine isn't neurotoxic.

alcohol is far worse for your brain and body than all of these substances.

why don't you use hard drugs? do you think it's a bad idea to use them? if so, why?
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