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ideal gf thread

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Would anyone like to participate in an ideal gf thread? I'll post some of the ones I have saved every so often.
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Fembot feels thread.

Definitely pic related.
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I really like to see girls piss powerfully or piss a large volume, especially if it is in public. I get a big boner when I see or footage or even just read a story of this happening.
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>wagwan g
>i see you round here alot
>you lookin to make some p's
>i just need you to hold on this for me
wat do?

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>tfw will never talk to you again
Just one convo about anything at all would do.
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>millenials literally too stupid to figure out how to work two jobs
>they also aren't smart enough to just get one job that pays for what they need
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What's the hottest thing you've ever seen?

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>oneitis invites me to a party at her house
>no opportunity to talk to her until 4am
>as soon as we start talking some football chad appears out of nowhere and starts hitting on her
>chad is too drunk to maintain a proper conversation and fucks it up
>starts doing stupid chad shit like taking off his shirt and shadowboxing in front of 30 people for no reason
>get back to oneitis
>she talks about some other chad she recently met
>she obviously has a huge crush on him
>go home
>find out two days later that she hooked up with a nerdy manlet smaller than me after i left
i fucking hate this clown world

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sex tourism/foreign marriage thread
tell us your experiences anon im sure others want to hear

i for one want to get married to a GFD African girl my definition of GFD is pretty lenient though
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