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Hi frens, hows your sex life?
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Cheap Food Hack

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>save picrel to your phone
>go to sams club
>show the greeter the image (she won't actually check it)
>go to the cafe and get $1.50 pizza and drink combo

/aiwg/ AI Waifu General

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Caught you lacking
https://rentry dot co/waifu-colab-guide

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So whatever happened with that coomer who kept harassing his own mother for some coochie?

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Maybe I read it on /b/. I assume it was here bc i remember it was right next to the momcest thread. Mustve been a week ago or two, since i dont browse this place often.

The guy "accidentaly" send her mom a dickpic. She played it as being ok with that so he kept pushing, even asking for help on this board in order to further advance with her.
He uploaded text messages between each other and you could tell she was just being ultra passive on the issue, hoping he would get bored or something. chan being chan kept telling my that ofc he can get her if he just does xyz.
Last thing i remember is him leaving one of his dildos in her room, but then got cold feet and retrieved it.

Does anyone know what im talking about? Do you have the archive/continuation? or at least remember how it ended?

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i'm in my early 20s and 36a. how do i get bigger tiddy without surgery or turning into a fat pig?
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A Provocative Proposal

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Will you marry me? I am deadly serious. Marry me. Be my wife. Forever.
(not me in the pic obv)

At what age are you beyond the point of no return?

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I am 22 but it feels too late for me. I was more socially intelligent at 16 then I am now it feels like my life was at its peak then. I had some friends I wasn't a total freak I even got a license then so I felt like my life was making progress.

Then I dropped out of Uni and its been 6 years of being a neet/hiki. Its so hard to cope that I was better off in HS then today if I knew it would get this bad 6 years ago I would have killed myself before just kept deluding myself I'd eventually escape but here I am
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Doggystyle is the natural, default sex position

Other positions are social constructs

Almost all hunter gatherer societies have sex almost exclusively from behind

Even in modern society, most research finds that it's the favorite sex position for both men and women, gay people and straight people, and in almost all countries

There's a deep primordial psychology around doggy that doesn't exist with other positions. Lots of people experience this, almost like an ancestral memory that gets triggered when fucking in this position. I've heard women say just being in the pose (Eve when not getting fucked) feels good and satisfying psychologically

The psychology runs deeper. it's primordially linked to conquer and surrender. Otherwise straight male primates will fuck eachother to peacefully solidify hierarchy. Male and female monkeys 'present' their butts in a sexual manner to other monkeys to signal submission. The evolutionary ancestors to humans did the same thing, and we still have the same instincts. That's why our metaphors for being dominated are all sexual, and usually related to doggystyle - "my boss bent me over, got their cheeks clapped, we got fucked, got screwed" etc. It's also why most people enjoy the playful/affectionate feeling of owning/conquering - or getting owned/surrendering to their partner. It's a multi-million year old ancestral memory.

All the other positions are new, and don't have the same deep, ancient neural pathways built around them. So the idea that missionary is the default or natural position is a lie.
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/mcg/ - momcest general, year 2 #25 (#69)

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Nothing like mommy's home cooking Edition

It's Momcest Monday. You guys know what it is all about, share pictures and thoughts on milfs or your own lovely mom.

Previous thread:

Thread Question: In your experience does your mom need a boy toy or a strong man to satisfy her? Which one are you? And are you willing to change yourself to suit her?
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