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Can someone give me tips how to hate women even more?
They are literal Demons and Satan in female body
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So many anons in their 20s and 30s have given up finding a good woman for them to be with. That seems so ridiculous. Do you really think it's hopeless for you?
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which one of these do you choose inhabit, /r9k/?

blackbot with the blues

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just realised that if all blacks like me disappeared, the quality of life in the world would actually increase.

yes, some parts like sports and media wouldnt be the same but thats a small price to pay for much safer western countries, no endless amount of money spent on aid, no suffering across the african continent due to war, famine, disease. the amount of excuses made for them is unreal.

we're a net negative on this earth i wish it werent true but the 'good ones' dont even begin to make up for the bad ones.

every country we enter in large numbers sees a spike incrimes and a decrease in their iq. we dont actually have the brain power to succeed on a societal scale, 80%+ of iq is hereditary so we're locked in to this fate.

even if i were to excel in every way and people say im one of the 'good ones' it'll just mask the problem.

life is suffering.
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What does /r9k/ put on pizza?

My best combo so far:
>extra cheese
>sun-dried tomatos
>minced meat
>ananas or eggs or both
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When was the first time you got drunk?
i have never been drunk
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If you dont have hunter eyes as a man, its over.
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>Find something I can finally wank to after hours of searching
>Decide to scroll down just to read some comments since there's a few
>Comments are so cringe I can feel my dick shrinki with each word I read.

Why are people like this? Why do they feel the need to drop a comment as stupid as "uwu I wish it was me getting fucked until cum leak from my ass and I'm a cum dumpster"?

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This piece of shit zoomer garbage ruined this board. You fucking retards don't post anymore because you're all busy being manipulated by e-girls on discord.

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I love it when my boyfriend corrects me. When he says "well actually" (all the time), it makes me more attracted to him.
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