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A part of growing up is forgiving ourselves for exclusively listening to a couple of single genres or artists and bands and discovering radio stations.
Unexplored radio stations and listening to what they have to put up is all a great part of reaching an adult.
No longer are you shackled by your own biased views of style and class.
Most importantly stop listening to hip hop exclusively and Drake the most, you are 21 now you don't have to listen to Drake anymore.

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When did you accept that you hate yourself and want to die
Recently I realised that this is my default mood and nothing I do can change that

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When other people write lyrics or talk about being under her spell, or having her magic done to you, do they also mean it literally or is it just a way to express they're attracted? Because I'm having magic done to me and I mean it literally.

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why are white men so god damn feminine?

trannies, gays, autists. i see a lot of whites talking with a lisp too. not to mention the balding.

white people just sit in the suburbs all day getting their jewish programming from tv and video games.

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how do you find women who want to have children
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Anons i need some photos to do some chad fishing after watching MTV's catfish i feel like women pretty much deserve to be cat fished because cause ive seen ugly bottom tier girls on that show reject guys simply for not being chad or hot.

Thoughts on the SLAUGHTER of animals for meat?

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Whenever you eat meat an animal had to die a violent death in order for you to eat it. What do you think of this practice of slaughtering animals? Me personally I eat meat but I find videos of slaughter extremely upsetting to watch.
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I am dying alone

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I feel so sad whenever I remind myself Jia Lissa decided follow the degenerate path and become a cumslut. She would've made the perfect trad wife, she's so beautiful.