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Why are men like this?

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>be me
>anti-social retard
>go back to school
>decide to give socializing a go
>chat up the cutie in my class
>"Hey socializing ain't that bad after all"
>We talk regularly before and during class for a few days
>She now tells me she's strongly considering quitting our program
God wants me to stay a recluse it would seem

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If women are batshit insane, why do incels want to be with one?
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The modteam of r/blackpeopletwitter

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Some jokes just write themselves
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I am so fucking sick of degeneracy. Porn does nothing for me. My lifelong fetishes do nothing for me. I've burnt out of sexuality. Anyone else?

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>be fatherless fembot
>start reading about WW2 and Hitler a lot
>visit the eagles nest in Austria on school trip
>feel Hitler's ghost put his hand on my shoulder, and start crying
>wish Hitler was my dad
I'm not even racist. I just wish Hitler was my dad. He was peak authority and father figure. I would feel so cared about and protected with him.
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>we WILL mock you and treat you like shit for something you cannot control
>you WILL take it like a good little boy
>you ARE NOT allowed to complain

Green eyes

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Reminder that creatures with green eyes aren't human and shouldn't be treated as such

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Tell me in detail, how big of a failure are you?
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Are the Japs the real Jews?
Why are they propping up 4chan?
They def aint making money off this shithole.
Whats the endgoal here?

Seems kinda similar to how the Chinese prop up Tiktok and make Amerimutts dumber.
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