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Letter Thread

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write some bullshit for that special discord friend who will never read it
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>women have smaller brains
>women can't compete against men in sports

/r9gay/ - 1765

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Living the perfect life with your ~5'10", chubby twink, mathematician/physicist bf edition

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Clapham, North Yorkshire, England edition
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You wanna get stupid?

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>pic related is the ideal relationship
>tfw 0 women are into it
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>Black women making posts where they're larping as white men
>White men larping as Asian and Latina women
>White women larping as white men
>Asian men larping as black men
Why is this board full of mentally ill larpers?


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I hate summer heat so I realized I could spend all my summers in Iceland. Ireland is a good option too but Ireland is kinda hot too dont you think?
It's crazy that most countries in the world have already had 30-40 degrees Celsius this month and the shit is just beginning. 44 degrees in New Delhi.

My prophecy is that summers will keep getting hotter and people will soon freak out and start moving to colder countries. If I do it first and do it fast, I might have a chance to start a new life as an immigrant in Iceland.
Ok Islanninga broder, beratta till mig how I get a job in Reykjavik. (Non-askii text not allowed)
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>Anon, be useful and wash the dishes. I won't ask you again.

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Welcome to ba/r9k/. Pull up a seat. What'll it be? And feel free to tell me what's eating you while I make your drink.
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