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>you go home with a girl after a date
>things start getting hot and handsy
>you pull up her skirt to finger her
wwyd in this situation? go home?
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I had to go to the er today but its okay all the nurses babied me and called me pet names all morning.

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I want a 30 year old fembot NOW

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I will never love anyone as much as I love my mother
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so anon, which is it? 3D or 2D?
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/R9k test general/

Post your results

I got I still belong here?
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Real Femcel Here again

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I posted here last week. Got a lot of extreme hate but I'm back to share my recent experience.

I was just turned down again by THE ONLY GUY WHO HAS EVER SHOWED INTEREST IN ME and now I'm here to cry about it.

Also, went to a bar 2 nights in a row and no one came up to me. No one at all. I'm not even fat.

Us fembots are in the same boat as you robots. Love you guys but don't assume us women have it easier automatically.
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Let's see them stats:

>m or f
>body count
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25+ Thread

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I feel so fucking old, not because I internally feel old but because everyone around me regards me as old. Everyone my age has a wife and kids or is busy with their career or something else and I just want a bro to play video games with at my house. I discovered that Bumble has a "BFF" mode which is supposed to be for meeting friends but I assume it's gay men so I'm hesitant to use it. Getting older sucks. Maybe I'll get a dog.
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