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old thread is dead, make yourself and assume things
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>furries are a normal fetish, man
>slippery slope. Wtf is that?

>*cuts off own hands to get paws*
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That handless furry adapted real fast

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He seems really happy, almost as if he's wanted to lose his hands for some time...
And he's so good with that stylus, as if he's been practicing for months in preparation for the loss of his hands...

His story of accidentally falling asleep (due to meds) with his hands in dry ice (wtf?) is obvious BS.
And people with BIID/amputation fetishes have been using dry ice to kill limbs and get amputations for years:

This is seriously fucked up.
I actually though furries were mostly normal people who just like to wear animal costumes and go to parties and cons and stuff.
They really are insane perverts.
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Can't wait until the fields are white again. The -20 degree chill is one of the few things that make me feel alive.


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Lets get another creative thread started.
Post vids, drawings, music, photos, web projects, or anything you like to do
ill start with a short yt video i just made no bully pls
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How the fuck do I get a better job?
Nothing I do is transferable unless I want to be a waiter and I'm too autistic for that
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
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>bpd gf calls at 2am
>asks me what love means to me
>tell her its a feeling of wanting to be with someone and help them and be there for them no matter what
>5 seconds of silence
>"do you feel that way about me?"
>tell her of course i love her
>she asks if im going to leave her
>tell her that i will without a doubt always be there for her no matter what
>she starts crying
>begs me to never leave her
>talk for about an hour
>she calmed down enough to go to bed
>tell her to text me as soon as she wakes up
>she starts crying and promises she will
guys i never thought i would feel this way about someone
its such a warm feeling

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I dont understand most of the shit I see on here
Redpill this, Blackpill that
shit about social constructs and the long complex breakdowns of how society works and why they dont fit into it
people whining about trannies

I just come here to read stupid stories about stupid shit.
Like when I used to come home from school and be home alone
Id turn on the tv and wait for the commericals
Dick in hand
Then furiously beat it to the Sundrop girl
Pic related.

Dating younger or not

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People say you shouldn't be dating women over a certain age, because they are trying to lock you down.

But these "redpillers" think that women hit the "wal" past a certain age;
but I know girls that look much better
now than they looked in college which was 10 years ago
I am 31, but I don't think I could see myself dating or fucking anyone bellow 26, it's fucking weird to me.

I need a woman to be both physically and mentally developed, none of that wishy-washy teenyboper shit

>Generational gap
I don't want to fuck a girl who doesn't remember pokemania,rise of the internet and computers
or who is nostoligic for 2013 shesh.

My brother is 5 years younger than me, fucking anyone his age or younger is fucky and weird.
Even in college, I thought that the freshmen were fucking underdeveloped immature bops

IDK I couldn't get a date in High school because all the girls in my class of 19 people were dating 24 year old dudes

. The age of consent in my state is 17 so that fucked my shit up.

Truth be told, I think that's what created incels of this era.
What are your sentiments on all of this, should one date younger?
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