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Robot maintenance. Free (you)s

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You tell me about whatever is on your mind/heart. I give you a thoughtful response. And who knows, maybe we get along.
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Would you be loyal to your gf and stay with her if she decided to start transitioning to male?
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>warm and sunny weather all year round
>good and affordable healthcare
>great food
>home of many tech startups
>great universities
>one of the highest HDIs in the world
>close to Europe and Asia

Why you haven't moved to Israel yet, Anon? It's an unique country with good opportunities.
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/r9k/ - Creative Thread

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Come share your creations in this thread!

All is art all is welcome :)
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Why do people hate trannies so much?

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They're an extreme minority of the population, like 1% of the population at best.

Whatever "self-harm" they do only effects themselves 90% of the time so why do they care?

Some try to argue they lead in pedophilia but that simply isn't true, its mostly straight white christian men doing the child raping and hoarding all the CP. Most of the trans that get caught doing those things are usually recently transitioned straight men and not even real trans.

You could argue "they're degenerate" but so is 99% of society anywhere on Earth on some level.

how do i stop being an annoying faggot who noone likes

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i have nothing to offer anyone, im not good at anything, i am extremely unfunny, slow at conversation and most important find it really, really, really hard to be positive. saying anything nice about anything, especially myself, makes me feel physically ill

(i also sort of dont understand why normies dont find positivity to be saccharine, moronic and complacent; after all the first step towards improving something is to point out whats wrong with it. and i dont really understand why normies like confident assertive people, they're the ones who shit on and walk all over everyone to get what they want after all.... but thats not really important, i dont have to agree with the rules, just follow them)

i feel like ive tried very hard to fix this, and endured a lot of humiliating failures, and nothing has worked at all. so far the closest ive ever come to a solution is "never do anything, never say anything, never be perceived" but that isnt working very well at all

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Would you rather be a cowboy, pirate, or a ninja anon?
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Tremors kind of day.
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