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I've started browsing crystal cafe
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>Be 28 yo
>NEET(kinda) most of my life
>get a lucky break and finally get job as software engineer making damn near 100k per year
>Single Mom (who is waste of life nurse) SEETHING that i make that much money sitting on my ass while she is cleaning peoples asses

Just fucking LOL. She spent her whole life THOTTING around, riding BBC , getting her back BTFO and getting abortions just to spite her "daddy". Fucking hell, Instead of improving her life for herself and her kids she just spent the majority of her time hooking up with rich dudes hoping for some captain save-a-hoe to bail her out of being a single mom. That cunt put me at EVERY statistical disadvantage by chasing out my father then that whore has the BALLS to get mad at ME for rising above all that shit? If my dad was still alive, im pretty sure he'd be proud of me and we could just share a beer or something. Instead I have to deal with some bitter spiteful roastie whore, literally competing against her own kids and preying on their downfall.

Saving up some money and then im gonna cut her out of my life permanently.
Genuinely hope that whore dies a miserable death in a nursing home.

Women genuinely shouldn't have rights and should be legally seen as animals. I feel immeasurable pain for any man who is raised by these subhuman creatures.

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someone just tossed a gun into my front yard

what should i do with it?

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Tell me your hobbies. All I do is look at screens so let me live vicariously through you. The more hands-on the hobby, the better. Tell me about your garden. Do you fuck with electronics? Motors?
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Letter Thread

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Anger and Eloquence Edition
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would u date a girl who has a room like dis ..? be honest
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an anon has sex then gets sad

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>be me
>feeling lonely
>i try dating apps
>had a date with a girl that ended up with sex
>feeling good i wanna keep in contact with her
>she doesn't wanna talk to me after that she says she's going through a depressive episode
why i must feel emotional attachment to a hoe brothers?

/r9gay/ - #1953

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Personal hygiene edition:

1. Have you brushed your teeth today?
2. Have you taken shower/bath today?

We need to keep r9gay a clean thread, no place for boysmell...
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To Women,

I resent you because you make me feel lonely isolated and unappreciated when i talk to you. I wish i could find likeminded people in a space without you shallow soulless normies invading it like you're draining oil from a well. You don't relate to me at all and the feeling is mutual.


>Last Thread:
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