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I'll start. Share stories and pics.
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Non hateful robots

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>dont hate women
>dont hate chad
>dont hate stacy
>dont hate specific race
>blame myself for loneliness
>Try to improve

Am I the only one? Can we have a nice robot threads. What have you done to try to get out of this mess?
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Letter thread. Write to him. Write to her. Tell them how you really feel.
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Bit bloody cold lads, wish I had central heating.
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If any anons wants a 5 buck steam game just ask

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Got blocked again.
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You can change ONE decision you've made in your life up to this point, what is it?
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/NHK/ NEET hikki thread

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>What is a hikikomori?
someone who has gone at least 6 months without leaving their house or room.
>can you be a hikikomori as a westerner?
Well that depends on if you feel the unique japanese culture that tends to make people withdraw is needed for the condition to be called such.
However as hikikomori is a group of symptoms that result in the effect of withdrawing you can be a hikikomori as a westerner, infact I had a psychiatrist
tell me yesterday I was one so western professionals or some at least would use the term to describe western shut ins.
>how rare is its presence online?
I would argue a hikikomori presence is quite rare online at least on western websites and I say that most the people who claim to be hikki
are actually just using the label to look cool or be different somehow.
I have discovered even some of the most vocal and prominent members of the western hikikomori community are also just LARPing about having the condition.
Let me make one thing clear, it is NOT cool to be a hikikomori.. since when is pissing in bottles trendy?
A hikikomori does not go out for take away every week ;^)

>what is a NEET
This one is simple and MUCH more common
its just people without work or education of any sort including training.
Most NEET's are just lazy fucks but some have mental illness that stops them from working.
So my fellow Hikki and NEET's how are you all doing today.
>are you in process for scoring BUX for disability or NEETdom?
>hows your family regarding being NEET or hikki?
>do you piss in bottles often?
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I just realized what girls mean when they say "mysterious"
>Autistic but Attractive

Does anyone here know any "mysterious" Chads that would've probably been here if not for their good looks?

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>Medium rare is objectively the best level of doneness for a steak. Any other way is sub-optimal.

censored hentai

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havn't seen this thread in a while, so i might as well post it.