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Way to go?

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How do you want to die? I want someone to shoot me in the head but not tell me when, just randomly. Couid be years from now, I could be sat talking to someone and then boom someone snipes me
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You are appreciated wagies

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Just letting you wagies know that I have a full appreciation for the work you do. If a woman got this box she wouldn't care.

I see the scuff marks from the conveyor belt. I see the slapped on stickers by the gigabyte factory, amazon warehouse workers, and the postman. I see reprinted sticker that some guy likely got yelled at for. I see the dusty finger dents on the side of the box

Keep working hard bros. Save your money and your long hours will be worth it. Make sure to invest it too. Thanks for the monitor, hopefully its not shit and I won't have to return it because if I do you'll have to do it all over again
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does anyone wanna play vrchat? i will post my username if anyone is interested
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Female anus too close to vagina

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I've been with a few women in my life and one thing I've noticed is that the femaIe anus is incredibly close to the vagina, in fact they're barely an inch apart.

I'm not sure about other guys - but doesn't this disturb you? It feel like a design flaw in women actually -- like they're supposed to be so feminine and beautiful yet this ghastly little oversight is ruining everything.

Somehow it feels to me that women should be more aware of this flaw and it should affect their confidence. Whenever I see a so-called beautiful woman walking down the street so care-free thinking she's all that I just remember her anus is only 1 inch away from her pussy and laugh her into oblivion.

Women: Please accept that they're too close together, let it negatively affect your confidence and so make yourselves more readily available sexually as a result. Afterall, we're having to sleep with a creature whos ANUS is only 1 inch away from the vagina --- you should not make this difficult. It's unappetizing enough as it is. We're doing you a favour.

Men: Do not let women forget this flaw, and do not forgive them for it. Remind them of it constantly less they get inflated egos and think they're all that

They're just too close together, sorry, but its true.

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Why don't you stop watching porn and fuck some bitches? They are out here suffering from lack of dick while you play video games and jerk off into a sock.
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I want to talk about my autistic interests but you guys just have to make everything about sex and dating and celibacy
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Developed teenage girls and adult women younger than 30 years old are the peak of female beauty. And no matter how much jealous ugly hoes and their white knights are trying to shame men for lusting over younger women, they can't change men's biology. Just like you can't make a lion stop eating meat.


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any other femanons have any experience being groomed? after it happened for months and i broke free i totally shut down and dont ever want to meet new people in my life because of it. i just get so scared that they will hurt me. share your stories.
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>tfw weird and creepy irl, cant socialize, only a few friends thata re slowly drifting away
>tfw weird and creepy online too, ant get friends always get too personal and close with people.
I am....the incel?

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it's not my fault I was born an ugly sperg therefore I refuse to feel bad about it
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