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I want to be a girl so much but I'm probably too old for it.
Anyone else knows this feel?
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25+ Thread

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25+ Thread Would you like fries with that Edition.
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>"Anon remember when we all popped yo cherry 8 months back?"

>"We gots a surprise."

wat do?
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ITT: We talk about what we hate the most about normalfags.
>Too fucking loud
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Iceland outlaws male circumcision

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>reasonable people are obviously against cutting the genitals of little girls.
>most people are fine with cutting babies dicks.
>Iceland wants to outlaw cutting babies dicks.
>religious autists lose their mind.
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Sophie Turner's birthday edition
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>stopped eating dinner
>only have breakfast and lunch now
>already lost two pounds

I'm gonna ween myself off bros
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Sad Pic Thread

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Show us your pics of absolute dread :
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How do fat guys get laid with non-fat women?
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My Grandma died