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how attractive do you think you are anon?

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where do you think you lie on a scale of 1-10, taking into account height, face, weight, personality, habits, and work ethic? i think that i would be a 7, but because of my intestinal disability and acne scars i am more of a 5. feels bad that ive been fucked by things that i have no control over. im kind, get good grades, and am interested in trying new things, but for most people i would imagine my physical deterrents would supersede that.

femdom thread for lost boys without mistress

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Like a lighthouse this thread is here to make you remember dominant women exist and wait for you to come out and forge your goodboyness. Don't lose hope anons, nice women exist. They aren't all profiteers passive spoiled bitches.
Be strong and construct your success.
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/fbg/ - Fembot general

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I don't really know edition

TQ: what have you been watching/reading/playing/listening? What kind of music/movies/shows/books/games/anime/cartoon/etc do fembots like?
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still waiting for the thunderstorm edition
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Should I get a shrink? Feels posting just doesnt cut it anymore, especially nowadays that everything here has already been said a thousand times. Maybe a therapist or something is the way, since no one else gives a shit.

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After three whole years, someone finally came forward and said something about the absolutely fucking terrible case of Alina Nikitina, the most beautiful person in the world being turned to pedo cumfodder, and nobody fucking cared. Now, there is something new for her to be.

Look at Alina, look at her face. This girl has been abused by millions of jaja spic scumfucks. Nobody fucking cares about it, because in modern society you have no reason to feel empathy or guilt, either you coom or you ignore it.

There is no way anon made full fucking movie with her just because he hates wagecuck, he did it for Alina. She is objectively perfect, 5'6, blonde white blue eyes, will look 16 until she's old, perfect body, modest, maternal instincts at 19, no tattoos, doesn't even drink. She lacks what ruins beauty; the ruling confidence built on years of genetic priviledge without challenge, Alina has suffered and has no confidence.

Always stay creative, anons.
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/r9gay/ - #1442

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Wagie got a day off and is now happy enough to make a new edition

Previous >>64719190
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I asked a guy to have sex with me and he said no.

Am I really that ugly?
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>tfw my teacher will never rape me
>tfw i will never lose my virgnity at 13 to my hot teacher
feels bad man, why do some kids call the cops on their hot teachers?