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Why don't school shooters have the decency to off themselves anymore?

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Seriously, what happened? Why is the current generation of school shooters so pussified?
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Hi robots, I just left he psycho ward this morning, been there for last 4 months, AMA if you want, whilst I check wtf happened in the world all this time (eurofag hospital)
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Where are the other women?

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So uh, what the fuck? Are we just meant to pretend like we're male while we use this site? Everyone on here acts so surprised when they find a woman here, it makes me think there must surely be other females here who are pretending to be male while they use the site
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I unironically think I am going to take those fucking pills r9k

I have nothing going for me except my smol body, literally what's the point of being masculine at my size
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Letters thread

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I think we all need to let anna know how great her tits are even if she stuffs her bras.
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Hey Anon, I'm Allah, the creator of everything everywhere

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Which faction does /r9k/ support?

Personally I like House, but he's against the Brotherhood of Steel which means I end up switching sides to Yes Man halfway through the game whenever I decide to support him.

Such a pity.

The Legion is for edgelords and the Republic is basically Hillary Clinton America if she won the elections. But that's just my personal opinion.
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/r9gay/ - #314

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what do you dislike about the guy you like? edition
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Cousin - update

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Good morning.

Do you guys still care for an update? She left now. Have all day free.
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Forrest Gump is the ultimate Black Pill and normies and roasties don't even realize it