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>take a shower
>shampoo and condition hair
>towel dry hair
>spray leave-in conditioner on and comb hair to detangle
>hair dries by air

My hair feels vivacious and silky as FUCK. Every time I walk, i feel my hair bounce.

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Are we creating a generation of man children?

>In 2000, just 35 percent of lower-skilled young men in America lived with family. >Now, more than 50 percent of lower-skilled young men live with their parents, and as many as 67 percent of those who are unemployed do so. >More U.S. men aged 18-34 are now living with their parents than with romantic partners
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Footfag General: Part 3


A few days back, an Anon started a general thread for all footfags of /r9k

>advice for fellow footfags

For robots with experiences:
Did they live up to your expectations?
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>getting to the point where i'm obsessed that there must be some way to break reality so that i can change it
>spend all night trying to figure out what the metaphysical is and how to exploit it

i can't take it anymore. there's got to be something else, there's got to be some way to fix everything. i can't even tell what's happening anymore it's like everything is turning into one incoherent blur with no level of importance at all. i KNOW there has to be something, how could there not be something extra?

even as i say this, i only half believe it. i KNOW there has to be something extra but i also know i don't want to believe that there isn't

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/r9gay/ - #541

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Wholesome monogamy edition

Last thread: >>49871928
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any other robots trying to get shredded?

NB4 anorexic


i didnt read the study but im pretty sure it sayd the lower the bodyfat the higher the testosterone

/MBTI GENERAL/ Robot Edition

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Hey guise, INTP here..

>INTJ: edgelord
>INFP: crybaby
>ISTP: the sociopath who likes working with his hands
>ENTP: will never shut the fuck up
>ENFP: the literal hippie who everybody likes
>INTP: the forever alone gifted burnout kid
>ISTJ: a more succesfull version of istp. Still introverted
>ISFJ: Stalker creep who also is an exceedingly overgenerous idiot
>ESTJ: the overcontrolling asshole leader
>ESTP: literal chad
>ENTJ: your future boss
>INFJ: the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ: literal normie feeler scum
>ESFJ: ?? Who cares
>ESFP: The fake attention seeking butch who has 100 acquaintances but no real friends and doesnt realize it

>The Test
>The Real Test (really long)
>Another reliable test(lets u skip questions)

Discord with over +800 people!!

>inb4 big5
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Another week begins lads edition
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I wish I could be a sugar mommy for a nice boy. I'm so lonely and have more money than I know what to do with.
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