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>watch too much porn
>dont view women as sentient humans, just merely a collection of holes
how do i reverse this

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what is the point of life ? like honestly what the hell is the point of being here ?
coomers are here to coom
woman are here to be whores
chads are here to fuck
we are here to do what ?
been thinking about this a lot

>recently move out of home
>constantly alone
>nothing to look forward too
>drink alc,take pills sometimes
>wake up do uni classes
>go back to apt alone
>eat alone
>do everything alone
>don't even have the urge to beat off or anything

I do not understand what the point of continuing this is ? its not like fucking anything is gonna get better I should have fucking never moved out at least I had my fucking family to talk to about some bullshit, how do you robots deal with being alone ?

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Why does life seem to become more bearable when I think of suicide? It's not even that I want to commit suicide or have any plans to, but pondering the concept is enough to provide me with a sense of calm, even if only for a little bit.
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Letter Thread

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Writer a letter to someone and leave initials.
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5'5 FTM robot here ama. Been on t for 1 year 5 months and pass decently as a man.
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I gave a virgin with no relationship experience a chance and he's been treating me like a fellow bro this entire time. Always asks waiter to split bills, never does anything special for me, but still asks me for favors like hugs and hand holding? We've been on two dates, I'm not sure whether I should break it off or teach him how to stop acting autistic.

t. fembot who regrets her decision
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/r9gay/ - #1512

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Previous: >>65445199

got bored of waiting for the new edition
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Any tips for coming more easily? I know it' probably because I'm a porn addict, but when I fuck my wife she always cums twice, once from the foreplay, once from the intercourse, and I don't get to cum at all. She's doing everything in her power to help but I feel like I'm letting her down. Any tips from fellow porn addicts on how to keep your dick from going numb?
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Hey robots, do you guys have any tips on how can I be less fucking boring?
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I'm too lazy to live.

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Literally. I'll probably kill myself because of this.

Studying. Working. Driving. Exercising. Socializing.


It all just feels so tiresome to me. Everything.

All of the people around me seem to get it and pull through, even if they don't like it.

I can't pull through like they do though. I'm too weak.

Everyone seems to be doing so many things all of the time. They seem to care.

I do care, at least enough to suffer, but not enough to do anything about it.

So I spend my days doing almost nothing at all, and yet I still feel exhausted.

The exhaustion doesn't go away, no matter how much I rest, no matter how much I sleep.

One thing that hurts me is how much laziness is looked down on.

No one will pity me when I kill myself.
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