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Why the fuck does everyone suck at video games. Why do I have grandmasters in my ranked games feeding their fucking brains out doing some stupid ass shit can't land autos fucking fighting in titan like a fucking brainless shit what the fuck """""""""''GRANDMASTERS"""""" DUDE HOW HOW HOW WHY DO I LOSE ELO BECAUSE YOU SUCK AT THIS GAME HOW ARE YOU A GRANDMASTER WHEN YOU ARE WORSE THAN LIKE 80% OF THE PEOPLE I PLAY WITH MOTHER FUCKER YOU SPEND ALL DAY P;LAYING THIS FUCKING GAME WASTING YOUR LIFE AWAY TO BECOME A FUCKING GRAND GODDAMNED MASTER AND YOU STILL PLAY LIKE A CONSOLE PLAYER FUCK OUT OF MY GODDAMNED MOTHER FUCKING FACE
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The new Battlefield low sales is due to Trump supporters and misogynistic people
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>tfw Moscow
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The "nice guy" mistake; Discussion

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So we all know that going for the nice guy tactic is a huge mistake. Not only is it ineffective, it also
makes women think your a creep which damage whatever little social status you had.
As someone who made that mistake myself, i know the severe self-harm it can do.
This phenomenon has become almost a meme by now and this got me thinking...
Why do so many young men, with seemingly no connections with each other, all fall for the same trap?
Is there some kind of cultural force that cause this?
Are some men just pre-destined to make that mistake due to their upbringing?
Is it related to genetics in some way?
I just dont know, but share your opinion.
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What kind of women are attracted to you?
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I'm straigt but I crave dick. And I want a cute feminine boy to cuddle with me, and maybe fuck me in the ass??? How did this happen? Am I gay?
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for all the lonely ppl, make friends here

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write a bit about you, or something
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>if you dont want to kill yourself then you dont belong here.
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All of my friends have abandoned me, and every time i try to approach them they pretend that they care about me and that everything is okay
They are unhappy around me, but once i leave they laugh and have fun with their other friends

Am i the problem? I know i'm boring and ugly and i don't have much to talk about, but at least i try dammit, at least i care
I hate them and myself for not being able to get over them
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want to know how I can tell R9K has normies?

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>people actually sperg at lolicons here and non offending pedos
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