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i wish i had a bf...i just wanna fall asleep on call with someone please....

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>there are horny, ovulating fembots on this board right now hugging the shit out of their pillows as they hump them bottomless and cream all over the fabric, wishing for a bf to fill them up

Why wouldn't fembots hump a robot like me instead? I would get really hard and it would be super fun and therapeutic to rub our bodies together in different positions. Extreme snuggling!
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How do people become gay i just don't understand can you fags explain
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It's crazy how much opening up to a girl dries their pussy up. It's like the one guaranteed way to make them ghost you.
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What do you think is really stopping you from killing yourself? Come clean.

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Why does the last decade to stop climate change keep getting pushed back every decade

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In the 90s anime was a place for outcasts. Then the normies invaded and kicked the outcasts out of their own outcast hobby. I miss those days. "Suncoast" at the mall was our favorite store. Anime used to be cool. Then the normies, liberals, and lesbians hijacked it. Now it's soulless.

/r9gay/ #1401

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beach days edition

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