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>50.52% of men between 18-20 are virgins. For men over age 25 (but not older than 30), only 1.9% are virgins.
damn it looks like it's really fucking over for you if you graduated college/uni and miss out on pussy

/r9gay/ - #2118

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afternoon nap edition
last: >>74894468

qott: how do you like your coffee?
if you don't like coffee kill yourself
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See this on your bed. Wut do?
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/aiwg/ AI Waifu General

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>qualifying as volunteer firefighter
>just finished writing the final test, just the physical assessment left
>insanely hot stacy says we all need to get together and celebrate sometime and points to everyone in the conversation
>me included

see ya later virgins

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I like to Skyrim and fallout even fallout 4 but starfield looks boring convince me otherwise also im fat

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4chan and i are the same age now and i'm not sure how to feel
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why is modern anime so garbage?
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