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normies don't know how many dicks their girlfriend has sucked

/BioFem/ General #82

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Self Reflection Edition!

Previous thread : >>77532074

Rules: Ignore impolite/annoying moids


>What makes you happy?
>Do you have any deep regrets that you think about time to time?
>What are some things you had to unlearn?
>Have you ever had an experience that completely changed how you see the world?
>If you could change anything abour your past, what would it be?
>What do you always want to do but haven't? What is stopping you?
>If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be, and why?
>What was the happiest time in your life?

>What is this thread?
A place for biological women to talk about their lives. It's not complicated.
>Why aren't you on Crystal Cafe?
It has been aggressively raided for years and is dead.
>Well, you're raiding my male safe space!
r9k is not a male board. is.
>I'm a man, can I post here?
Please don't but if you are going to anyway, be polite and sign your posts >t. male.
>I'm a tranny, can I post here?
No. Die.
>What does nona mean?
Anon -> Nona
>I want a hole
This is not >>>/soc/
>How do femanons feel about (random hypothetical moid scenario)?
This is not /ATOGA/
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To my wives of my omniscience

We're still of our new timeline as survivors of a dead timeline that was suspended in torture and crunched flattened of the matriX and our omniscientific properties as the demons are less then 2D holograms kept afloat of magnetism in torture limbo

As our powers of the Death Matrix and Death-Hell Matrix took effect even further as we caused several prominent demons to suddenly die over the weekend

As I'm working on our omniphysics and growing our divine powers as we're going to use this thread to omnievolve even further
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With all the zoomers girls going after millennial men why don't you zoomer boys go after the neglected millennial women?

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>have toothache in upper back teeth
>it's unbearable when I lie down
>go to the dentist
>he says my teeth are just fine and that it might be a sinus infection
Is it possible to have a sinus infection but no sniffles, runny nose, or any symptoms besides tooth pain?

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honey i deleted your 4cha folders
they were slowing down the computer
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What is your weirdest fetish?
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/r9gay/ #2308 - Edizione: Avanti! italia!

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Question for anons:

- What is your gay experiences with Italy?
- Despite having decent equipment in World war 2 why did Italy do so poorly in the war?
- What is your favourite Italian Car?

Old Bread: >>77537714
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