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Do you guys own cars?

21. No.
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Why aren't you playing eroge, anon?


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Bicycle day/420 edition
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Anons, tomorrow is Easter. Do you know why Easter exists? And Christmas? When will you realize all good things come from the Lord? All good values that maintain a wholesome life and community are outlined by Him. When they are discarded, you get what society is becoming today. It's all whims, passing desires and pleasures, nothing solid like the rock of the Lord, just sand castles. We all know what happens to those.
People thought their grandparent's rules and lifestyles were so strict, silly and unnecessary. But it turns out they were what kept society from crumbling into sinful chaos. Self discipline is needed, as we are all sinful by nature.


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20th anniversary of Columbine, Hitlers 130th birthday and le epic weed day edition
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Honk honk my lads, honk honk.
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>tfw you've gotten dick pics from 237 robots on Discord and have cybered with more than 200 of those same people, either through text or voice

Ciara's Birthday

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Today is Ciara's 19th birthday, say happy birthday to her!
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How do I stop girls from ghosting me