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just made $5 this month by streaming video games~
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My mom pegged me with a strap on when I was 14 so that I would have more respect for women by feeling what they go through during sex.
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Anyone else disabled it's the ultimate robot maker

>weak muscles in arms and legs
>poor motor skills
>can't walk normally
>poor vision in right eye
>deaf in right ear
>face muscles don't work entirely
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Britfeel anti - nonce edition.
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Explain to me again how women are the dregs of society and not men.
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If women don't love their beta hubby, why would they complain about never seeing him?

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You know, like in all those 80s and 90s erotic movies and novels where the woman was married to a rich suburban hubby who took care of her every need. The guy was like a cash dispenser for her while she sat at home or went on shopping trips.

The reason given for the woman fucking Chad and the pool boy was that she never got to see hubby or spend any time with him because he was at work or working away the whole time. She would always say something like

"babe your never here, i feel like it's been forever since we last had an evening together"

If, as you claim, women can't stand these men and never loved them and just want them for their cash, why would their main complaint be that he never sees them or spends any time with them. Surely they'd be glad to get these guys out of the way while they fuck the pool guy or the repair man? Could it be that women DO love these men and in fact cheated out of loneliness and boredom?

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There is a girl at work ive been talking to that i have a crush on. I know she has a boyfriend and she knows I know but she has been acting flirty with me lately. Should I make a move? Btw Im a 29 yo virgin. Not ugly or fat, just never really cared about women until my mid 20s.

/r9gay/ - #987

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no acting like women over certain body types, edition, just post cute boys and nice feels.
previously(though i don't recommend it): >>57544545
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