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Looking for a skype buddy as my contact list is currently ~empty~

Likes good music
Likes vidya
Not a cunt
Always online

Fembot :^)

If interested please post your skype here or if feeling extra private email [email protected]
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>be brainlet
>read CIA document about the Gateway
>follow its methods for months
>am now literally a genius who finds pure mathematics and theoretical physics easy

Any other robots with similar experiences?
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How many browser tabs do you have open right now?
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>tfw no bf who surprises me with kisses
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>be lonely NEET robot
>no friends
>haven't had human contact in weeks
>dont even have a oneitis
>lie in bed all day fantasizing about sexually perverse yet intimate scenarios I wish I had the balls to do with exgf
>literally only happy these days when I go to sleep
>all this free time wasted on sleeping/napping/fantasizing when I could be putting my life together

Anyone else wonder if castration is the only way out of this dark chasm?

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If you could time travel to the future and steal one thing before coming back to the present day, what would be your score?
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>girl i'm talking to on discord jokingly told me "things are moving too fast in this relationship"

so does this mean we're dating now? or she already sees me as her bf??
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leave this place and never come back

this is all I have to say

goodbye r9k
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I couldn't get a job even if I wanted to.

>0 work history
>0 qualifications
>high-school drop out
>no drivers license
>to paranoid to use public transport
>no family with connections to jobs
>no friends
>dont have any adult clothing
>diagnosed mental disorder: schizoid personality

I've been on neetbux without any job-finding obligations because the people at the welfare place know that im 100% unemployable.

The Eternal Question:

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Asian gf or Mommy gf, which is superior?
Pic related has a bit of both, but Hitomi is a basically a legendary Pokemon, let's be honest.

>inb4 "porque nos dos?"
That is degeneracy.
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