Planned outage this weekend.

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>tfw my roommate forces me to wear girl's clothes he buys for me
>tfw he makes me suck his dick
>tfw I'm starting to like it
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How often do you think about her?

For me it's once a day at least.
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proactive MGTOW

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Is there a version of MGTOW that is not isolationist/hermit-mode and proactive about shifting the dynamics of dating/marriage back in the favor of men by placing emphasis on wealth and shit that attracts women instead of just backing away entirely?
Something where we attempt to make things in a broken-ass system and salvage a bit of happiness in this short shitty life?

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I can't help but be a perverted little cock whore. Every single day it's hard to think about anything but giving myself up entirely to a real man, and to do nothing every day but be raped into submission and pathetic desperation by his thick, hard cock.

I wanna enslave myself entirely to my big dicked american daddy and let him own me entirely, and take away all my masculinity, all my dignity, until my sole purpose in life is to be nothing but his eager little slut. It's honestly hard to concentrate on much else.

I just yearn everyday to be his toy, his pretty little cock sleeve, his cuckold, his pet.
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d-daddy will you eat my tendies :3
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What chinese food should I get?
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>be brainlet
>read CIA document about the Gateway
>follow its methods for months
>am now literally a genius who finds pure mathematics and theoretical physics easy

Any other robots with similar experiences?
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Exactly 5 hours now that the mods of /r9k/ have failed to remove the /soc/ thread.

Maybe he should be fired if he can't do his job?
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How do we protect her smile lads
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