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Daily reminder empath-chan mogs this board
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I love little girls

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I love little girls so much, they fill my heart with joy and lust. They are the most delicious fucking things on earth, pretty much one of the only things worth living exclusively for. Fuuuck I love female children so much. And no, im not a fake lolicon, ive watched cheese since I was 14. Its just the fucking best, love it so much. Godd please give me a little girl harem, theyre so hoooot. Nothing makes me as thirsty as little girls
(Putting momoi because shes safe loli)
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why are white women and indian men the prefect match ???

lonely and want someone to e-date or fly out to for sex

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discord tag is chickenfur
I look like an ogre I look like Shrek

nice people who won't ghost me please
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>tinychat is now dead
>skype groups are dead
>irc rooms are dead
>msn is gone
>omegle is now gone for good
Almost everything that once shaped our millennial generation online experience is dead. Only 4chan remaims but it just feels like twitter these days.
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What does pussy actually smell like?
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How do I stop my Asian sister from becoming a BWC slut? Serious answers only.
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If you haven't even tried making a tulpa you're not allowed to complain about being lonely
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every time the toaster goes patching! it makes me jump
making toast is more excitement and stress than i can handle - its so easy to burn!
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What does r9k think about my cock and balls?
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