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Over time, I've noticed people form concepts and notions of me based on my appearance, which in a way gives them a certain expectation of what I'll be like and the type of connection they'd potentially have with me, after a few interactions though, they realize that I simply don't line up with their presumption, and hence, find themselves subconsciously disappointed at me. Little by little, this has caused my life to lose relationship after relationship and has had people I wanted to be around of distance themselves after getting to know me well.

Growing up without a father, siblings, friends or even a parental figure has left certain regions of my brain underdeveloped, more specifically the ones associated to socializing, bonding, affection and even reciprocity, this among many other excuses and technical explanations of life's circumstances is what I constantly repeat myself in an attempt to stroke my own ego, recognizing my intelligence and self-awareness to at least try to make something out of it and not have it all just be senseless misery. However, I know in reality all I'm doing is justifying the life condition I've found myself in which is that of loneliness, hopelessness and even a progressing feeling of jadedness and desensitization from the things that once made me feel alive and curious of the world around me.

I want to die but I still foolishly keep looking for reasons to keep breathing, any basis as vague as it may seem to keep going and take the burden of living for a purpose that may justify the means, but it's all meaningless.

I'm not writing this in hopes of getting anyone's pity or having someone tell me it'll be ok. Ultimately, I guess it's a way to prove that I'm in this world, that there was a period of time in the cosmos in which these thoughts and detriments were hovering over some sentient being which happens to be me; I may as well not even be alive unless I have someone else acknowledge my existence or read my words.
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I do not have a girlfriend.

But I wish I did have a girlfriend

in the future i hope to get a girlfirend
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You could honestly educate yourself online

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to a level that is superior to most college students. The problem is only the quality control but why are most college kids in denial of this when it's plainly evident. They think college is some sacred institution but honestly some textbooks aren't that superior to a Wikipedia page.
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Can any Ameribros explain to a Eurobro why you're all so antisemitic?
I'm from Northern Ireland so I have no experience with Jews.
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I do not have a girlfriend

but i would like to have a girlfriend

anyone here with me?
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Based server
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Where have egirls gone? Are they out of style now
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What is your excuse for not having a MENA girlfriend, anon?
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A man's job is to know everything. If you dont know everything you arent a man. If a woman or child asks you how to do something you should have the experience required to know what it is or how to do it. If a woman asks you "anon what's armor spalling" then you should be able to fucking answer it. If you can't then you're just a milquetoast pussy. IF a child asks "anon, how is torque used to measure the performance of a vehicle?" then you should know it or you have failed that child and doomed him for life.

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What is the perfect age for a girl that you want to have sex with? As we all know, girls above the age of 18 are used goods and become more unattractive every year, but how young is too young?
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