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I spammed discord sever links, tipfagged pretending to be a girl, etc and have yet to be banned. im immune what do

Ciara Eliza Horan Archive

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Does anyone have an archive of Ciara Eliza Horan's posts, videos etc.?
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When will it be hip to be square again?

What will take the place of the nerd culture once it gets played out in 0-2 years from now? What will be the new fad? Traditionalism perhaps?

I don't want plebs trying to dress Trad ironically non-ironically.

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The incel man must form a powerful and deadly militia. How can he go about this?
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Previous thread.

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I wanna see the octuple
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These are the fem"bots" you simp over btw...
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When will we see a video of idubbbz getting cucked and watching his gf get bred by a hung bull?
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well it seems that the drug whore ciara lives
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>7 year old cousin is over
>She wants to play the PS4 in my room
>Mom tells me to "keep the door open"
What the fuck did she mean by this?
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