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How much different are you personality wise and socially on the internet as oppose to real life? How do you think the internet has effected your goals/aspirations from the amount of time you spend on here?
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Stop thinking about Rome
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Trannies spamming the board again
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Robots, we have waited long enough. The year is almost two thirds done and the star of 2023 has failed to materialize. There has been a disturbance of the natural order. We must put out the call ourselves.

Registration for the inaugural Next Top Fembot season is now open. The winner will be recognized as the number one challenger to Iris who will be invited to defend her crown or stand aside.

Existing active fembots were automatically registered. Newcomers must timestamp to enter. Your GET determines your opponent in the first round of qualifiers. Dubs can choose their opponent. Once we have eight challengers, the home fembots will be invited to specify their preferred method of competition from the list below. The rules will change in later rounds.

Most (You)s
Cosplay Off

Once a match has been fixed, a strict time period for the bout will be set. Missing your deadline or failure to register will result in immediate disqualification with no opportunity to appeal.

Cewl (CONFIRMED Has until September 12th to post her Glow Up

1 Ken-chan (CONFIRMED Has until September 12th to post her Glow Up

Ken-chan here

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How's Friday going?

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Today is the day. I cannot stop crying. For all these years this board has been all I had. please just be in this thread for me. please just say goodbye. I beg you please pray for me.
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hi r9k! its a rainy day today and my cat loves it hes sleeping by the window :)

what do you like to do on rainy days?
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do fembots like /fa/bots?
do fembots like anons who are autistic about fashion and know a lot about the history of menswear?
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>talking to nice guy at a party
>we get along
>decide to hang out a bit
>on our last outing I was talking about my bf
>he starts acting funny and says he needs to go.

Why do guys do this? Men elaborate, do you always think with your cocks? I want friends but I guess if I'm not spreading my legs you want nothing to do with me?

pic related, all I'm good for I guess.
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