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who is the second best girl from r9k? The first is ciara
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>daydream world is convincing you it's real

>i don't even know anymore

i want to give in
i'd love to give in

How was the first time a girl rejected you?

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>be me
>10 year old
>like this girl since i was 9
>sit besides her
>we are nice friends
>our moms meet at walmart and they plan a meeting
>meeting happens
>before they leave she asks me to go to a private place
>"anon... i like you"
>*school starts *
>my class starts to force everyone to tell their crush
>if you dont do it you are socially rejected
>*my turn * "Bianni i .... i like you"
>"sorry anon i just see you as a friend"

3 years after that i got to know she told me she liked me because it was a challenge her friends did.
I also got to know 6 years after it she got pregnat
Get rekt bianni fucking whore
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Post blacked images of your white female pol queen influencer, or images of blacked tomboys these guys get butthurt for showing them that their women are chad/Tyrone's only.
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Robot dog

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I'm turning 28, bros.
>no gf
I'm basically the equivalent of a cat lady at this point but I don't like cats. So I'm thinking about getting a dog. I'm leaning towards a lab but idk. What breed of dog do you have and what is the robot dog of choice?

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What about Lain draws in so many pseudo-intellectual brainlets?
Why are they all such Tumblr-tier and seem to be all newfags like they unironically came from there or even plebbit.
Why is Lain also special snowflake babies first avatarfag?
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>failing out of uni again
>Bald, manlet, fat
>live in an overpriced rented room with roommates you don't care about
>only get out of bed to go to my wageslave job
>can barely find the energy to do anything but watch useless videos on YouTube, not even willing to turn on an anime to say "I did something today"
>McDicks thrice in two days

B-b-but at least I'm white.
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Here's a little history for the uninformed.
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Pic unrel

Its always
>"women are awful women suck they have nothing to offer but expect everything"
Have you considered what you have to offer? Why do you expect them to bend over backwards for you when you look and act the way you do. You're a trogolodyte. You're fat, smelly and have a shitty personality. Women don't avoid you because they're evil witches they avoid you because millions of years of evolution has taught them to avoid weak links like you. Every other thread you're posting on /pol/ is about how blacks are genetically inferior, how about we talk about your genetics? You can't even look women in the eye without pissing yourself due to what's probably autism. You're ugly, fat, and irreparably retarded. Why should women ever give you the light of day? You don't deserve it. You should be bred out of the gene pool as was intended. Do you really think you deserve sex? Do you really think you deserve getting your dick sucked? You can thank porn for that. Your high and mighty intelligence couldn't save you from that one I guess.
>"women only care about looks... I have a great personality and wit but they just don't see it"
What personality? You mean watching anime? That shit is actual female repellant. The internet has raped your brain into worshipping 2D drawings of rail thin women with massive tits and high pitch squeaky voices and gigantic eyes. Now you expect real women to conform to that same standard. You have no personality. You look like a deer in headlights whenever someone talks to you. And it's all because you liked jerking off and watching bizarre Japanese cartoons than acting like a human. I'm not tall, not athletic, broke, and medium okay looking. Wanna know how I've had sex with multiple women? I act like a normal human being and say things a normal human being would find funny. The simple reason you can't get women is that you don't talk to them, you have zero social skills, and you refuse to consider talking to women who aren't 9/10s.
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redpill me on the "Tsuki " cult
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