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My bf and I are walking around outside just having fun doing nothing in particular
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ITT Common womeme L
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My bf and I have a debate

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My bf puts a lot of ketchup on his sandwiches and I dont like ketchup I use mustard on my sandwiches and he says that is gross, who is correct???
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Anyone else here hate race mixing couples? Not even racist, just think it looks disgusting. I could literally not cope if my sister or brother race mixed, but luckily they all went with white partners only.
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Should I call the suicide hotline?
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anons who think of gore.

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Do you exist on this board?
If so, discuss and disgust.
>are you haunted by what you can imagine?
I am but as I'm growing older, it bother me less.
>has it ever been part of a sexual fantasy?
>how often do you think of gore?
almost daily, like I could wonder what cut off titties look like just remember an example (autopsy) and just make it look like fresh flesh.
>do you like watching snuff?
Nope. I could force it until I enjoy it, but I don't want to normalise it.

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the last time i showered was at the end of 2019

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I Hate Being White

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It sucks that no matter how hard we shill bwc, women will always stereotype us as having small pps
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>wake up
>go work
>lunch break
>continue work
>go gym
>go back home
>jerk off
it's been like this for 4 years now

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ever since this board went to shit i started playing video games and getting into hobbies. i suck at every single one

i cant finish a game. i cant even do games and hobbies meant for children they are all impossible to me. i just want to die at this point.