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my dad is so fucking stupid dude
we go to Laundromat because our washer is busted, and he won't fix it despite me directly offering to help multiple times, then he pours Clorox into the black cloth loads TWICE, and then spends and hour running the fucking driers over and over again when the shit is only slightly damp, and then he fucking stands there folding every single item meticulously instead of just driving 5 minutes to get home and fold everything there

and I came with him to help him out, and he starts getting snippy at me about not folding the shit right or when I asked him why the fuck he's standing there folding everything instead of doing it at home and he just tells me to go get back in the car

fuck this retarded boomer faggot, I'm not paying for fucking any of his stupid ass shit or helping him with anything again

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>have been at the hospital for 9 hours since this morning
>dad has collapsed/burst lung
>CT scan showed signs of lymphoma
>he lost his job recently so doesn't have any health insurance
>he only just now started applying for social security
my life is tumbling down
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If you can't make yourself happy, if you can't change yourself.
Then how can you believe someone could ever love you?
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To remember

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What are some cool things to do as you're growing older to remember the past?
>write yearly letters to self
>make a time capsule
Anything else?
Do any of you do something like this?

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Where the fuck is a good place to be an American expat. Im thinking Czech Republic or Estonia but I havr no idea if I can adapt as a southern burger. I seriously dont think o have a future here, no one wants to hire a white male sperg and my field is dominated by women. I feel like the window is closing rapidly
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>/biz/ has pink wojak
>/v/ has consoles and golden wojak
>/r9k/ has hijak
>/pol/ has slojak
>/fit/ has soyjak
what do the other boards have?
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/BioFem/ - General #7

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Stacy edition.

Previous thread: >>77019708

Ignore impolite moids

>Are you a Stacy?
>Would you switch places with a Stacy?
>Have you been bullied by Stacy?
>Did you ever form part of a group of stacies?
>what's peak humor?
>what did you answer in the trolley question?

>What is this thread?
A place for biological women to talk about their lives. It's not complicated.
>Why aren't you on Crystal Cafe?
It has been aggressively raided for years and is dead.
>Well, you're raiding my male safe space!
r9k is not a male board. go to wizchan if you want a male safe space.
>I'm a man, can I post here?
We can't stop you, but if you wish to engage politely, always sign your posts >t. male.
>I'm a tranny, can I post here?
No. Die.
>What does nona mean?
Anon -> nona
>I want a hole
This is not >>>/soc/
>How do femanons feel about (random hypothetical moid scenario)?
This is not >>>/ATOGA/
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>ugly ass deformed face
>bad posture
>thin neck
>skinny fat body
>small dick
>hard flaccid syndrome
>mentally ill
>low iq
>tiny scrawny frame
>tiny hands
>high voice

Anyone here think theyre worse than me? Its like im on ultra mega nightmare mode

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Slang only you or local friends used thread. Mine was "book niggers!" In context it meant run fast and split. Me and my friends sold drugs and ran from junkies and cops in a lower middle class town. What did you use?

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Fellas, is it gay if I fantasize about having gay sex
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