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Who is the best /r9k/ foid and why is it Empathchan?
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my best friend iris just dropped a video wow
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Vice incel updates?

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Updates on the Vice incel? I want to know what he is up to these days was he from here? This video is 4 years old has the Vice incel found love?
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the last time i showered was at the end of 2019

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Why are boys like this?
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What happened the last time you asked a girl out?
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/letter/ thread

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initials not mandatory, write a letter to a dear fren, or let out what's been weighing your head...

what if I was behind these threads all along... muhahaha!11
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I am an atheist wanting to join a religion. Which one should I choose? If you are religious, why and how did you choose your religion?
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She's alive right? Right??

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Eliza Ciara Horan...
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